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Posted 10/20/14 , edited 10/21/14

SpazmaticMedic wrote:

wolfiegirl235 wrote:

SpazmaticMedic wrote:

wolfiegirl235 wrote: tht would be like a mix of high school of the dead and nisekoi xD tht would be like among the top 10 best animes in my book :D

I havent watched HSOTD in so long.. was kinda bummed out after rumors of a second season were squashed. and I cant wait till Nisekoi gets another season... I JUST MUST KNOW WHO RAKU ENDS UP WITH AND WHO THE LOCKET BELONG TOO

plot twist all their keys work x_X he ends up with 3 wives xD but i think hes better off with the one he liked before shit went crazy

4.... 4 wives.... Seishirou would get wrapped up in it too xD

o yea thts true
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