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Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/13/14
Can we seriously get enough people to voice playback issues with the PS3!?

Issue: Every time I try to scan through different season or shows that have a lot of seasons/videos the software freezes and I either have to turn my PS3 off and on or reset the software.
Another thing is that the video will go out of sync with the sound and I have to reset the software. I swear this happens 75% of the time I'm using it. WTF!?
I sent a request 1.3 years ago about this issue and nothing came back to me.

Send requests or post if your having the same issues on PS3.
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Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/14/14
I have also encountered many of those same issues on the PS3 as well. It would be great if the staff could possibly resolve some of them.
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Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/14/14
Same issues. Add in that the app closes itself randomly and you've got the same problems as the rest of us with this app. They seriously need an update with fixes for these problems.

Of course, it's not working at all right now thanks to a nifty little error in another thread "Unable to retrieve data. Please try again."

I'm seriously considering cancelling my membership at this point. Roughly $100 per year for an app with nothing but thank you.
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Posted 5/17/14 , edited 5/17/14
PS3 app has been down all day for me.

I had to watch the new Mahouka on Hulu Plus. With commercials.

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Posted 5/17/14 , edited 5/17/14

bca360 wrote:

PS3 app has been down all day for me.

I had to watch the new Mahouka on Hulu Plus. With commercials.


For the PS3 issue, see the support response at

Also, you could have legally viewed it here with only a single pre-roll (if you didn't mind watching on a PC):

If you have an iOS device to use their app you could also have viewed it there, but I assume you don't, since that would also be an alternative for CR.

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Posted 7/24/14 , edited 7/25/14
Playback pauses and stalls, more so with next episode. Same issue on PS3 wireless and a PS4 wired. No issues on my PC that is wired. No playback issues with VUDU or Amazon on all devices. If I had to guess would look for a memory leak.
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Posted 7/25/14 , edited 7/26/14
According to the last couple posts, some of you are actually getting SOME playback.

Whichever anime/drama I choose I get a black screen.
No Audio.
No little Glitches.
No sign of life.
I ffwd 15 seconds. 30 seconds. 5 minutes...blacks screen.
I've tried clicking on shows from my queue. Popular shows. brand new screen.
I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled it...nadda.

A couple weeks ago, I received a "$10 off the crunchyroll store" because of the issues.
The issues i'm concerned about – and the issue that is siphoning money from my CC – still has not been fixed.
The issues have been going on since the start of this year and it has yet to be fixed.
I stayed on in hopes of that it will be taken care of...nadda.
I was also hopefully that the last time i checked (after I got the $10...woohoo~) that the delay was because I lived in Canada and it may have taken a little longer to update...nope.

I got the PS3 and and signed up for a membership so that I can watch the anime on my tv.
If I wanted to watch it on my comp or tablet or some other device, I wouldve watched through the commercials and watched the episodes for free. I even attempted to go the "Launchpad" way from a WD Live...that too bombed.

In a previous post, someone from crunchyroll did mention that they do read all the comments and concerns.
Clearly the comments are getting ignored and they are not motivated enough to to fix the issues.

Earlier this year i was understanding and rooting for the app to be fixed.
Now I am unsure whether or not it even worth it.

I'm expecting that this post to be ignore like all the other ones.
Yet still a little hopeful enough to write this frickin post.

So next time the "$10 off" is offered, I would much rather get the money back that I payed for to run a black screen on my tv rather than the anime/drama that I wanted to watch.

I can then use it on a much more dependable provider.
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Posted 7/26/14 , edited 7/27/14
Another night, another night the CR app is freezing and buffering. When is this situation going to get some sort of comment from the site?
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