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Posted 5/18/14 , edited 5/19/14
I don't have many rules but I do have some. I'll just list them cause lists are fun (I love I don't) (It will be updated as I see the need depending on issues with posts)

1) No cursing in comments and if you do your comment will be erased.
2) No sexual posts
3) No images containing nudity
4) If someone posts or comments something against that which you believe, please feel free to talk about it but by no means are you to insult the person or the idea (you can say it's wrong or point out why you think what the person believes is wrong but you can not call the person or the idea stupid. For example as a Christian if I post a poem about Christ calling what I believe as stupid is not okay, and if your an atheist and post a poem about atheism I have no right to disrespect you or your idea. as a side note telling someone what they believe is wrong in a respectful manor is not against this rule. I'm not in favor of political correctness to such a Nth degree. You are allowed to state your opinions but just in a respectful and mature manner.
5) Please don't harass someone with loads of messages
6) No posts or comments that promote crime, death, suicide
8) SPAMMING your stuff will lead to insta-kill

Most of these offenses can lead to warnings and if continued a insta-kill, and I can get very specific about these but they are very general rules

Now for the things which if you violate nothing will happen
1) You are a supporter of the rebellion, you rebel scum (join the empire and support the Death Star)
2) You like wearing underwear on your head in public (if you do more power to you)
3) If you have a father and tell us what he does
4) If you don't head to the chopper (why wouldn't you)
5) You think that Batman is the best superhero (because he is)
6) You enjoy cheesesteaks
7) Watch Monty Python

Now for the rules which lead to insta-kills(bans)

1) Make a threat to someone, I take your head (figuratively speaking of course)
2) listen to Justin Bieber (just kidding, but I beg you in the name of humanity to stop)

Please still know I love you all

Love and Peace

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