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18 / Over Here !!
Posted 5/22/14 , edited 5/22/14
Okay. Wanna know your level of weirdness? Well, here ya go:

Not bad:
You know your weird, but most people call you normal.

Everyone calls you weird, and you attract weirdos.

Creeper Weird:
You stalk and eavesdrop on your old friend's conversations.

Insanely Weird:
You hop up on the table, take off your shirt, and holler in front of your parents "COME TO ME MY CHILD FOR WE HAVE BREACHED THE WALL OF SPARTA!!"

Mentally Weird:
You cant even read this without seeing Squidwards face, or let alone you cant process what this says.

Nerd Weird:
You respond to everything from either lines from an anime, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the Avengers, or Star Trek. Or when your angry you stand ontop of the desk and say "THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAA!!!!!" and kick them in the face.

Otaku Weird:
You spend all weekend watching/reading anime/manga nonstop, talk about anime/manga nonstop, and your room is filled with moe girl anime/manga items.

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F / Top secret location
Posted 5/22/14 , edited 5/23/14
Can you be a mixture of these?

~~ Because this girl right here fits into 2 categories~~ Which actually makes me feel like a winner just sayin..
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Posted 5/23/14 , edited 5/23/14
I'm just weird

Please bestow your weird blessings upon me, O lords of weirdness.
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Posted 8/7/14 , edited 8/8/14
I'm insanely weird lol
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