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Doctor Who
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32 / M / San Francisco
Posted 5/23/14 , edited 5/24/14
Any other Whovians on board?

If so:
Do you read any of the books?

What's your thoughts on the 12th?
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31 / M / Palatine IL
Posted 5/25/14 , edited 5/26/14
I love Doctor Who!

I honestly do not usually read the books or get involved in the Expanded Universe. But i have read a couple...

As for the 12th I'm really excited about Peter Capaldi! He is a great actor! I just hope Moffat and the other writers talk about how he can be the doctor despite already being in an episode (Fires of Pompeii) and he was also in an episode of Torchwood... There have been discussions on how that is possible in the past, but i hope they write something new that adds a great twist!
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45 / M / Canada
Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/26/14
I would think the easy solution is "It wasn't him"

wouldn't be the first time an actor of the Doctor played someone else in the show before getting cast as the Doctor
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28 / F
Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/27/14
I'm super excited about Peter Capaldi. I think he's going to be great. I will have to cleanse Malcolm Tucker out of my brain before watching though...

I don't read the books, but I am a big fan of the Big Finish stuff. It's pretty excellent.
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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 5/27/14 , edited 5/27/14
Whovian present!

Look forward to 12, love his role in skins.

Got to meet 8th, really a pleasure to meet. Also got to speak to moffat, smith, coleman and i believe it was wilson, the producer at the 50th event.

I've been rewatching the classic eps between seasons and where i can find them. Wished i watched them in earlier days.

I also love the books, especially touched by an angel. That should've been an ep!
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Posted 6/8/14 , edited 6/8/14
Have you seen Children of Earth? Peter Capaldi wasn't just "in one of the Torchwood episodes", Frobisher was one of the main antagonists in Children of Earth. He wasn't a minor character, and was given a lot of screen time and character development in all of the episodes of season 3. His actions propelled the entire opposition to Torchwood, even though he was just a middleman. He had a family, business associates, motivations, internal scruples. He was a tragic hero/villain.

The fact that Capaldi played Lobus Caecilius, a one episode character, doesn't have as much impact as playing a major character in a whole season of Torchwood, and then playing the Doctor. On the other hand, it's kind of ironic that Gwen lamented that the Doctor didn't show up to help in Children of Earth, when Frobisher was there the whole time, actually trying to help the government coverup the trading of a bunch of children. I guess one good thing that could come about from this is that Children of Earth won't be as canon anymore, you could say that it's inconsistent with the rest of the whoniverse, and deny it ever happened.
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37 / F / South Carolina
Posted 6/8/14 , edited 6/8/14
YAY!!! The Whovians are here

I'm super excited for the 12th Doctor! Capaldi is an amazing actor, and so versatile, he'll be able to work magic with a character like the Doctor. As for his past appearances, it's pretty obvious Moffat doesn't care much about what's happened in the show before he took over as head writer, he'll just retcon anything that he doesn't want there or wants to change. No point addressing it in an episode, as you know we'd be left with no actual answers and only more questions.

I haven't read any of the books, but I've wanted to, just didnt' know where to start
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51 / M / KC
Posted 6/11/14 , edited 6/11/14
I haven't read any of the books.

I'm very much looking forward to Capaldi's take on The Doctor. It should be a welcome chance to the recent younger doctors.
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25 / M / Canada
Posted 6/23/14 , edited 6/23/14
I only started watching Doctor Who on the 2005 series and it's become one of my favorite shows. I haven't watched Doctors 1-8 yet, but I plan on doing so. I'm not looking to forward to Peter Capaldi but I didn't think I would like Matt Smith either so who knows, I may end up liking him like I did with Matt Smith.
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35 / M / Silent Hill, CA
Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/4/14
Just got onboard and starting season 2, i know im so behind :-(
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37 / M / Texas
Posted 7/7/14 , edited 7/7/14
Been a Whovian since the Tom Baker days!

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F / cali
Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
Last year I was a HUGE fan of Doctor Who... Now, not so much. I've only watched one episode from the new season!
Posted 11/28/14 , edited 11/28/14
my family enjoys watching this.
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25 / F / United States
Posted 12/1/14 , edited 12/1/14
I love Doctor Who. I usually grow into liking the new doctors, but I still don't like Peter Capaldi. He just doesn't grow on me.
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35 / M / VA
Posted 12/2/14 , edited 12/3/14
i love Capaldi as the 12th. i've only read a handful of the books though. there are just so many. i've listened to quite a few audiobooks. mostly 6th Doctor ones.
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