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Post Reply Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Now on Crunchyroll !
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Posted 5/11/14 , edited 5/12/14

hybridpsycho wrote: It kinda sucks that so many new things are only US/Canada, been a member for a long time now for a few shows. But it sucks when I have to go "illegal" for shows that are on Crunchyroll, just not in my region.

Actually its not very many new things that are US/Canada only. For instance, of 36 simulcast series licensed for Spring, only two are US/Canada only.

Actually, since there are three series licensed this season that are not available in the US and for English speaking Canada, there are more that leave out the US than than there are North-American-only.

So normally for new stuff, its normally not blocked in your country because its North American only ... instead, its that the international license region didn't end up including your country. Some countries are luckier than others ... and since license regions cluster by licensor, some countries end up with more of one type of anime, and other countries with more of another type.

But old titles,they are far more likely to be US/Canada only, because their regions rights were all sliced and diced long licensed streaming got going, and back then it was mostly overseas DVD licenses, or broadcast licenses, or nothing, and DVD and broadcast licenses were to individual countries or regions.

And if I am not mistaken, this is an old title, a compilation of CGI cut-scenes and newly animated scenes to stitch them together from 2006, which Media Blasters once licensed.
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Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/12/14
For a second I thought you meant the actual video game for PS2, but then I remembered this.

Don't even bother watching this guys. The entire thing is just a collection of the cutscenes from the PS2 game. Watching it is pointless when the video game is more enjoyable. Don't forget to play Onimusha 1-3 before Dawn of Dreams.
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Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/13/14

dandelionswish wrote:
Available to US and Canadian users!

Thanks for sending me an email about this thing that I can't watch!!!!!
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Posted 5/21/14 , edited 5/21/14
Crunchyroll has a habit of that, all the things in news section is things we never get.
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