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*Anime Only, Black Order Members

Allen Walker

Allen is an orphan who was abandoned by his biological parents because of the supposed "deformity" of his left arm (which was later revealed to be caused by his Innocence). He was eventually found and adopted by Mana Walker on Christmas Day. Though the circumstances were never revealed (though the anime supplies one possible cause with a scene of an overturned carriage), Mana died, and Allen, tormented with grief, turned Mana into an Akuma, hoping that his beloved surrogate father would be fully resurrected. But the Mana Akuma cursed Allen and sliced through his left eye, leaving the "Pentacle" -- the mark of the Akuma -- which scars the left side of his face and turns his hair white. This enabled his left eye to see the souls trapped within the akuma from then on. It was at this same moment that Allen's left arm first invoked as an anti-Akuma weapon, which instinctively destroyed the Mana Akuma.

Allen eventually met Cross Marian, a general of the Black Order, who explained to Allen the ways of the Akuma and the trapped souls within them: Once a soul becomes trapped inside an Akuma, they are trapped forever; and that the only way to save one is to exorcise them from their Akuma vessel. Allen subsequently became Cross' disciple and spent the next three years with him before being sent to the Black Order to become an official exorcist.


Crown Clown: The Innocence of Exorcism

Allen's anti-Akuma weapon, initially unnamed, is a rare, parasite-type Innocence that shares a symbiotic relationship with Allen's body. It appears as a cross-shaped shard embedded in the back of his left hand, which causes his entire left arm to appear red, scaly, and deformed. As a parasite-type, it is capable of both invoking and acting of its own accord, such as when it destroyed Mana's Akuma or regenerated the portion of Allen's heart that was hollowed out by Tyki Mikk's Tease.

Due the unique nature of parasite-type Innocence, Allen's Innocence has undergone a series of "evolutions" based on Allen's synchronization ratio. The first and most basic form of Allen's Innocence augments his left arm into a monstrous adamantine claw with a supernatural glow at Allen's scapula-joint. At this phase, his Innocence is capable of manipulating its size and shape. Despite the magnitude of size it can achieve, it retains a phenomenal degree of speed and reaction, making it an extremely versatile anti-Akuma weapon when engaging LV1 Akuma. The next evolution of his Innocence occurred during Allen investigation of "The Ghost of Mateel". This evolution takes a more offensive approach, in the form of a massive arm-cannon. This form is capable of ranged and melee combat; a contrast to the defensive nature of his Innocence's first form. This second phase can switch between two modes, a cannon mode and a rod mode. Below is a listing of abilities Allen is capable of invoking between these two phases:

*Cross Grave (十字架ノ墓(クロス・グレイヴ), Kurosu Gureibu?): At the first level of invocation, the Innocence's power can be channeled into one powerful stream, capable of crucifying and destroying multiple LV1 Akuma simultaneously.

*Cross Paling (十字架ノ杭(クロス・バリング), Kurosu Baringu?): At its second phase of invocation, Allen's Innocence is capable of firing volleys of rod-shaped energy palings; these laser stakes are made of hard-light Innocence energy, which enables them to picket the ground and fence in the adversary, or to pile upon them; Allen may also stand atop the palings. This ability is often mistranslated as "Cross Beam".

*Cross Spear (十字架ノ槍(クロス・スピアー), Kurosu Supiā?): Also in its second phase of invocation, Allen is capable of focusing the barrel of his Innocence-cannon to generate a spear-like energy paling, which can then be used like a sword.

Allen's synchronization ratio reached a maximum of 83% before having his Innocence destroyed by Tyki Mikk. Yet unbeknownst to Allen, the Innocence lingered around as a hazy fog of particles; at the time, a direct reflection of his shattered state of mind. It wasn't until he came to an epiphany that he was able to seize control of his anti-Akuma weapon once again and achieving his Innocence's fully-invoked form. At this phase, his Innocence fully integrated with his body, appearing as a red discoloration on his left arm, intertwined with his natural skin tone at the shoulder, wrapping around his chest forming a crest-shaped tattoo. It was given its official name of Crown Clown (神ノ道化(クラウン・クラウン), Kuraun Kuraun?), due to its jester-like appearance when invoked. The kanji used in the name literally translates to God's Clown (神ノ道化, Kami no Dokue?)

When invoked, Crown Clown drapes Allen in a long, white, ectoplasmic cowl, fitted with a masquerade-style mask. His left arm transforms into a slender, black arm fitted with silver, crown-shaped braces and rings, as well as razor-sharp talons, while his right arm and hand are encased in a sleeve and glove of the same ectoplasmic material as the cowl. When Allen forced his synchronization to a critical state, exceeding 100% synchronization, Crown Clown undergoes another evolution: Allen's entire left arm is transmuted into a massive zweihander with a large cross emblazoned on the blade, with his left shoulder being capped with a cross emblem. Allen wields the sword with his free right hand and the Innocence cowl becomes a high-collared cape which covers his missing left arm, with the mask acting as a clasp across the chest. Below is a listing of Allen's abilities in between these phases of Innocence:

*Cross Grave (十字架ノ墓(クロス・グレイヴ), Kurosu Gureibu?): Much more powerful than its previous incarnation, Allen crucifies and annihilates his targets by etching a cross onto them with his left hand, capable of destroying even LV3 Akuma with only a single talon. It can now also be used defensively, generating a shield by drawing a cross in the air.

*Clown Belt (道化ノ帯(クラウン・ベルト), Kuraun Beruto?): The cape of Allen's cowl is released as a webbing of Innocence-energy that can be used to grasp objects, immobilize opponents, or form hardened spikes to impale enemies. It can also be released from the sleeve and glove on Allen's right arm.

*Crown Edge (爪ノ王輪(クラウン・エッジ), Crown Edge?): A projectile attack which unleashes a barrage of crown-shaped rings from the clawed fingers on Allen's left hand. The kanji used in the name of this attack literally translates to "Claw of King-rings" (爪ノ王輪, Tsume no Ōwa?).

*Edge End (破滅ノ爪(エッジ・エンド), Ejji Endo?): A swipe of raw destructive power dealt with Allen's fully-invoked claw. The kanji used in the name of this attack literally translates to "Destruction Claw" (破滅ノ爪, Hametsu no Tsume?).

*Sword of Exorcism (退魔の剣, Taima no Ken?): The giant broadsword Allen's left arm transmutes into after his synchronization exceeds 100%. The sword can be wielded like any other, though once invoked, the blade can exorcise evil from any vessel it strikes without any harm coming to the vessel itself. If used on an Akuma, it will explode, leaving behind a glowing cross similar in shape to that of Allen's Cross Grave. But peculiarly enough, in the case of Noah, the Sword of Exorcism seems to unleash their powers in full rather than exorcise them. Skulls also seem to be affected by it as if it were a regular sword. Essentially, the Sword of Exorcism is an inversion of the Millennium Earl's sword, in both ability and appearance.

The Cursed Eye of the Pentacle

In addition to his Innocence, the Pentacle that scars his left eye curses Allen with the power to see the souls trapped inside an Akuma. The first incarnation of the curse is a black and red ringed eye which is automatically activated whenever Allen is near Akuma.

However, during the vampire incident involving the Eliade-Akuma and Arystar Krory, Allen's curse had grown stronger, resulting in his eye undergoing some dramatic changes. Resembling a sort of cogwheel monocle, this new cursed eye enables Allen to pinpoint an Akuma's position even when they are not visible to the naked eye, regardless of obstacles. But the most astounding change is that others close to Allen are able to see the lost souls trapped within Akuma as well. After witnessing Allen's 'world of black and white', Lavi comments that the way Allen sees the world 'is like hell on earth'. However, the cursed eye appears to lust for the destruction of Akuma, often causing pain to Allen in the middle of the night by self-activating, as though "it is a sin to be sleeping instead of destroying Akuma".

Allen speculates that his curse evolves in a similar fashion as Akuma, and may yet again evolve over time. It seems to have temporarily evolved again when Allen was playing the Musician's piano, but the scar returned to normal when he stopped playing. Perhaps this evolution is in connection to the fact that Mana - who is speculated to be the 14th Noah - gave Allen the curse and allowed him to play the nonsensical score in which both Mana and himself had come up with.

The Musician

It has been hinted that Allen is connected to the 14th Noah in someway, The Musician. Cross Marian told Allen that he was the only one who could stop the download of the Akuma plant in the Ark, through the use of the room of the 14th Noah, something which, initially, only Allen and Timcampy could enter. In the glass inside the room, an inverted version of Allen was shown. Whether or not Allen will show signs of having a Noah's abilities remains to be seen. Amongst the members of the Black Order, there is a rumor spreading that Allen's Crown Clown isn't really an Innocence, mainly because of the Crown Clown's shape and size being so similar to the Earl's sword.

Later, when Allen plays the piano-like instrument in the room, the destroyed Ark is regenerated and rebuilt, along with all the previous occupants who did not escape its original destruction: namely, the Exorcists who were considered as "lost" after being left behind in the crumbling rooms of the Ark. As Allen returns back to the Black Order, he notices that the letters on the music score are the letters that he and Mana had made which means Mana might have been the 14th Noah. After that, Allen begins to notice the inverted image of himself in various glass fixtures.

*Confirmed to have eaten mountains of food in around 10 minutes

*Allen is ambidextrous.

*Allen refuses to touch anything with alcohol due to an incident with Cross. He accidentally found some of his master's alcohol-laced chocolates and ate one. Cross went berserk and punished him so harshly that Allen promised him that he would never touch alcohol ever again.

*Allen becomes "evil" and merciless when playing poker due to a special "training session" he had when he was still General Cross' assistant in order to pay some of the enormous debts of Cross. Allen is a master at cheating and refuses to lose while gambling. Both Lavi (during the first time when Allen gambled against Tyki Mikk and his gang) and Lenalee (in the anime, episode 27) noted that Allen has turned "black" when Allen thinks about his genius in gambling and turns monstrous.

*Notice that the skin behind Allen's "cursed monocle" is similar to that of the Akuma-bound souls.

*Allen has never touched a piano before, except for one incident which isn't talked about in detail.

*Allen is the only one who can see the inverted picture of himself in the mirrors.

*Allen is terrified of damaging his Anti-Akuma weapon as Komui doesn't do anything to make the repairs less than torture.

*Allen's favorite food is mitarashi dango.

*In flashbacks, it was revealed Allen's hair used to be brown, whereas today its silvery (the shock of killing Mana caused his hair to go white).

Yuu Kanda
(神田 ユウ, Kanda Yū?) Seiyū: Sakurai Takahiro

An 18 year old Exorcist from Japan. He can recover much faster than ordinary humans due to a mysterious tattoo above his heart (which looks like a Sanskrit letter). It is related to a lotus flower, sealed in an hourglass, that is connected to Kanda's life. It is said that when it wilts, he will die. His purpose in life is to find a person that he refers to as "that someone"; which will be hard but until then, he will never allow himself to die. So far, the lotus flower has lost three petals, but is otherwise still robust - it has 13 petals in total. Kanda seems to be able to withstand the blood of Akuma, most likely due to the tattoo above his heart. The hourglass and flower are said to be his only personal possessions. He was grudgingly partnered with Allen in Allen's first mission. It was shown that he has a soft spot for Lenalee Lee. They were apparently childhood friends, and Kanda never complained when she tagged along with him.

He has long black hair, which the mangaka noted that he uses soap to wash. In the anime, Lavi also once braided Kanda's hair, causing himself to nearly get sliced by Mugen. He also commented that Kanda is a "pretty-type character", and Allen even called him "Feminine face" etc. However, he has a harsh tongue, foul mouth and a cold manner, and tends to say "Ch" a lot. His master, General Theodore, calls him "an anti-social humbug."

Yuu is Kanda's given name, but he dislikes being called that. He calls Allen "bean sprout" (モヤシ, moyashi), because compared to him, Allen is somewhat short and of a slight build, not to mention Kanda is older. Kanda seems to have a slightly friendlier attitude towards Lavi, though he doesn't hesitate with his usual threats if Lavi calls Kanda by his given name. Lavi knows Kanda's first name, and called Allen "bean sprout" for a short while too because that was what Kanda called him. Kanda seems to be much kinder to Lenalee as well. Sometimes Lenalee has to scold or lightly hit him to stop him from doing irrational things, such as continuing to threaten Allen even though it became clear that he was sent by General Cross. However, it is clear that Kanda does care for his fellow Exorcists and even the Finders. Although at the beginning of Allen's first mission, Kanda claimed that he would not save Allen if he was about to die, yet he did later despite he himself being weakened at the time and unable to fight much. He also rescues Gozu several times, a Finder who accompanied him on a few missions. He masks his emotions and often claims, "It's none of my business."

His favorite foods are soba noodles and tempura (especially pumpkin, shishitou[a kind of small sweet green pepper], and lotus root). Kanda dislikes so many things to the point that "there are too many to write down". But it is a known fact that he hates people with naive personalities (Allen), people who can't keep their mouths shut (General Tiedoll), people calling him by his given name (Lavi), and "sweet things" (As in food). His anti-Akuma weapon is a black katana, "Mugen" (六幻), which turns silver when activated. "Mugen" (in this case) means "six illusions". He runs his index and middle finger through the back of the blade to activate it. He has shown three illusions so far:

*Kaichū: Ichigen (界蟲「一幻」, lit. First Illusion: Hell's Insects): which releases a small swarm of supernatural creatures to devour his opponents.

*Nigentou (二幻刀, lit. Two Illusion Blades): covers his sword and scabbard in a coat of energy while creating an energy blade, making two impossibly sharp weapons.

*Hakka Tourou (八花蟷螂, lit. Eight Flowers Praying Mantis): Using the Ningentou, Kanda makes a movement that quickly slash the enemy eight times. The slashes, together, resemble a flower.

*Shouka (昇華, lit. Sublimate): Activating the power of his tattoo, his pupil changes into three dots. After this, he can activate the Kinki Sangenshiki. Veins also rise around his eyes.

*Kinki Sangenshiki (禁忌 「三幻式」, lit. Taboo Three Illusions): drastically increases his speed and strength at the cost of some of his life.

As the sword is called "Mugen" (六幻) and "六" means six, it is speculated that there will be three more attacks. It could also be that the 6 in the name is added to make a phonetic misinterpretation of the name possible: Mugen written as "無限" means "infinity".

After an intense fight, he defeated Skin Boric, but apparently at the cost of a part of his life. He also lost his anti-Akuma weapon after the battle. It was confirmed that this is not the end of him being an Exorcist due to the fact that even when his weapon broke he still had another attack, and he also used his energy to combine the broken pieces of his sword to make a new one (later, in a comic manner, both Kanda's and Lavi's respective Innocence weapons were in burlap bags, both of them shattered, awaiting Komui's repair). Upon Allen restoring Noah's Ark, he, along with the other 'lost' Exorcists, was revived. During the Akuma's siege on the Black Order, he was forced to be put in the infirmary with the other excorcists who were unable to fight but used somebody else's sword to save Chaoji from falling wreckage due to the General's attack.

*Birthday: June 6

(ラビ, Rabi?) Seiyū: Suzumura Kenichi

A cheerful red-haired Exorcist of mixed race, who aims to become a Bookman and is working along the Black Order just to be close to the events that must be seen. To help him, he developed an incredible memory: he is able to memorize every single aspect of something he saw, but he commented (in chapter 101) that he could identify hammer") or Nyoibo. It can grow (満, man) or extend (伸, shin). The weight increases with its size, but since Lavi is the accommodator, he is not affected by it's weight; However, it does to everyone else. His hammer can also summon several "judgments" with kanji possibly representing the classical elements that can be used individually or combined. However, between some of the seals are question marks. This probably means that Lavi has some seals that he has yet to learn from his Innocence. His techniques so far, are:

*Hi Ban: Gouka Kaijin (劫火灰燼 火判, lit. Fire Seal: Conflagration of Ash): using the fire seal to create a torrent of flames with the form of a snake;

*Ten Ban: Raitei Kaiten (雷霆回天 天判, lit. Heaven Seal: Thundering Lightning Whirling in the Skies): using the heaven seal to liberate an immense lightning;

*Moku Ban: Tenchi Bankai (天地盤回 木判, lit. Wood Seal: Roots Entwining Heaven and Earth): using the wood seal to control objects in nature;

*Konbo Ban: Gouraiten (コンボ判 剛雷天, lit. Combo Seal: Strong Thunder of the Heavens) :using both fire and heaven seals to create a huge snake of fire and iron. Also making a shield-like flame wall.

It was shown when Bookman told Lavi to use the wood seal to clear the clouds (Three Akuma were hiding behind the clouds). Lavi stated that he forgot he could use it to affect nature directly, and as he remembered it the question mark turned into a kanji that he used right away. If seen more carefully the kanji for the wood seal can be seen throughout the manga whenever Lavi summons his seals long before the use of the actual seal itself (e.g. during the use of the heaven seal). At the moment just before its first use the seal can be seen just behind Lavi's head and had never transformed from a question mark in the first place.

The marks of water and earth also appear among his seals. He likes to call Bookman "Panda" due to the thick black circles around his eyes; a converted Akuma "Chomesuke"; and Aleister "Kuro-chan" in the anime and "Kro-chan" in the manga. He is the only character other than General Tiedoll to call Kanda by his given name (that name being Yuu, also translated as Yū or Yuu), and apparently speaks to him outside of missions, a fact that was shown when he called Allen "beansprout" (モヤシ, moyashi), saying that if Kanda could call him that, Lavi could as well, as he is the same age as Kanda. He has a habit of teasing Allen, and deems himself as his big brother. A recurring gag in the series is Lavi's fondness for beautiful older women, whenever he sees a woman his type (Example: Eliade, Lulubell, and Anita) he'll yell out "Strike!" with hearts in his eye.

In recent chapters (beginning with 114), Lavi was fighting an incarnation of his past created by Road in one of her dimensions. It was revealed that his name, Lavi, is just an alias (his 49th, to be exact). He had cast aside his old name and background to show his commitment to being a Bookman It was also revealed that Lavi was once cold and indifferent to others, for a Bookman only lives to view and record history and that humans are nothing more than 'ink' on a page. However, over time Lavi's personality changed and he began to truly care about others, slowly casting aside his identity as a Bookman. When he thought that Allen was killed by Tyki Mikk, he tried to avenge Allen by attempting to kill Tyki himself.

During his fight against his past incarnation, his 'heart' (current personality) was supposedly destroyed. This caused his past incarnation, under the control of Road, to emerge in his physical body and savagely attack Allen. Unwilling to hurt Lavi, Allen attacked Road but failed to harm her, as her current body was not her true form. Lavi's current self managed to resurface and suppress his past self. He then engulfed himself in a massive Hi-Ban to attack Road in the real world, while simultaneously stabbing her through the heart within her dimension, defeating her.

In recent chapters, after the appearance of Cross Marian to their aid, Lavi's status was unknown after falling into a 'hole' made by the Millennium Earl's flashy entrance. He attempted to lengthen his Innocence to save himself, but it shattered when Allen grabbed Lavi's innocence in an effort to pull him up. Although he was apparently lost in the 'hole' in the Ark, he was shown to have been revived along with the rest of the 'lost' Exorcists on the Ark when the Ark was restored by Allen. He is now back at Black Order HQ waiting for his Innocence to be fixed. When Lulubell and her Akuma attack the HQ, he is unable to assist Allen as he cannot activate his (shattered) hammer.

There are many different translations of his name, such as Ravi, Rabi, Labi.

His birthday has also been said to be found on the 10th of August.

Lenalee Lee
(リナリー・リー, Rinarī Rī?) Seiyū: Itō Shizuka

Komui's younger sister, and assistant Head Officer. She is Chinese, and 16 years old. Her parents were killed by an Akuma when she was very young. Because she is an Accommodator, the Black Order took her away from her only remaining family member (Komui) to Headquarters against her will. For three years she was never allowed to leave the place, which felt like a prison to her. Because she attempted suicide, she had to be restrained and tied to her bed. However, once Komui joined the Black Order, Lenalee became more at ease in the Headquarters. She once told Allen that her "world" consists of her friends and family; if something terrible were to ever happened to them, it is the same as part of her world being destroyed. It is implied that she has a crush on Allen.

She is an Exorcist whose anti-Akuma weapon was a pair of boots, or "Dark Boots" (黒い靴). However, Lenalee has complained that her Dark Boots were always heavy and that it hurt to wear them. When invoked, it greatly increases one's speed and strength in the legs. Before the Dark Boots are invoked, they are a pair of thigh-high boots; when invoked, it looks as if the top part of her boots unwrap themselves and turn into her Dark Boots (the boot reaches her knee at this time and has a glowing green strip starting from the toes to the middle of the thigh on skin; each end with an octagon). Her boots allowed her to use the following techniques:

*Onkyou no Tougi: Otokase (音響の踏技 「音枷」, lit. Step Skill of Sound: "Sound Shackles"): Gives Lenalee the ability to interface with sound waves, solidifying the sound of each step into a surface while achieving sonic-speeds.

*Suijou no Tougi: Mizukase (水上の踏技 「水枷」, lit. Stepping Skill on the Water: "Water Shackles"): Allows her to interface with water, enabling her to walk perfectly on water surfaces.

*Enbu Kirikaze (円舞「霧風」, Waltz: "Mist-Wind"): Stirs up a destructive tornado with a whirling kick of her Dark Boots.

*Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase (失墜の踏技 「鉄枷」, lit. Falling Footwork: "Iron Shackles"): Upon maximum invocation, her Innocence's power is condensed unto her Dark Boots, meshing them into a morass of blades, carrying an oppressive weight.

She has a strong sense of friendship, which sometimes causes her emotional pain (or causes her to fight with her comrades). It is shown that even though she has lost the use of her Anti-Akuma weapon, she hasn't lost her will to fight for other's sake.

During the battle against a Level 3 Akuma on the sea, Lenalee had forced her Dark Boots to its maximum invocation to defeat the Akuma, using her ultimate technique, Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase, and nearly losing her life. After the battle, her hair, which had started out long and tied into two ponytails, had become extremely short and unkempt. Also due to the battle, she lost her Dark Boots after pushing them to their limits. In a strange twist of fate, Lenalee's legs lost much of their mobility and even the time reversing effects of Miranda's Time Record Innocence couldn't do anything about it. However, this was revealed to be Lenalee's Innocence acting up and upon it's removal, she regained full use of her legs, and even remarked that her legs felt light without the Dark Boots attached to them.

At the time where Lavi heads off the ship to search for Lenalee, who has yet to return after the attack by Akuma, he finds a modified Akuma who holds a large crystal with Lenalee encased inside. The Akuma claims that the Innocence took on this form to protect Lenalee. Because of this, it has been presumed that Lenalee's innocence may be the "Heart", which the Earl and the Black Order are looking for. However, Lavi, after learning about how Allen's Innocence saved his life by filling in a piece of his heart, wonders why there are two "instances" and if they are related somehow.

In the most recent chapters, it is implied that Lenalee's Innocence is somehow evolving from an equipment-type into a parasitic-type (a previously unheard-of event), and her synch-rate has dropped to 10% (or less). It is unclear whether she will continue to be an Exorcist as Hevlaska has warned that Lenalee will die if she attempts to activate her Innocence again at such a low synch-rate, and that everyone should be cautious when she does invoke them again. However, Lenalee still thinks that she should forcefully activate her Innocence so that she could continue fighting with her comrades.

While Allen was training to regain his Innocence back with Bak Chan (of the Black Order's Asia Headquarters), he finds numerous pictures of Lenalee, coming to a conclusion that Bak is stalking her (or perhaps just infatuated).

Her name is spelled 'Linali Lee' in VIZ Media's translation (In the midst of volume three, however, it changed to Lenalee, then occasionally switched back to Linali). Another translation of the name is Rinali, as in the Japanese language R and L are the same consonant.

It was said in Volume 3 that Lenalee resembled someone to Hoshino Katsura. After she told her editor, he laughed so hard that it made her swear not to tell it to anybody else ever again.

(ブックマン, Bukkuman?) Seiyū: Aono Takeshi

An old man who records the hidden history of the world. He comes from the Bookman clan and doesn't have a name. He simply introduced himself as "Bookman" during his first meeting with Allen. Lavi accompanied him when he appeared. He refers to Allen as "The Destroyer of Time", as he believes that Allen is the only one who can defeat the Earl of Millennium. Bookman also mentions that a "Bookman" does not put himself in the frontline and he just happens to be on the same side as the Black Order.

His anti-Akuma weapon is called Heaven Compass (天針), which is a set of acupuncture needles. In addition to Bookman's own skill in healing people through acupuncture, they also allow him to use the following techniques:

*Needles of Spells: North Crime (呪縛の針 「北ノ罪」): An attacking ability, which impales the target with thousands of needles;

*Needles of Divine Protection: East Crime" (加護の針 「東ノ罪」): A defensive ability, which makes the needles encircle the target and protect it against external attacks.

Miranda Lotto
(ミランダ・ロットー, Miranda Rottō?) Seiyū: Toyoguchi Megumi

A woman whose clock caused time to rewind in her town, which started when she was able to connect to the Innocence within the clock. She is German, and twenty-five years old. She often feels inferior and useless, which caused her to be fired from all one hundred jobs she tried to work in. This contributes to her chronic depression. With the help of Allen and Lenalee, she became determined to be a useful Exorcist.

Her weapon is a disk called "Time Record" (刻盤), located on her right arm. When activated, it appears from her right arm and "slides" to her wrist. The disk has two green, glowing circles, with circles orbiting the center. With it, she can use the following techniques:

*Recovery (時間回復): This sets up a time zone where anything on it will recover and heal automatically. When invoked, a giant clock face appears above the zone being affected; however, if damage is made to this clock face, Miranda will feel pain. However, the power is only temporary; once Miranda stops her power, all damage suffered earlier will return, as well as those suffered during the time that she used her Innocence. It cannot bring the dead back to life, nor did it have enough power to stop the download of the white ark. However, it was able to bring back the Akuma producing plant even after Lulu Bell had stolen it, although it was later said that when Miranda's innocence couldn't erase time, only reverse it.;

*Time Out (時間停止): A defensive technique, which create a space where the time stops, negating any attack that comes into that.
She replaced Allen during their search for General Cross in Japan after he lost his Innocence in meeting Tyki Mikk. Miranda is the only Exorcist that controls a non-offensive anti-Akuma weapon, and often uses it even after she reaches her limit, but she still insists on keeping it active, implying that she can't let people suffer or die.

The name of the character is inspired by the actress Miranda Otto.

Arystar Krory
(アレイスター・クロウリー, Areisutā Kurōrī?) Seiyū: Iwata Mitsuo

Full name Arystar Krory III, he is a Romanian with split personalities: a soft, kind, and overly-emotional "normal" side, and an aggressive, cocky, "battle-mode" side. The dominant personality is easily distinguished by his facial appearance. When 'normal', his long strand of white hair hangs down in his face. In addition, his appearance is kind and somewhat down-cast, and his voice is soft and low. When he enters his "battle-mode", the white strand of hair on stands up. Additionally, the whites of his eyes turn black and veins protrude from his face, making him look like a monster. He also talks in a loud and aggressive voice when battling.

He spent his entire life prior to becoming an Exorcist in a secluded castle. He was shunned by the surrounding villagers, who believed he was a vampire because he attacked certain villagers, the way he had attacked them, and the fact that he has the stereotypical vampire theme. This is because his teeth were made of Innocence and causing him to instinctively attack Akuma, but the villagers did not know this (and, before meeting Allen and Lavi, neither did he). Later, he fell in love with Eliade, not knowing that she was an Akuma. Allen and Lavi (who enjoys teasing Krory in a fight by calling him "Kuro-chan", and "Krorykins") later come and recruit him to be an Exorcist. He is still getting used to the "outside world."

Arystar's Innocence is a rare parasite-class that physically appears as large, pointed teeth. However, the strength of the Innocence lies in his blood. When invoked, it grants him feral-type abilities and enhanced overall strength, such as increased strength, speed, and agility. He can also drink the blood of Akuma (which he remarked tasted like tomato juice), this allows him to quickly regenerate and give him a temporary increase in strength. He is not immune to Akuma poison, however. Krory's Innocence and body simply break it down (when his body is too weak, he cannot fully break down the poison). Krory is also able to remove the poison from another person by drinking their blood. Likewise, he can also inject his Innocence-laced blood into Akuma by biting them, killing them within a few seconds, but weakening himself in the process. Arystar named this ability "Crimson" (紅), since the Akuma disintegrates into tiny red particles, which Miranda likened to 'crimson snow'. He is also capable of wrapping blood around his hands to fortify the flesh beneath; this is because his Innocence allows him to manipulate the blood in his body and, to an extent, others' bodies. He is also able to drain the blood from his body and wield his max strength remotely as a nigh invulnerable, winged blood mannequin called "Bloody Krory" (血のクロウリー). However, after utilizing this technique he becomes so exhausted he cannot stand or move. Arguably, Krory may also have collapsed simply from being enclosed within the Iron Maiden.After the only use of this ability against Jasdebi, he passes out.

Although he apparently died in the crumbling room of the Ark, he was shown to have been revived along with the rest of the 'lost' Exorcists on the Ark when the Ark was restored by Allen, but was the only Exorcist on board who was still unconscious when found. He is currently recovering in the Black Order HQ's medical ward.

Instead of using the name of the infamous Aleister Crowley, Katsura Hoshino used a name that sounds similar to it.

Chakar Rabon
(チャーカー・ラボン, Chākā Rabon?)

One of the Exorcists in General Winters Sokaro's team who was killed by Tyki Mikk. In volume 5, Suman had a nightmare about seeing Kazana and his corpses. His anti-Akuma weapon was a cross-bow. In the anime though it is shown his weapon was capable of shooting out bolts of lightning towards the enemy.

Daisya Barry
(デイシャ・バリー, Deisha Barī?) Seiyū: Yanaka Hiroshi

A cheerful Exorcist from Bodrum, and (in the anime) a fan of Football (soccer), who ran away from his family's souvenir shop in search of adventure. He was a disciple of Tiedoll and was on his rescue team along with Yuu Kanda and Noise Marie; despite his love of playing pranks on the other members of the order (for example, using his Innocence to crack Tiedoll's glasses), he was described by Theodore as "a good kid." His Exorcist outfit features a pointed cowl with a bell on the end, similar to the coxcomb of a medieval jester; the bell (originally from the door of his shop) becomes his anti-Akuma weapon, a projectile called the Charity Bell (隣人ノ鐘, Charity Bell?). This weapon, wielded much like a Football, can break through multiple Akuma and causes any it hits to resonate (like larger bells) until they explode.

While on his mission to find General Tiedoll, he encountered Tyki Mikk and was found the next morning hung in an upside-down cross fashion from a streetlamp, missing an internal organ and the Charity Bell. In the anime, he said he had not wasted his life, just before Tyki killed him.

Gwen Frere
(グエン・フレール, Guen Furēru?)

One of the Exorcists in General Klaud Nine's team, now deceased. Not much is known about her. She was never seen.

(ヘブラスカ, Heburasuka?) Seiyū: Kaida Yuko

Hevlaska, also called Guardian of the Innocence, is an Exorcist who has a major role in Black Order, being a part of the Organization since its very beginning. Hevlaska has its body completely enveloped by its Innocence that seems to be indefinitely active. Its abilities consist of merging some tentacles of its body into other Exorcists' bodies and Innocences. This way, it can know their nature - even if an Innocence is the Heart - abilities, synchronization percentage and hidden potential. Its personality is calm and gentle, almost maternal (which can suggest Hevlaska is actually a woman, which is later revealed as true when Komui states Hevlaska's gender to Allen. In episode 6 of the anime, Lenalee says that Hevlaska is female). The name "Hebraska" is used in VIZ media's English translations for volumes one and two. Allusions are made that the Innocence it carries is actually the Innocence Cube. When Allen's Innocence achieved 'critical point', Hevlaska could feel his power, as all the Innocence cubes inside her body were resonating (painfully at that). It was Hevlaska that stated that a new 'General' was being born.

Kazana Reed

A member of Winter Sokaro's team. He, along with Chakar Rabon, was killed by Tyki Mikk. In the anime, it was shown that his Anti-Akuma Weapon was a sword which once activated grew up to several times its normal size, although the additional weight does not appear to affect him, much like Lavi's Innocence.

Noise Marie
(ノイズ・マリ, Noizu Mari?) Seiyu: Yanada Kiyoyuki

One of the Exorcists from Tiedoll's group. Noise Marie seems to be a tough, silent man. His innocence, "Noel Organon" (聖人ノ詩篇), gives him an incredibly strong hearing, allowing Marie to hear very low or very distant sounds. It can also be used in an offensive form in the technique called "Verse of the Saint" (嘆きの旋律) which forms strings used to capture a victim and conduct a music that can paralyze easily even the stronger Akuma like a very strong poison.

Sol Galen
(ソル・ガレン, Soru Garen?)

One of the Exorcists in General Klaud Nine's team, deceased. Not much information are known about him/her. He/She was never seen.

Suman Dark
(スーマン・ダーク, Sūman Dāku?) Seiyū: Gôda Hozumi

An Exorcist who joined the order so he could pay for his daughter's medical fees. He, like Allen, has a parasite-type anti-Akuma weapon, which takes the form of a gem-like stone near his thumb. After five years in the Organization, he was sent on a mission to find General Winters Sokaro. During the mission, in India, his team was attacked and destroyed by Tyki Mikk. Suman, who loved his daughter so dearly, refused to die and leave her, to which end he offered to do anything for Tyki Mikk in exchange for his life. Hence, Tyki Mikk asked for the conditions and the whereabouts of all the Exorcists and the Search Group; this resulted in the death of 142 members of the Search Group and 6 Exorcists. He fled from the battle field, begged evil to spare his life, and betrayed his Innocence, thus betraying God. For that he was judged by his Innocence and become a Togaochi (Fallen One). This caused the Innocence to constantly deteriorate his body. After becoming a Togaochi, Allen separated Suman's Innocence from him which reverted his Togaochi condition. Although Allen managed to save Suman's life, Suman's mind, however, died. Not long after he reverted from his Togaochi condition, he was killed by Tyki Mikk using Tease (a flesh-eating type of golem in the form of a butterfly). In the anime, it was shown that his Innocence had the ability to manipulate the wind, using a gauntlet on his right arm. He has two wind techniques, "Break Wind" and "Break Storm", which both techniques can basically use the power of the wind to dismantle and utterly destroy Akuma instantly, including level 2's, which he did do so in the anime.

His Innocence is currently in the possession of Timcampy, and it is unknown whether someone else is capable of wielding it.

Tina Spark
(ティナ・スパーク, Tina Supāku?)

One of the Exorcists in General Klaud Nine's team, all of whom were killed. Not much information is known about her. She was never seen.

Chaoji Han
(チャオジー, Chaojī?) Seiyū: Miyano Mamoru

One of three surviving crew members of Anita, Chaoji was seen reacting with Innocence, which was sent into the ark by Tiedoll when Lenalee fell into the arc, and so was able to become an Exorcist. Chaoji's Innocence, as of now still unnamed, appears as a pair of linked bracelets on his left wrist. The only power it has shown so far is to grant him superhuman strength on that arm, allowing him to pull Allen, Lavi and Kanda all of out a bottomless pit in the Ark they nearly fell into in with one pull, sending the three Exorcists flying. Chaoji decided to become an Exorcist, under the instruction of Tiedoll, and has stated that he will become part of the Black Order.

After Lulubell attacked the Black Order HQ, he wanted to assist in fighting the Akuma, but he was told that he is not ready yet due to a lack of training and the fact his anti-akuma weapon wasn't ready.


*Anime Only, Black Order Members

Generals are Exorcists whose synchronization with their Innocences had reached over 100%. Of the original five, one is dead, and the other four have returned to Headquarters. Recently, Allen Walker achieved over 100% synchronization with his Innocence, implying that he might become a new Exorcist General. All four living Generals have recently joined in the battle against the Akuma and Lulubell, along with Miranda Lotto and Noise Marie.

Cross Marian
(クロス・マリアン, Kurosu Marian?) Seiyū: Tōchi Hiroki

Allen's teacher, a sorcerer and scientist. His most distinguishing features are his long, vibrant red hair and a Phantom of the Opera-esque mask on the right side of his face. In the manga, when Allen is rescued by him, he is seen to be wearing a skull, after which the skull shrinks back to a cross over his right eye, possibly due to a curse. He is shown to be a gruff, demanding individual who is hard to please. He left on a journey and has stopped corresponding with HQ for four years. Allen fears him, which is hinted from the fact most of his flashbacks that connect to his teacher end with some kind of traumatizing (usually humorous for readers) experience. He also has a habit of going into debt and making Allen work it off for him, and appears to be popular with women, with some characters calling him a 'womaniser'. It is revealed by Bookman that Cross has the unique ability to convert Akuma, making them work under his orders. The method of conversion is unknown, though it is most likely the power of the " Grave of Maria", which has been shown to control other characters in the series. Marian seems to be the only person the Earl is seriously worried about, a worry justified by the fact that Cross was able to slow down the download of the Akuma plant aboard the Ark. Cross has stated that he only lets clean people near him and can't stand filth, except if the dirty person is a gorgeous woman. He has recently been found by his team on board the Ark, and although he tried to escape being sent back to the Black Order HQ, Lenalee's pleading for him to come breaks his resolve and returns to HQ along with the rest of the Cross team and Tiedoll team of Exorcists.

It has been recently revealed that Cross Marian wields two anti-Akuma weapons. While other Exorcists have been known to carry multiple Innocence shards, Cross is the first to display the ability to use more than one Innocence shard at the same time. His skill with his Innocence is great as he was able to take down Tyki Mikk's transformed state without much trouble, while Allen couldn't so much as land a wounding strike.

*Judgement (断罪者) - This equipment-type Innocence takes the form of a large caliber revolver with an undermounted barrel. Cross is able to fire several bullets in rapid succession. These bullets will not cease until they hit their target. A symbol in form of a cross can be seen wherever these bullets hit (even on barriers). Cross has also shown an attack ability called 'Arrow Of Original Sin' (原罪の矢), which forms the shape of a demon-like bow around Judgement as a cross symbol appears in front of it. This ability was used by Cross to attack the Akuma Plant. Recently, Cross has shown the ability to use Judgement at a "purging level," which allows him to launch a large, devastating attack with a cross symbol on it similar to the crosses made by his regular bullets

*Grave of Maria (聖母ノ柩) - This parasitic-type Innocence doesn't belong to General Cross himself, but to Maria, an Exorcist with a parasite type innocence. It has been remarked by Allen that Cross is able to use magic to control Maria's corpse during a fight therefore allowing him to also use her Innocence. It takes the form of a large, flattened coffin wrapped with a long chain. When the chain is removed, the coffin opens to reveal a beautiful woman in a fancy dress with a large bow tied over her eyes, which makes it slightly reminiscent of a butterfly. This 'woman' is in fact the corpse of Maria. With the defensive ability 'Magdala Curtain' (聖母ノ加護), Maria uses her song to create illusions that can conceal the presence of others. She also has another ability called "Carte Garde" which allows her (or Cross) to control the person's movements by affecting the brain.

On a separate note, Marian's name is highly likely to be based off the Marian Cross.

Froi Tiedoll
(フロワ・ティエドール, Furowa Tiedōru?) Seiyū: Hashi Takaya

He seems to be a very normal man behind his glasses, with artistic talents and a sensible side. He is very loyal to his work and he refuses the order to go back to the Black Order's main base. He is seen as being kindly, crying when Deisha Barry is killed in action, and wishes him to rest in peace. He also treats his apprentices, such as Kanda, as his own children. Chaoji has stated that Tiedoll seems kind of strange but kind of cool as well and looks forward to being his student.

His team followed him in his duties after General Yeegar's death, and is composed of Yuu Kanda, Noise Marie and Daisya Barry (killed by Tyki Mikk). When they were in Japan, his Innocence was revealed, "Maker of Eden". He draws a hammer and chisle (as shown in episode 39 where he hammers the chisle into the ground thereby creating the creature), creating a work of "art" from the ground which, in turn, spawns a large creature; this creature bears a strong resemblance to a doll. Currently, Tiedoll has returned to the Black Order's Head Quarters to attend a meeting with the remaining generals. During his fight along side the other generals assisting Allen and Bookman, he reveals a defensive technique called "Embracing Garden". This technique literally creates a large garden made up of thorned vines that seem to push the enemy back.

The spelling of his surname is often transliterated as "Theodore"; however, his name is officially "Tiedoll", according to Hoshino (Volume 6).

Kevin Yeegar
(ケビン・イェーガー, Kebin Yēgā?) Seiyū: Kawakubo Kiyoshi

The oldest of the five Generals. He was also the first General targeted by the Noah and defeated, mutilated, and crucified backwards on a cross by Tyki Mikk, who also stole and destroyed his Innocence. He went insane after the fight and was rambling on about "The Heart" (the Heart of all Innocence) and how the Earl was searching for it; he died not long after due to his injuries. In the manga Yeegar was unknown to readers until Komui told about his death, and not much information was contributed about him. In the anime, his anti-Akuma weapon is a pair of chained pendulums which could split into multiple pendulums, allowing him to attack multiple Akuma with one sweep. It was also shown that he worked as a teacher before becoming an Exorcist. When one of his students died, her friend had turned her into Akuma and killed all of her classmates. She was later destroyed by an Exorcist that used a bow as an anti-Akuma weapon. She told Yeegar about the Black Order, and Yeegar was found compatible with Innocence.

Klaud Nine
(クラウド・ナイン , Kuraudo Nain?) Seiyu: Katsuki Masako

Her team (Tina Spark, Gwen Frere and Sol Galen) was killed at some point before chapter 44, presumably by a Noah. She seems to be a gentle woman as she is seen weeping for her deceased team. One half of her face is covered by hair, and the other side has burn scars.

Recently, she was seen drinking wine with Cross Marian. Though she asked him why he had chosen her as a drinking partner, she did not seem entirely unwilling. Her Innocence is a little monkey that rides on her shoulder. The parasitic-type Innocence, called Lau Jimin, is the first sentient Innocence shown in the series. When activated, the monkey transforms into a monster that attacks Akuma, and has also been shown to have the ability to form balls of energy at its fists while attacking. This monkey, Lau Jimin, can also convert into a long range mode, the effects of which have not been clearly disclosed. It is also said that the whip she holds is another innocence, just like Cross.

Winters Sokalo
(ウィンターズ・ソカロ, Wintāzu Sokaro?) Seiyu: Wakamoto Norio

His whole team (Kazana Reed, Chakar Rabon and Suman Dark) was killed by Tyki Mikk at approximately the same time, with the exception of Suman, who was turned into a Togaochi(Fallen One) and killed later by Tyki's Tease. He is a harsh man who wears a metal mask on his head. He is rude and when talking about his deceased team, refers to them as "a bunch of losers". Whether this was really out of disrespect, or a form of denial and grief is unknown. It could also be taken as a metaphor. Nothing more is known about him. VIZ has romanized his surname as "Zokalo" in volume five, but changed it to "Sokaro" in volume six. for unknown reasons, it was changed back to "Zokalo" in volume seven.

Sokalo's innocence is called Madness (神狂い), and is an equipment-type innocence. When not invoked, his innocence appears as two spiked half-rings attached to his shoulders. When Sokalo invokes his innocence, he slides the rings down his arms then claps his hands together creating a complete circle. When the circle is complete, two enormous blades materialize on either side of the ring. It is then used as a powerful, close-combat Anti-Akuma weapon, usually by spinning the blades at high speed creating a massive buzzsaw. Sokalo displayed hunter like behaviour and extreme bloodlust in a recent battle, as he ripped an already deceased Akuma to pieces in order to create a shower of blood which he joyously bathed in. How he did this without becoming infected by the Akuma blood virus is unknown. He can also use his Innocence in an attack technique, Madness Dederupa (神狂い 火葬舞, lit. Cremation Dance), where he spins his double-bladed weapon at a very high speed and throws it; this causes the weapon to be superheated and gives it even greater power than his regular attacks, which it then melts and slices the enemy.


*Anime Only, Black Order Members

(バズ, Bazu?)
Seiyū: Sonobe Yoshinori'

A Finder that is stationed at Headquarters. He and other Finders were performing a memorial service to their fallen comrades, right behind where Kanda was eating. When Kanda expressed his loss of appetite, Buzz demanded an apology. However, Kanda beat him up and began strangling him. Allen then stepped in to stop the whole charade. He is a tall, burly man with many markings on his face and a bald head. Despite his appearance, he appears to be sensitive about his fallen colleagues. He appeared in the Leaf of Revival arc.

(ジェリー, Jerī?)
Seiyū: Takuma Suzuki

The Head Cook of the Black Order. He is Indian, and of unknown age; "Jerry" is just his nickname. He knows Muay Thai, Thai-style kickboxing, and growing up, he knew he would have inherited his family's dojo from his father, but Jerry never wanted it. He wandered through various countries instead. Although male, he is very motherly, which he discovered along with his ability to cook in China. When first introduced they put a male symbol next to his name to make sure readers knew that he was actually a man. In a one-time page of various characters that had under various circumstances come to work for Jerry, Arystar Krory was shown with a text bubble that stated "Asked Jerry if he was gay" under his head. He is stated to be Komui's best friend, and gets along with Lenalee. Jerry's height is stated to be 192 centimeters; his blood type is O; he was born on November 7th and is a Scorpio.

Johnny Gill
(ジョニー, Jonī?)
Seiyū: Tsuboi Tomohiro

Johnny is one of the seemingly younger members of the Science Department. He is often identified by the black skull on his shirt and his big glasses. He was one of Suman's friends; he was the only one who knew that Suman was lonely. Because their rooms were so close together, they would often play chess together, in which Johnny would win most of the time. Whenever Suman would lose, he would ignore Johnny the next time they met in the cafeteria but always asked Johnny to a game whenever he returned from missions. When he found out that Suman was dying, his face became dominated by tears and heartbroken sorrow. The manga also highlighted his presence in panels, making this particular scene one of the more emotional scenes of the series. After Allen returns with the Ark, Johnny defends him against the accusations that he is a traitor working for the Noah. A short time later, Johnny is impaled through the chest by the Noah Lulubell, disguised as Andrew Nansen, as her Akuma forces invade the Black Order HQ. Although his fate is not known, it is unlikely he survived the invasion as he was impaled by Lulubell, thrown by the Skull Tapp Dopp and finally attacked by an Akuma.

Komui Lee
(コムイ・リー, Komui Rī?)
Seiyū: Konishi Katsuyuki

Komui Lee is the Supervisor of the Black Order, and Lenalee's older brother. He is Chinese and about 29 years old. His parents were killed by Akuma when they were young, and when it was found out that Lenalee was compatible with an Innocence she was taken away from him. It was shown that Lenalee was kept in the Black Order, away from her only living family (Komui), against her will. When she tried to commit suicide, she had to be strapped down to the bed. However, Komui joined the Order and became the Science Department Supervisor for her sake and Lenalee begin to feel more at home in the Order.

Komui is shown as a very whimsical and goofy character, he is somewhat sadistic and borderline maniacal sometimes ("Why did Komui end up so strange...? I patterned this character after Yoshida. My editor." - Quote from Vol 1, Komui's profile page). He drinks coffee nonstop (or more specifically Lenalee's coffee unless he has no choice), is lazy and often tries to worm his way out of doing work by either running away from the office (Reever has to track him down), talking on the phone non-stop even when the other side hung up or other methods (he created a robot named Komurin II that went berserk and nearly tore the Headquarter apart). He keeps a notoriously messy desk and lost Allen's letter of recommendation from General Cross when Allen first joined the Order, which led the Order into believing that Allen was an intruder. In the manga when it was asked how much do his colleagues trust Komui, the mangaka answered that it was 99% trust and 1% murderous intent. During his naps, one of the only ways to wake him up is to say that Lenalee is getting married due to his doting personality.

Komui, despite everything, does have a serious side. He feels guilty for throwing the Exorcists and Finders into danger, and tries to help in anyway he can, such as making better uniforms to protect the Exorcists. He is also the one to repair damages done to the Innocences of the Exorcists although the method seems very painful. He showed a more solemn and ruthless side in the funeral for the Exorcists and Finders by refusing requests to bring General Yeager's body back to his home and saying that the General's body must be cremated. Firm in his beliefs, Komui has shown a daring in refusing to follow Special Auditor Malcom Rouvelier's orders about keeping the Akuma Egg, and instead issues his own orders for the Egg's destruction.

Lenalee and Komui seem to share some kind of telepathic link, shown when Komui collapsed when Lenalee was being drowned by Eshi and that Lenalee can tell when Komui is taking a nap even from the other side of the world. He seems to be close friends with the cook Jerry and often hides out in the kitchen.

Reever Wenhamm
(リーバー・ウェンハム, Rībā Wenhamu?)
Seiyū: Okiayu Ryōtarō

In charge of the Science department of the Black Order, therefore he is technically the "boss" of the science department, but still carries out Komui's orders (though he does protest). He is Australian, and 26 years old. He is a rather comical character, being the main helper of Komui, and is often distressed over the fact that he works under such a weird man. His character was included in the game [[Jump Superstars]. His name was translated to Riba in volumes one and two of the English manga. Reever dislikes tobacco and alcohol, instead drinking various soft drinks; he specializes in mathematics, physics and language. He's also extremely protective of his coworkers and comrades. In chapter 44 Reever severely scolds a group of finders who begin fearing for their lives after seeing the caskets of the black order members who've recently died. He tells them "That's no way to speak in front of those who've just returned from battle." Reever displays his loyalty again in chapter 139 when he confronts a "Skull" for turning Tapp into a Skull. Reever is saved from this confrontation by Allen.

(トマ, Toma?)
Seiyū: Sakaguchi Koichi

A Finder that accompanies Allen and Kanda to their mission in Matel. During the mission, Pierrot (the Level 2 Akuma) impersonates him and gave the Finder the fake Allen's skin. Because of the fake disguise, Toma is almost killed by Kanda but is saved by Allen. When he was severely injured during the mission, Toma begged Allen to leave him behind so that the mission could be completed. Toma also appears in "The Destruction of the Black Order Headquarters" arc, but does not appear after that. Little else is known about this Finder. In the anime, he is also seen waiting for Lenalee and Allen outside of the Rewinding City. Toma had also escorted Aleister on his first mission in the anime. He has a small tuft of hair on top of his head.

Tapp Dopp
Seiyū: Tanaka Kan

A member of the Science department of the Black Order. He is slightly large and has a tuft of hair on his head. In the beginning, he had bandages covering his eyes, but he has also been seen with a hat covering his eyes.

In chapter 139, he is turned into a "Skull."

Asia Branch

*Anime Only, Black Order Members

Bak Chan
(バク・チャン, Baku Chan?) Seiyu: Miki Shinichiro

Bak is the leader of the Black Order's Asia Branch, a post occupied also by his great-grandfather (and perhaps the other generations of his family). He seems to be a rival of Komui, but doesn't let him (or anyone else) know about his secret crush on Lenalee, and this fact was used by Allen to threaten him so he would open the door where Fou was fighting with an Akuma named Thread. Like Komui, he is a man completely aware of his duties and will follow God's will strictly. Bak is the smartest person in the Order after Komui, and respects Komui because of that fact (though he seems to have been jealous of Komui before). Even not being a Conformer, he is able to do some spells controlling the structure of the headquarters thanks to the seal of his great-grandfather. Acting as the member of the branch, he is a a bit cold and very responsible leader, but as a human he is very soft and tender. Despite his crush on Lenalee, he and Fou have a very close relationship that seems to be more than merely friendship. It's said his intellect is a triumph of the Asia Branch. Because he was raised like a prince, Bak refers to himself as Ore-sama (something like "divine me" or "the great me" in English) when he is angry (more specifically, angry at Fou), but otherwise he usually calls himself boku (A less formal way for males to refer to himself); Fou refers to him as Baka-Baku (Idiot-Bak). If he gets very agitated, numerous hives appear on his skin (especially if someone refers to his secret obsession with Lenalee). His hives also appeared when he was forced to lock Fou into a room to fight Thread, and he even cried without his own knowing, proving that he cares greatly for her. Bak eventually opened the door.

Bak is later seen exploring the captured ark, and he then attends a meeting with other important members of the Black Order. He shows utter disbelief at Malcom C Leverrier's comments regarding Allen as a possible traitor. Later, after Lulubell and the akuma began to attack the research center, he managed to avoid capture, and he has helped Allen in the fight by using Finder's equipment to entrap Akuma.

His recent status is unknown, the only information being that he was lying in a immense pool of blood along with other members of the Science department because of attempts to hold a level 4 akuma back. It is not clear whether his is dead or not, as he wasn't seen with the akuma virus.

(フォー, Fō?) Seiyu: Mina Tominaga

Fou is the guardian deity of the Black Order's Asia Branch, sealed by Bak's great-grandfather. Although she is not a human, she often takes on a humanoid form to talk with others. Fou found Allen's body after his attack by Tyki Mikk and took him the headquarters of Asia Branch. She has a "tough-love" attitude, particularly towards Allen. While she was training Allen in an attempt to bring back his Innocence, she would attack without mercy with the hope that the Exorcist would activate his Innocence. When Allen was feeling down, she would appear to him as someone else (eg:Lou Fa (this way she could show her soft side without Allen knowing).

She shares a very strong bond with Bak even though she loves to tease him. She can manipulate her form in order to gain axe hands or to copy someone's appearance. She is also capable of communicating telepathically with others. The Headquarters of the Asia Branch is protected by a very strong barrier created by Fou (who is the "entrance" of the barrier). Inside the shell, she is very caring and is willing to give her life for the sake of those she loves.

Lou Fa
(蝋花, Rou Fa?) Seiyu: Sakamoto Maaya

A young woman stationed at the Asia Headquarters. She is part of the Science Department and seems to be very shy. She blushes every time she gets close to Allen since she has developed a crush on him. She watched Allen's training along with Rikei and prevented a frustrated Fou from killing Allen on an occasion.

(李佳, Rikei?) Seiyu: Fukuyama Jun

A member of the Black Order stationed at the Asia Headquarters. He was the one who carried Allen when the bonds between his atoms were weakened by the Akuma's attack. He also tried to restrain Allen (with help from Wong) when Bak shut Fou in the same room as the above mentioned Akuma (mentioned in Bak's biography). Rikei seems to be a cheerful person, and greatly desires to become part of the Science Department of the Main Headquarters of the Black Order.

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The Earl of Millennium

*Anime Only, Followers of The Millennium Earl

The Millennium Earl
(千年伯爵, Sennen Hakushaku?) Seiyū: Takiguchi Junpei

The story's main antagonist. Also known as "the Earl of Millennium", he tricks people with dead relatives and friends into creating Akumas. He is a sorcerer from long ago, and he plans to lead the world to its death. Some time in the past he formed an alliance with the Noah family, who call him "Duke Millennium". Hoshino says she based the Earl of Millennium off a legendary alchemist/preacher (most likely the Count of St Germain or Nicolas Flamel, though in many ways he also reminiscent of Dorian Gray, possibly referenced in "Dorian Grey man" and thus "D.Gray-Man", as adapted in the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) whose tale even claims he still may be alive somewhere.

In appearance, the Earl resembles a grotesque caricature of a Victorian gentleman -- a rotund figure in cape and top hat, with an enormous grin that remains fixed even when he is speaking and even eating, and his eyes permanently hidden behind a pair of pince-nez spectacles. In the manga, almost every one of his lines of dialog ends with a heart; in the anime, he invariably uses polite Japanese. Throughout the story, he displays two different personalities. The first is his normal cheerful, friendly, and happy attitude, almost like a friendly old uncle. With the Noah, he's a member of the family, and is particularly playful and affectionate towards Road. His other personality is one of sheer, sadistic malice, capable of happily playing with people's lives.

He wears a different hat in each encounter, each with a different decoration. In a gag comic in Volume 2 of the manga, he is shown taking off his hat, and having another set of ears. His main form of combat involves his umbrella Lero. He has also shown the ability to create massive explosions of dark energy. The Earl is also able to summon a large black sword that is the opposite of Allen's Crown Clown sword.

The Earl recently traveled to Edo to complete the construction of a new ark to replace the old 'defective' ark. The Earl plays the tune of destruction on a piano and the white ark disappears while a black ark comes out. As the white ark is destroyed he laughs and cries even though he said to Road and Lulubell that he has a cold. With the black ark complete, the Earl and Noah fly away from Edo. However, due to Allen Walker's interference, the Earl was only able to download 20% of his Akuma producing 'egg'. As a result, the Earl is currently incapable of making any new Akuma, and it is implied that it will take a long time to rebuild the plant. This is the first time in the story when the Earl is seen losing his composure, his face contorted with pure seething rage.

(レロ, Rero?) Seiyū: Shizuka Ito

Lero is the Earl's talking umbrella and golem, which appears as a normal cane umbrella with the addition of a small talking jack-o-latern on the tip. It does not do much except for screaming around, adding its own name on almost every sentence said by it. When used by Earl, it works as a flying umbrella in the style of Mary Poppins. It's very loyal to the Earl and likes to stay with him, but Road often takes Lero with her against Lero's connivance. When in her usage, he acts as a witch's broom and an umbrella. Right now, Lero is reunited with the Earl and headed towards a door similar to Road's door.

The Family of Noah

*Anime Only, Followers of The Millennium Earl

The Noah Family
ノアの一族 Noa no ichizoku

The direct descendants of Noah. A family of superhumans who cooperate with the Earl. The Noah are characterised by their grey skin tone and a horizontal line of cross-shaped markings on their foreheads. Each of the Noah possesses his/her own unique ability, as well as a common ability to destroy Innocence. The Millennium Earl stated that Skin Boric is one of 13 apostles, so it may be assumed that there are 13 Noah in total. This assumption later on was confirmed recently in the manga when inspector Howard Links explained to Allen that the order already knew that the clan is composed of 13 members. Only five have been shown thus far (Debitto and Jasdero count as one; Lulu Bell has recently reappeared in the manga canon), so it is possible that another eight Noah will be introduced in the future. However, despite the family of the Noah being made up of thirteen "apostles", there is a fourteenth Noah, one who has only been referenced to as both "the fourteenth" and "the musician". This member of the Noah clan was killed by Earl when he betrayed the family by giving control of the old ark to a human.

Jasdebi (Jasdero and Debitto)
(ジャスデビ, Jasudebi?)

Twin brothers who, together, represent the "bonds" of Noah. Of the two of them, Debitto (デビット, Debitto?) Seiyū: Saiga Mitsuki appears to be the more dominant and calculating of the two, and plays the role of the older brother. Jasdero (ジャスデロ, Jasudero?) Seiyū: Morikubo Showtaro, despite his strange appearance and stitched mouth, is the submissive, more innocent of the two. He has an affinity for his hair, and seeks comfort with Debitto when it gets damaged. They resent being called "the twins", and instead opt to refer to themselves collectively as Jasdebi. Both Debitto and Jasdero carry revolvers, and have a habit of aiming them at random things, including one another. Unlike the other Noah they do not dress formally when gathering at the Earl's breakfast. Originally, the Earl ordered them to assassinate Cross Marian of the Black Order - something they failed to achieve trice in a row. Their most recent attempt brought them to Edo, where, instead of finding the general, they found themselves saddled with Cross's debts.

They later venture into the Ark to seek vengeance against Allen, claiming that "a student has to pay his master's bills". During the confrontation, Lero reveals that the guns Jasdebi carries were bought off the black market, and are not actually the twin's powers, but rather focus for their power of Materialization (実現) - when Debitto and Jasdero imagine something simultaneously, they can manifest it in tangible form. Their more oft-used techniques include:

*Blue Bomb (青ボム): Materializes bullets that will freeze anything they hit

*Red Bomb (赤ボム): Their bullets create a fiery explosion

*White Bomb (白ボム): Destroys anything in its path

*Purple Bomb (紫ボム): "Deceiving Spectacles"; covers the eyes of the enemies with paint and causes them to see any illusion that the twins want.

*Green Bomb (緑ボム): A person is trapped in a bubble filled with slime.

*Jasdebi's Hate (ジャスデビの怨念): Materializes a monster that seems to be made of numerous dead human bodies. The monster moves according to Jasdebi's will.

*"The Earl, from a time where he was laughing but was actually really Angry." (笑ってる×けど×実はすっげー怒ってる時の×千年公): They materialize an illusion of the Earl that is derived from a past memory.

The twins are also able to merge into a single entity by shooting each other in the head. In this form, Jasdebi no longer uses revolvers as a focus for his abilities, and is able to materialize anything he desires. In this form he also relies on his vastly enhanced physical strength and his hair, which can elongate and be used as weapons or tendrils. He attributes new strength to the desire to materialize "the strongest imagined body". Jasdebi engages in a sever brawl with Arystor Krory and in the end is severely wounded by Krory's Innocence. As the ark crumbles around him, he splits back into the twins and falls through a doorway in Noah's Ark. Their current fate is unknown.

Road Kamelot
(ロード・キャメロット, Rōdo Kyamerotto?) Seiyū: Shimizu Ai

Road Kamelot is the first Noah introduced in the D. Gray-man series, appearing to Allen, Lenalee, and Miranda in the Rewinding Town arc. Despite looking as if she is in her early teens, Road is referred to as the oldest of the Noah. Road has an affinity for candies and blood, as well as a childlike enjoyment of birthday party-reminiscent themes.

Road has a plethora of supernatural abilities, ranging from the ability to travel to an alternate dimension through a door that appears at her will to complete regeneration after injury. Her dimensional space is in the form of a wrapped present, while her weapons of choice are levitating candles that can be sharpened to waxen stakes. While inside her personal dimension, she can control nonliving objects within the area; For instance, her stake-like candles fly to attack at her will. She has absolute control of everything in her dimension ranging from her appearing out of the floor, creating a copy of Lavi to crumbling his Innocence. Outside of her dimension she has displayed Telekinetic powers.

Road's personality and home life are surprisingly normal, despite her role as a villain. She has a childlike need to be entertained at all times, usually by the Earl's parasol Lero, and forces Tyki to entertain her when Lero will not. She shows a tendency to procrastinate on schoolwork, like many children her age, and appears to be in trouble for skipping classes often. Despite her childlike tendencies, she has also shown signs of extreme sadism and seems to enjoy watching the suffering of others, including stabbing Allen through the eye, killing an Akuma subordinate for no other reason than to anger Allen, and nailing Miranda’s hands to a clock while writing profanity on the wall in her blood.

Her relationships with the other members of the Noah family all vary on a basis quite similar to a normal family situation; She looks up to Tyki as an older brother and is very close to him, while the twins appear to bicker with her often in a sibling-like, affectionate manner. Her relationship with Skin is unknown, as almost no interaction between the two is shown in the series. She also seems to have feelings for Allen Walker, as she kisses him upon seeing him again. Tyki finds this surprising, as the only one she kissed before was the Earl.

Despite Road's young appearance, she is considered the First Child by Debitto and Jasdero, which suggests that she was the first Noah to awaken in the current generation. Due to this fact, she is the only Noah capable of programming Noah's Ark, and appears to have the favoritism of the Millennium Earl. She represents Noah's "Dreams". Road's nationality is unknown, and her information is listed as 'secret' when placed in her profile by the mangaka. She also sings a song a few times in the anime. No one is really sure the name of it, but is mostly about the Millennium Earl searching for the precious heart, probably referring to the "Heart of Innocence".

Currently, Road was stabbed through the chest by Lavi, after figuring out that her "real" body is disguised as Allen in the dimensional space. Lero later found her body horribly burned by Lavi's Fire Seal. However, much to everyone's surprise, Road suddenly stands up and starts laughing like a lunatic. Her last word was Allen's name before bursting into light, much like Skin did after being slain by Kanda. However, she mysteriously survived and is seen talking with the Earl in the latest chapter.

Skinn Bolic
(スキン・ボリック, Sukin Borikku?) Seiyū: Miyake Kenta

Another descendant of Noah who's assigned to kill Froi Tiedoll (the General being escorted by Kanda and Marie) who has also come to Japan. Skinn was first shown in the early manga where he showed disgust at the Earl's dinner, saying he preferred sweets over a hard-boiled egg. He got so angry over dinner that he destroyed the Akuma who prepared the meal with his bare hands and then began to grow large spikes from his arm and back where his skin had peeled off. Because of this, Tyki always calls him "Sweet Tooth" instead of his real name.

In a flashback, it is discovered that he worked in New Orleans at the docks three years before the story of the manga. During this time, he exhibited the Noah's genes which allowed him to recall the 7000 years old memories of Noah causing him great pain and nightmares. It is then that he declares that he will never "forgive it (the Innocence)". The rage of Noah was transferred into his body and he saw the state of the world from the perspective of the Millennium Earl. In addition to recovering these memories, he meets Road and the Earl, who gives him his first taste of candy to stop him from biting his fingers in pain.

He challenges Kanda to a fight after revealing to have been stalking him for an extended period of time. He is able to transform into a large golem-like creature that is capable of shooting and manipulating lightning. This form is the personification of his own inner rage and gives him a body with an amazing resistance and strength. If the enemy is strong enough to wound him, it will get an electrical shock due to the fact Skinn's body is full of electricity. Using his ability, he can use the techniques:

*Lightning (雷): A very large electrical discharge is shot out of his mouth to hit the enemy;

*Divine Punishment (神罰): Having his attacks blocked or getting hit, Skin's energy will flow into the enemy's body slowly. When the energy is strong enough, it will become chains that connect the two (Skin and the opponent). The chains will restrain the enemy's movements and, with the Divine Punishment technique, give strong electrical discharges directly into the inside of the enemy's body.

He represents the "hatred" of Noah, and after losing to Kanda in a battle, is currently presumed dead. Even though this is the most implied case, the fact that Road Kamelot was revived may lead to Skin's statement that Noah's never really die and that he may be brought back in later chapters.

Since he comes from New Orleans, it is assumed he is American.

Tyki Mikk
(ティキ・ミック, Tiki Mikku?) Seiyū: Morikawa Toshiyuki

Shortly after Allen meets Arystar and recruits him into becoming an ally, he met Tyki. The man lives a double life: his "white side" that is a carefree and goofy man of Portuguese descent who travels with humans that love to play poker, and his sadistic "black side" that has a lust for blood and takes up his role as Noah's descendant (and therefore, one of the antagonists). Tyki and his group suckers Arystar into a game of strip poker, winning literally all his assets, but Allen interferes and plays against them. He wins (with cheating learned from years spent with Cross), and Tyki gives him a pack of playing cards before his group departs. The author gives the first hint that something is wrong when the group is revealed to have in their possession a chunk of silver with the name Kevin Yeegar on it - the name of the exorcist general that had recently been killed. In their next encounter, Allen meets Tyki's Noah side, and, after a talk, Tyki leaves him to die from a heart wound inflicted by Tease (a flesh-eating type of golem in the form of a butterfly) after destroying his Innocence, spreading out the same cards he had given Allen over the boy's body. After realizing that Allen's name would not come off the walls of the jail cell, he goes with Jasdero and Debit to find Cross. Tyki's powers stem from his ability to selectively interact with his surroundings. This allows him to become effectively intangible, passing through all manner of matter as a ghost would, or walk on air. His powers also have an offensive aspect, allowing him to phase his hand into his opponents' bodies and selectively interact with their organs (e.g. heart), crushing them or tearing them out without leaving any external wounds. He also possesses the ability to reject the existence of space around an area he chooses, which essentially makes it possible for him to create a vacuum around anything he pleases (this ability was put to good effect against Allen, which allowed Tyki to suffocate him in their fight). He usually attacks using his powers in concert with the flesh-eating Tease golems given to him by the Earl of Millennium. The Tease themselves are capable of multiplying themselves, becoming a large swarm to consume Tyki's enemies, or change shape to act as shields or throwing blades. He was responsible for the death of Kevin Yeegar, one of the 5 exorcist generals, and has killed over 6 other exorcists himself, including Suman Dark (whom Allen had tried to save), Tina Spark, Gwen Frere, Sol Galen, Kazanna Reed, Chakar Rabon, and Daisya Barry.

Allen, with his newly formed Crown Clown, exorcised the Noah from Tyki. Although this was supposed to turn Tyki into a regular human, he instead transformed into an armored monster that faced Allen and Lavi in the ruined dining hall. Oddly enough, Tyki's new form resembles a level 3 Akuma, he has the appearance of a Medieval knight. In his Knight-form he has strength and speed far surpassing that of a Human, as well as hundreds of vines growing out of his back that he can control remotely; his sanity, however, is apparently lost. He was utterly defeated by General Cross but was saved by the Earl before Cross could deliver the killing blow. Later after the Earl comes to retrieve his unconscious body, he states that Tyki has "awakened" and that he has looked forward to this from every generation that bears the "pleasure" memories. This could lead to the idea that the "pleasure" memory of Noah may have a special power.

Tyki represents the "pleasure" of Noah; he is also one of the kinder Noah. His greatest fear appears to be losing his three human friends.

Cell Roron
(セル・ロロン , Seru Roron?) Seiyu: Madono Mitsuaki

The tiny keeper of Tyki Mikk's delete list. He is kept on a cage inside a card. He can identify a person listed on the cell wall just by looking at it. He can state too if the person is already dead among the other names of people who died left from the walls of the cage where he lives.

14th Noah

He is the 14th apostle of the Noah's. A Noah who betrayed the Earl by giving the power to control the Ark to a human (suspected, by the Earl, to be Cross Marian, but it was apparently left to Allen along with part of his will, the will was also apparently given to Moria and an unknown old man), resulting in the malfunction of the old Ark. Because of this treachery, the Earl killed the family member himself. This 14th Noah has also been referred to as the Musician. The Musician is now Allen and Timcanpy, leading to speculation that Allen himself may become the new 14th along with his role of Musician. The identity of the 14th is heavily implied to be Mana Walker.

Lulu Bell
(ルル・ベル, Ruru Beru?) Seiyu: Ogasawara Arisa

The blonde female Noah, who wears a black suit with a blue tie and often wears black shades. Originally appeared at the Noah Dinner Party with the first few revealed Noah.

She recently appeared in the manga again. Disguised as Andrew Nansen, she infiltrated the Order's headquarters to lead an invasion of a horde of Akuma after Allen and his friends' hard struggle in the Ark. She plans to re-obtain the "egg" and create Skulls out of the most intelligent scientists of the Black Order. Unfortunately for her, the generals of the Black Order, Cross Marian, Klaud Nine and Winters Sokalo, have proven to be far too powerful for Lulu Bell and her high-ranking Akuma to handle. In the end, she tried to escape with the egg, but Allen was onboard and destroyed the egg, causing a massive explosion. Whether Lulu Bell survived the explosion or not is currently unknown.

Lulu Bell represents the "Lust" of Noah with the power of "Form".

In the anime adaptation, she often turns herself into a black cat to hide in the shadows or for spy purposes. She has cat-like qualities as well in her human form (for example, she licks her plate while drinking milk).

One of her main abilities as a Noah is the metamorphosis, in which she can transform herself into anyone or anything. She is not limited to a solid form, as she has been shown to transform into both humans for impersonation or water. She is especially deadly in liquid form as many attacks pass right through her. She has also been shown to turn her hands into whip-like tentacles, which she can use to pierce, strike, or slice.

The Earl's henchmen

*Anime Only, Followers of The Millennium Earl


Akuma make up the bulk of the Earl of Millennium's army. Akuma are demonic constructs that serve mainly as footsoldiers under the command of the Earl and the Noah. Akuma are created through a multi-stage process. First, the Earl locates someone who is grieving from the loss of a loved one. The Earl then appears to them and convinces them that he can bring their loved one back to life. Next, the Earl presents a skeletal 'doll' and tells the grieving individual to call out the person's name and ask them to come back to life inside the construct. Upon doing so, a pentagram is inscribed on the doll's head along with the name of the individual. Upon coming to life, the Earl commands the doll to kill the grieving person and then 'wear their skin', taking on the identity of the griever and powered by the loved one's bound soul.

So far, Akuma have been shown to undergo four stages of evolution. The exact conditions that cause an evolution is not explained. However, each evolution to a new stage makes the Akuma smarter, stronger, and more sadistic.

Level One (LV1) - All new Akuma begin in a common level One form. The level One form appears as a large oval body with no arms or legs, a mask-like face, and tentacles dangling beneith them. Typically, they also have large numbers of gun-barrels protruding from their bodies, which fire poisonous 'bullets', although they appear to be extremely inaccurate. Level Ones have no personality and act more on instinct or the orders of the Earl and Noah.

Level Two (LV2) - Under the right conditions and if they survive long enough, a Level One Akuma will evolve into a Level Two Akuma. Unlike Level Ones, Level Two Akuma come in a variety of forms and shapes, with no two seemingly alike. Additionally, Level Twos develop a distinct personality and consciousness, and often have unique abilities and attacks. They are smarter and more cunning than Level Ones and able to act independently. Level 2 Akuma also possess the ability of speech as is stated by Pierrot while Allen and Kanda are in Martel.

Level Three (LV3) - Level Three Akuma are the second highest evolved form of Akuma, as seen at this time. Level Threes retain their Level Two personalities, but they become more sadistic and ruthless. Most Level Three Akuma take on a similar form, appearing as very tall armored humanoids with an eyeless helm covering their eyes. They differ in form primarily in the adornments on their head , the hair that flows from behind their helms and the shape of their armor. Level Threes are incredibly strong and resilient, even capable of withstanding direct attacks from an Exorcist's Innocence. Most Level Threes have a unique ability based on the manipulation of 'dark matter' within their bodies.

Level Four (LV4) - Recent addition from the latest chapter. It resembles a small child-like angel. It is formed in an elaborate ceremony, that involves both human and level 3 Akuma sacrifices. A mother like organism is then spawned, and the actual level 4 then bursts from its stomach.

When Sachiko/Chomesuke revealed that Japan was under the control of the Earl he said that there were High-Ranking Akuma that were Stronger than Level Three Akuma so there is a possibility that the evolution stage of Akumas does not stop at level three. However, with the soul of the Level Three's already being little more than an eye it's most likely a Level Four is the last step with the soul inside it being completely converted.

Numerous akuma have been seen in the series. A few have been named, and a few have had backgrounds revealed. Some characters have been introduced, and then turned into akumas. The akuma here are akuma who have been named, and have been their own person, separate from the souls embedded into their circuitry.

Baseball Akuma

The Baseball Akuma was with the Machine Gun Akuma Swarm. It attacked Allen and Lavi from ontop of a building by hitting steel at them, which melted after impact. It was destroyed by Lavi. Another one (or the same one) was seen behind a building when Allen and Lavi left for the hospital. Another one attacked the hotel room where Bookman, Komui, and Lenalee were. It killed the two finders, but was beaten into a million pieces by Bookman. It was ultimately destroyed by Lenalee when it made one final jump for Komui. It delivered the message of the Earl of Millennium's declaration of war on the world and the Black Order.

One interesting characteristic of this Akuma is that it does not have a level 1 akuma face anywhere on its body. This is due to the fact that all level 2 Akuma have a level one face somewhere on their body (or even as their real face).

Claire Akuma
Seiyū: Yuri Amano

Claire was killed when a cast iron cross skewered her when the rope suspending it, broke. In a deep state of grief, Mark partnered with the Earl of Millennium to resurrect her as an Akuma. However, the Earl ordered her to kill him and wear his skin, and she was powerless to resist. Posing as Mark, she would kill anyone in the old church at night. When Moa came to investigate the murders and disappearances, she came across Allen. Allen revealed what Mark really was, but not before it wiped out the entire police force, save for Moa. Allen then exorcised the Akuma back into Claire and allowed her to rest in peace. Claire's Akuma form is also commonly seen as a similarity to other Level 1 Akuma, now being deemed as a Gun Akuma. In certain subtitles, her name is spelled as "Crea"

(エリアーデ, Eriāde?) Seiyū: Okamoto Maya

A level 2 Akuma that serves The Earl of Millennium. The sacrifice used to make her was a beautiful woman so that was the form she assumed as a human. Eliade believed that this was the reason why, after recovering her intellect when she evolved into a level 2 Akuma, she became obsessed with beauty and shopping. Although her beauty let her become a popular woman, her Akuma nature always made her feel hungry and causing her to show her ugly self. Even so, she felt incomplete and wanted to love someone else, as an Akuma, she believed was impossible for her. After that, she met Krory and the two began a complex relationship. She was later killed by Arystar Krory after he discovered that she was an Akuma. Eliade could produce bubbles that absorb all the water inside the victim's body in an instant. Although she was destroyed, Eliade's spirit appears to Arystar when he is fighting Jasdevi.

(エシ, Eshi?) Seiyu: Ryusei Nakao

A level three Akuma encountered by Lenalee and her team on the way to Edo. Eshi had the ability to manipulate gravity by attaching chains made from his dark matter which increased the amount of gravity around the target. He also had superhuman strength and agility. Before becoming an Akuma, Eshi was a painter, shown by the way he starts every sentence he makes with "Title" as though he's naming a painting. Lenalee's battle with Eshi resulted in her almost losing her life. He was destroyed by a combination of Lenalee's Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukaze and Eshi's own ability. Eshi is the first level 3 Akuma to appear in the series.

Hobo Akuma

A level 0 Akuma that tried to attack Jean. Jean warned everyone that it was an Akuma, but no one believed him. This Akuma was destroyed by Allen. This Akuma's human form had long hair with a ring holding them together on each side.

Clock Akuma Squad
(アイス, 風切 and パング, Aisu, Kazekiri and Pangu?) Seiyū: Nagasako Takashi (Ice), Mogami Tsuguo (Kazekiri), & Matsuda Yuki (Pang)

A squad of akuma who attacked Allen, Miranda, and Lenalee when they were in the "Rewinding Town".

Ice stands on two bulky looking arms with a wind key on its torso, which later on turns into his "gas fire" form. Even though his takes the form of "fire", Ice still seems to posses the mechanical qualities of all akuma (this is shown when Allen slices off his arm in his "gas fire" form and bits of gears and bolts are shown in his wound). This akuma produces "Ice Fire", which are flames that burn at 100 degrees below zero. Ice self-destructed under Road's orders. Because the Akuma self-destructed, the trapped soul could not be saved. This caused Allen to weep, not for the Akuma, but for the lost soul. He was the second to be destroyed, and the first akuma in the series to self-destruct. He wore his level 1 akuma face as an armband. Ice posed as a pickpocket to trick Allen and Lenalee into chasing him so Road could capture Miranda. His pockpocket skin had long hair and a brown jacket.

Kazekiri has two blades for arms that split into 4 blades, that resembles somewhat of a buzzsaw, which can create blades of air. It was one of the few level 2 Akuma who's level 1 face is still its face. He was destroyed when Lenalee kicked his face out and sliced him in half, and he was the last to be destroyed.

Finally, Pang has four heads, and five faces counting the level one Akuma face which appears on every level 2 Akuma, which it wore like a belt buckle, and has an arm band on one of its arms. He can produce destructive sound waves called "Pang Voice". He also resembled a candle. He was destroyed was Allen jumped on him and blew him up with the gun-sword arm. He was the first to be destroyed.

Their original group also consisted of three level 1.5 akuma and another level 2 akuma that resembled a centipede and had three tongues. The four of them were destroyed by Allen in the initial bar fight. There was also another level 2 akuma that was destroyed by Allen in a dark alley when it attacked Miranda Lotto. Its mid-section resembled Ice's, but appeared to sit on a lamp shade, had one arm that seemed to just float in the general area that it should be, and had a head that looked like a poorly made temari with a mouth held together by the level 1 akuma face that was on the side of its head, who was referred to as "Akuma". In the manga, it had the ability to float around what looked like floating bowling balls, but in the anime, it shoots beams of purple energy from its mouth like the Centipede akuma.

Leo Akuma

Jean's friend Leo's mother passed away suddenly one day. The impact on Leo was great. He enlisted the help of the Earl of Millennium even though he knew it would turn his mother into an Akuma. After turning her into an Akuma, the Earl ordered her to kill him and wear his skin, and she was powerless to resist. The Akuma was then assigned to pose as Leo to get close to Jean, and lure him into a trap. The trap would have worked if only Allen hadn't come. Allen destroyed all of the Akuma present, which were all Gun Akuma, including the Leo Akuma.

Machine gun Akuma swarm

One town's population was turned completely into Akumas. All of these akuma seemed to have a long gun barrel for part of their face, and had one large machine gun on their chests. Some had alligator-like snouts, with guns sticking out. They attacked Allen and Lavi in both the anime, and in the 4th volume of the manga when they were out for a walk, but they were all destroyed. Their level is 1 according to Lavi despite not bearing the classic spherical designs, but this may be because they only half transformed into Akuma, transforming part of their body only.

Mr. Converted Akuma
"Mr. Converted Akuma", as he was called by Froi Tiedoll, was the converted akuma escort to Edo of Tiedoll and his group. He chastised Tiedoll when he told his team to aid Cross's team, ultimately leaving him unguarded. He self-destructed when he started feeling 'hungry'. He resembled a large wasp.

(ピエロ, Piero?) Seiyū: Hidenari Ugaki

The first level 2 Akuma encountered by Allen and Kanda. He was introduced as a level 1.5 akuma, and evolved to level 2 after shooting through his force field prison and blowing up a finder's head. It has the ability to clone anyone and their power, even the ability to fly (due to the two bat wings on its back). However, it is personified that it can also copy the appearance and abilities of elements (which is shown when it transformed into sand when it had its final attack on Allen and Kanda). However, when he mimics other people his appearance is a mirror image, with each side reversed. Pierrot was ultimately destroyed by the combined powers of Allen and Kanda. He was the first level 2 Akuma, as well as the first level 1.5 Akuma, to be shown in the series. He is also, as of yet, the only Akuma to be shown evolving.

(サチコ/ちょめ介, Sachiko/Chomesuke?) Seiyu: Nazuka Kaori

A level two Akuma converted by Cross Marian. Her debut is when she recovers LenaLee's crystallized form from beyond the ship. Her true purpose is a messenger from General Cross. Lavi soon nicknamed her " Chomesuke" after the fact that she has difficulty saying a phrase without ending it with the word "Cho". She later guides the group to Edo but later leaves due to the fact that The Millennium Earl sent a strong message to all Akuma in Japan to meet in Edo. Later reverting back to an evil Akuma she exploded as per Cross's programming. After the group was told this Bookman stated that If Allen Found out he would kill Cross due to Allen's pity on Akuma's souls and if they are completely destroyed then they cannot be saved..

Seiyu: Ito Kentaro

A level 3 Akuma that fought Allen while Eshi was fighting Lenalee. Like Eshi, he was a level 3 Akuma. He was hand-chosen by Tyki Mikk and used Noah's Ark to enter the Asia Branch in order to capture Allen, and therefore was accompanied by a Tease. He was able to break in, but was caged in the large room where Allen had trained. In order to keep Thread from going too berserk, Fou took the image of Allen and trapped herself in the room with it. When Allen got in, Fou was nearly dead. He was the one to reveal the Noahs' whereabouts, and was the first Akuma to be destroyed by Allen's gamma form. He had the ability to send energy "threads" from cylinders on his arms into their atomic structure apart.

Combined Akuma

An enormous Akuma that was the result of large numbers of Akuma in Edo fusing. It had three faces, two on its cheeks and one larger one in the middle. Its main attack, "Evil Star Gita" consisted of five balls appearing around its main body in the form of an upside down pentagram, shooting vastly destructive laser-like beams. Sachiko was hit and presumably killed by one of these beams in an attempt to attack it. Eventually it was caught in Mari's threads and poisoned by the melody he played with them. It was finished off by Kanda slicing its main face in half, surprising onlookers by making it look easy after others had tried and failed. Cross Marian, Klaud Nine and Winter Socalo have easily destroyed many of them during the invasion of the Black Order HQ without any effort.


Skulls are the guardians and caretakers of the Earl's Akuma-producing plant. Skulls are humanoids who wear large black robes and have skull-like heads, as their names imply. Skulls are neither Akuma, nor completely human, and are created by transforming a human with a 'suitable' mind using a special form of magic. A Skull places their fingers against the forehead of a victim and chant an incantation. The human is then surrounded by arcs of energy and then shrouded in a cacoon made of a black thread-like substance, finally emerging a few moments later as a Skull. Skulls are very resistant, capable of taking a bullet to the head without any lasting damage.

The Skulls first appeared in Edo right before the Black Arc appeared. General Cross Marian had defeated a large group of them after having disguised himself as one of them. They reappear when Lulubell attacks the Black Order Headquarters, following the Level 3 Akuma. The Akuma line up the surviving members of the HQ science staff and a Skull walks along marking 'unsuitable minds' with an X, upon which a Level 3 Akuma smashes their head with its foot. When a 'suitable mind' is located, they are transformed into a Skull, such as Tapp.

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