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Learning Japanese
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Posted 5/20/14 , edited 5/21/14
Genki 1 and 2 textbooks are very good. They cover probably 80% of common use grammar, around 2000 common use words, and have Cds to help with listening skills. As far as programs go Anki is very useful for memorizing words and it's free.
Useful websites: Website with tons of japanese stories grades 1-6 You can find native japanese speakers to talk with on this site. As well as read blogs posted in japanese or post your own. Very good website explaining Japanese grammar Another good grammar website. Girl on youtube who has a ton of video lessons on Japanese and is a pretty good teacher imo.

If you are just starting out I would recommend learning kana before you do anything (learning japanese in romaji is a bad habit and limits your learning resources) and then studying the Genki textbooks. For the amount of money they cost (around$100 for both) you get a ton of information and they are 10000000x better than Rosetta stone.
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Posted 5/20/14 , edited 5/21/14
I believe you can learn a lot faster without programs. It's also a lot more fun that way.

I recommend looking into:

and remember, what's a lot more important than your method of learning is that you like how you're doing it. This wisdom is supported by all of the above. is good for finding native Japanese speakers to practice with among other things.
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Posted 5/21/14 , edited 5/21/14

vash_loveandpeace wrote:

Hey everyone!,

I'm looking into learning Japanese and I know there are many programs to learn (Rosetta Stone, and the all famous School of Watching Anime^_^)

I just wanted to know are there any programs anyone can recommend and why you'd recommend it


I've closed this because individual personal help/advice threads are against CR's site rules. It also seems you did receive a lot of ideas, so you should be off to a good start.

We do already have a thread for discussion of language learning, so if you want to discuss things there, here's the link. If you start using one the recommended programs it would be great if let folks know how it worked out for you.

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