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Games, greed, innovation and success!?!

In games industry you can see that the top dogs (big companies) that are really big are getting less and less innovative since they're not willing to take any risks by loosing any money... But whenever they do take risks they always get disappointed by poor market revenue.

In the past we've seen EA innovate and willing to take risks by allowing DICE to develop things such as Mirror's Edge and Bad Company, both of them were successful for EA. But... In the last few years EA has not been willing to make any risks and forced their developers to have games ready for a date that they've set long before the game was even in development, leading games such as BF3 and BF4 to be rushed onto the market and hurting EA's stock in the meanwhile.

On the other hand we've got Activision (the biggest game publisher in the world) who has for the last 10 years published sequel after sequel in their most successful franchises while killing off every devision of the company that didn't earn them a revenue. It all started with Guitar Hero where Activision brought in their first HUGE and BIG success that quickly got followed up with the Call Of Duty series that they've now been throwing out every year for 10 years strait... However lately the Call OF Duty series hasn't performed well on the market, this has forced Activision to take some huge steps towards bringing innovation and fresh air into the COD franchise by letting a new studio work on some new cod games as well as allowing the game devs to take 3 years to develop their games instead of just two. But on the outside Activision has also given theirs and Bungie's new IP Destiny a 500 million $ budget with the beliefs of that Destiny is going to be their new big hit that will succeed Call Of Duty.

But then we also got Ubisoft a company that hasn't received as much hate as the other two companies mentioned above, is there a reason for them being the less hated or is it just their luck? Well, it depends on how you look at it. In the past Ubisoft has done some amazing things for their community and fans like shutting down their Uplay DRM system that many people were hating on where as EA hasn't done the same with their Origin DRM service that clearly doesn't work.

But lately they've only shoved out Assassin's Creed games everywhere witch has damaged Ubisoft income since their games doesn't sell as well as their old games sense people have grown tired of Assassin's creed. But on the other hand they surprised everyone on their 2012 E3 show-floor where they reviled a new IP Watch_Dogs witch has led their fans back onto believing in the Ubisoft brand and the faith just grew stronger by their fans when they decided to delay the game in order to work more on it and make it better.

But to me Watch_Dogs was a good promise that I don't believe in anymore due to Ubisoft's greed, I'm not saying that the game will be bad because it most likely won't be bad... But wjat I'm saying is that new IP's has never perform well on the market since they don't have a established fanbase to relie on where as a established franchise do have a fanbase to relie on. And this is why I think that Ubisoft should've just made the game... But NOOOO, they made a game with PlayStation exclusive material and different versions of the game - Uplay edition, collectors edition, limited edition, vigilante edition, special edition and dedsec edition, what's funny about this is that all versions have different content in them meaning that to get the entire game you'll have to buy the game like 6 times to get all the content... And this to me shows how greedy Ubisoft acully is.

Click the spoiler button to see the different game versions and their content.

Sorry fot the long post and my little rant, but I just had to get that out of my system... Anyways, what do you think about all of this?
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i had just type i really long rant and my internet fucked up dammit (btw excuse my cursing if anyone would like me to stop please say so )

k so i agree tht activision made a mistake of letting sledgehammer make the latest COD Ghost i mean the guns r over powered and there r to many glitches like getting killed behind a wall by a dog a FUCKING DOG and then they add to many personalization packs like y and then snoop dog as an announcer wats next miley cyrus justin fucking beiber like seriously and then the extinction mode aliens seriouls wat da fuck happened to zombies or survival mode from modern warfare 3 and the most important question everyone COD fan wants to no WHERE THE FUCK IS THE THEATER MODE like seriously ever COD game tht was multiplayer had theater mode but i guess sledgehammer didnt want one pfft watever and please dont put aliens in multiplayer maps anymore tht shits stupid but this upcoming COD game call of duty advanced warfare might make the cod series comeback yes its going to be created by sledgehammer again but the upside is tht a group of people whom created there own company after doing well with the games they created have joined the cod franchises the few people tht did the graphic and design for dead space r helping making the newest COD if uve seen pics of COD AW ud notice tht on one characters back of the suit looks like the health bar on the back of isaac's suit from dead space i hope im not the only one to notice and watch dogs i seen the trailor for tht game the car graphics dont look very promising :l sadly but the gameplay looks pretty cool maybe i think it will be like the graphic from saints row 3 and 4 the cars look like shit especially on 4 i mean its not like u needed them anyway u can run faster then any of them and glide through the sky and run up walls and jump super high and u have super powers and u have to beat aliens like y with COD i think treyarc needs to make the next one like seriously black ops 2 is one of the top best COD games its up in the sales with modern warfare 2 and 3 the multiplayer is good most of the glitches were fixed and the guns arnt over powered they have about 20 personalization packs witch still stupid but the dlc maps r good ok i think ive ranted enough :3 heres a picture of a cute neko

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