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Naruto = Ninja Jesus?!?!?
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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/30/14

onibrotonel wrote:

Orochimaru is Loki.

Tsunade is Athena. =P

Naruto is Hercules.

Sasuke is Kratos.

Madara is Ares. (Madara by name only).

Sakura is a muse.

Onibrotonel is Goku.

Sasuke's more like the male version of Nemesis lol
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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/31/14
hmm well idk about Naruto 'cuz i haven't read it but the MC of Rave Master made me have a , "oh wow this is like a Jesus moment" kind of thing lol (minus the screaming. 'cuz Jesus didn't really scream lol.. well not that i know of anyway)

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Posted 9/7/14 , edited 9/7/14

jkphantom wrote:

DISCLAIMER: As a Catholic, I'm probably breaking a whole bunch of Commandments for comparing Naruto to Jesus, but I have to share it!!

So taking a look at the recent Naruto chapters, I guess we can assume that Naruto is practically the Jesus of the Ninja World...

In fact, a whole bunch of Biblical references can be pointed out:
-Kaguya and the Shinju with the fruit (Eve eating the Forbidden Fruit)
-Sage of the Six Paths (God)
-Indra and Ashura (Cain and Abel)
-Naruto now being able to do anything (like Jesus)
-the rest of the Konoha 12=Twelve Disciples

I know not everything I mentioned above is entirely accurate to the Sacred Scripture, but it's close enough...

What do you guys think?

hehe i smiled nice points
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Posted 9/7/14 , edited 9/8/14
Naruto does seem to be Jesus in his universe, just like Kenshiro was to his.
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Posted 9/8/14 , edited 9/8/14
Just came to say I got a good laugh out of the title of this thread. lol.

There are a lot of religious references in Naruto ... that's not uncommon though.
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Posted 12/23/15 , edited 12/24/15
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