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The Best Anime Music of All Time?

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27 / M / Inside Lorreen's...
Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/15/14
I feel bad, I honestly don't pay attention to OP or ED or songs within a show... only ones I can think of off the top of my head at all right now is the ones from Nisekoi by ClariS.

I know some series I watched has good stuff, but I forget about them shortly after I am done with the series.
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Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/15/14
Gintama's 5th opening and ending songs by Does are a couple of my favorites.
Donten, opening.
Shura, closing.
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Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/15/14
This is a perfect question for me Welp, here we go:
(Btw, I don't really feel like adding links -_- )
10. Uragiri no Yuuyake- Durarara opening 1
9.Futari no Harmony- Soma and Agni (Black Butler)
8. The Great Escape- Attack on Titan ending 2
7. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui- Watamote opening 1
6.Again- FMA Brotherhood opeing 1
5. Kuusou Mesororgiwi- Mirai Nikki opening 1
4. Attack on Titan- Attack on Titan OST
3. I'M ALIVE!- Black Butler ending 1
2. Vogel Im Kafig- Attack on Titan OST
1. Guren no Yumiya- Attack on Titan opening 1
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Posted 5/16/14 , edited 5/22/14
Well, for starters, I am a HUGE fan of fripSide, so my top ten might be biased towards them. Only one way to find out.

10 - Born to Be (Nano) ED of Magical Warfare
9 - The Pokerap
8 - Magia (Kalafina) ED of Madoka Magika
7 - The Original Pokemon Theme (English Version)
6 - U & I (Hokago Tea Time) Insert Song of K-On Season 2
5 - Sisters' Noise (fripSide) OP 1 of A Certain Scientific Railgun S
4 - Strike the Blood (Kishidi Kyodan and the Ameboshi Rockets) OP 1 of Strike the Blood
3 - Lull ~ Soshite Bokura wa ~ (Ray) OP 1 of Nagi no Asukara
2 - Only my Railgun (fripSide) OP 1 of A Certain Scientific Railgun
1 - Black Bullet (fripSide) OP of Black Bullet

Honorable Mentions:
Rising Hope (Lisa) OP of The Irregular at Magic High School
Crossing Field (Lisa) OP 1 of Sword Art Online
Black + White (Iori Nomizu) OP of Problem Children
Strike My Soul (Yuka Iguchi) ED 1 of Strike the Blood
Pokemon Johto
Tramurei (Lisa) OP of Daybreak Illusion
Level 5 ~ Judgelight (fripSide) OP 2 of Railgun Season 1
Savior of Song (Nano) OP of Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Little Busters (Rita) OP of... well you know.
Sign (Ray) OP of Waiting in the Summer
Tenshi ni Fureta Yo (Hokago Tea Time) Insert Song of K-On Season 2
Niji no Kakera (Natsumi Kon) OP of One Week Friends
Ebb and Flow (Ray) OP 2 of Nagi no Asukara
DARANEKA (Iori Nomizu) OP of Chaika the Coffin Princess
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24 / M / Colorado
Posted 5/16/14 , edited 5/16/14

supasoggyrolle wrote:

Guilty Crown (Supercell - My Dearest)

100% agree with this. Omg, this song is too good. This song was one of the main things I looked forward to each Guilty Crown episode.
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35 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 5/16/14 , edited 5/16/14
1. railgun
2. bodacious space pirates

these are unique in that no matter now many times i hear them, i still love them.
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Posted 5/17/14 , edited 5/17/14
Few that I think should be here, in no particular order

Buso Renkin("Makka Na Chikai" - Yoshiki Fukuyama)

D.Gray-man ("Doubt & Trust" - Access)

Air Gear ("Chain" - Back-on)
The other songs in the ost are pretty good as well

Ao no Exorcist ("Wired Life" - Meisa Kuroki)
Original speed (lot of faster version out there but I personally like the original version better)

Soul Eater ("Resonance" - T.M. Revolution)

Claymore ("Raison d'etre" - Nightmare)

Chrome Shelled Regios ("Battle Fever Kei" - Asakura Daisuke)
Posted 5/17/14 , edited 5/17/14
Get it By Your Hands - Eureka Seven
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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
I also do like your selections.
This Anime Songs are the best for me :)

Sen No Yoru Wo Koete - Aqua Timez (Bleach)

Alones - Aqua Timez (Bleach)

Rolling Stars - YUI (BLEACH)

Reasons - Yuzu (Hunter X Hunter)

Nagareboshi Kirari - Yuzu (Hunter X Hunter)

Ohayou - Keno (Hunter X Hunter)

Nanka Shiawase - The Oystars (Flame of Recca)

Complication - Rookiez is Punk'd (Durarara!!)

No Pain, No Game - Nano (Btoom!)

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38 / M
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14

supasoggyrolle wrote:

SeanJGray wrote:

this thread rules, got some great tunes for my office today!

On the low, that's why I made this thread. I'm hoping everybody posts something. I want some new tunes.

If you aren't adverse to hearing some BGM from a VN, here's a link to a playlist containing most if not all tracks from the Umineko no Naku Koro ni sound novel series. (198 tracks in this playlist I think, and it doesn't include anything from When They Cry 1-2, aka Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, just When They Cry 3-4)

This series has one of the best soundtracks in existence, and includes a wide variety of music types and moods. This playlist just includes all the in game bgm, and although there are a handful of tracks that are just ambiance, there's quite a lot of excellent in game tracks to listen to on their own merit, including a fair handful of vocal songs that were used in arc intros and endings. If you are interested you can find quite a few of the in game tracks that have vocal versions as well if you search around for them, not to mention many songs that were done for official Umineko albums and independent tribute work dedicated to the series done by various artists.

If you want something from Umineko with vocals right off the bat I can give you which was the opening theme to the first 6 Episodes of the VN. I recommend Shikata Akiko's music in general. If anybody is interested in any more non-BGM umineko related tracks I can give some more if asked.

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22 / F / library
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
of course this kind of lists is just somewhat endless for me; i enjoy a lot of anisongs....

some ED
1. Bakemonogatari - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (
2. Durarara - Trust Me (
3. Honey and Clover - Waltz (
4. Pokemon Advanced Adventure - Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara (
5. Rozen Maiden Traumend - Hikari no Rasenritsu (

some OP
1. Shakugan no Shana II - JOINT (
2. Sousei no Aquarion - Gekkou Symphonia (
3. Jormungand - Borderland (
4. Noragami - Goya no Machiawase (
5. ARIA the Animation - Undine (

non-vocal, jazzy theme songs like Cowboy Bebop OP's and Baccano's are awesome too.
Cowboy Bebop (
Baccano (

Cardcaptor Sakura theme songs always cheer me up (playlist)

Finally, some childhood favourites from Digimon:
Digimon Adventures 02 insert song - Break Up (
Digimon Frontier insert song - With the Will (

of couse, Ghibli as well
Princess Mononoke OST - Legend of Ashitaka:
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23 / F / Disboard world of...
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
i have a few i like, ill post, idk about greatest ever but their the type that makes me start geeing out when it plays

Often listen to these when reading manga sense they calming

Here are a few soundtrack playlists i listen to on youtube, first is Fairy tail

Here is another one from Naruto

The Irregular at High School: ( I tried to find full version but no luck so here is her teaser version) I own this on iTunes now it called Rising Hope]

Sword art online: Gotta say i love LiSa ( she also did irregular at high school music) also own on iTunes called Crossing Field

Magi opening 2:

07 ghost:

Naruto ending 14,19,27 14 19 27

I know there is probably way more, but these are some of my favs to just dance or try to sing to even though don't know japanse XD some new some older just some tops haha
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M / California
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
For Soundtracks...

Break Blade- Omoi
Bakemonogatari- Rainy Devil
Fullmetal Alchemist- Brothers
Code Geass- Continued Story
Clannad- Shining in the Sky
Baccano- Baccano no Theme
Angel Beats!- Otonashi
Attack on Titan- E.M.A.
Attack on Titan- Vogel Im Kafig
Madoka Magica- Salve Terrae Magicae
Mushishi- Teppen no Ito

For Openings...

Paranoia Agent
Ergo Proxy
Clannad After Story
Spice and Wolf opening 2
Eden of the East
Break Blade
Serial Experiments Lain
Attack on Titan opening 2
Mushishi Opening 1

For Endings...

Clannad Ending 1
Durarara Ending 1
Sunday Without God
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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
2nd opening of kill la kill, Ambiguous by Garnidelia!!!

Such a great song, both tv size & full!! Really enjoy this song, perfect for road trips & anime ost playlists.
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26 / M
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
I would post, but it be a huge list xD
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