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Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/20/14
General Rules

You must follow all of the rules at all times!

→ Please try and stay active!

→ Respect everyone in the group. If you are having problems with someone, please don't hesitate to let me know.

→ No quote pyramids! Put the original post in a spoiler! It's to keep the forums from getting too long and too messy.

→ After you post your character file please put the word Legenda. This will be the password so that I know you have read the rules!

RP Rules

→ PG-13. If there is any sex, please put in a spoiler, that way, the other members will know it is R-18+.

→ Your character is HUMAN. Nobody is allowed to be a demon or angel.

→ Please try to avoid using one liners. The more lines in an RP, the more exciting it gets!

→ No killing a character off unless you have the okay from that person to kill their character! If it is your character, that is completely up to you.

→ If during an RP, you wish to speak out of character, please use (( )) or [[ ]].


► How many character am I allowed to have?
→ As long as you keep the characters active, as many as you want.

►My character hasn't been approved yet. Why?
→ The creator and mods will get to you as soon as possible! We might not have known about it.

► Are you in need of mods?
→ Since the group is just starting out, yes. We are in need of mods! If you are interested, please PM me about it with sample work of yours. I will need to know how active you are on CR.

▬ Will be updating ▬
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