Short Peace
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Posted 5/20/14 , edited 5/20/14
So theres this 4 part anime series/movie/thingy called Short Peace. Its made by the same people that made Akira. Anyone watch it? The trailer is awesome:
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Posted 5/20/14 , edited 5/20/14
It was... different.

First one was a simple story with pretty colors, even though the CG looked a bit off. Felt like Spirited Away at times.
Most of the people I went with liked it.
This was the one that recently got nominated for an academy award.

Second was a love story set in feudal Japan. It took me a while to get because I didn't realize what a firefighter did in feudal Japan(the running around with a white...flag?). I felt like it needed more time to fully convey the story.
Our group had mixed reviews on this one.

Third was Gambo. You'll notice I actually remembered the name. It's got a cool sketchy style of art, and involves a giant white bear fighting a big demon. I felt tears at the end.
I disregarded any negative opinion of this one.(I don't think there was though)

Fourth, and the whole reason I went was 'A farewell to arms'. Desert setting, power armor, autonomous crazy robots.
Well it was all excellent then it went full Japan at the end. Not really bad, just 'what'.
This one put one of our group to sleep. Her opinion does not count.

Overall it was worth my time, but go in with an open mind. like you would to an 'indie film'.
These are shorts. They are a little offbeat.
If I had to choose my favorite, it'd be Gambo, followed by 'farewell to arms'.
Not saying the others aren't good, just not as appealing to me.
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/27/15
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