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Posted 5/18/14 , edited 5/19/14
Hi all,

Today I watched a documentary about the A-bomb that fell upon Hiroshima during World War 2. I must admit I had a lot of my ideas and opinions rocked on the matter. I learned that in war that no side has clean hands. Sadly many innocent victims died because of America's acts but at the same time I'm torn because part of me feels that it was needed to the end the war. The thoughts of the death of all those people saddens me. I digress, I hope you all understand what I feel.

Now for the poem,

Enola carried her funeral song to those who just saw the light of the sun

Her tragic gift given to ordinary parents who went to work and children who had fun

We escaped death at the cost of the light of innocent eyes.

To say it was a true victory would be a true lie

I wonder, why were we so proud?

I wonder, now was all my ignorance bliss?

I feel sorrow..

I'm glad the war ended but not it how it came to a close

Hiroshima's lives sacrificed... for a signature

Fat man met the rising sun... what if he fell on us?

as always
Love and Peace,

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