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Newbie here with a couple of questions
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Posted 5/24/14 , edited 5/24/14

LightningChocobo wrote:

I see. I might just have to give it a watch then. Appreciate the replies.

The first guy was talking avout Magical Warfare. NGNL isnt over yet so the ending cant be rage worthy.

Insomnist is talking about NGNL.
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Posted 5/24/14 , edited 5/24/14
I think that's one thing Crunchyroll and Studios are dropping the ball on. They don't have movies here, nor do they have a lot of older anime. They have the new stuff on lock, as I think there's only about three TV animes this season that CR didn't get, like Knights of Sidonia, but other than that, CR has become THE place. But, they're really missing the boat on Movies, OVAs and oldies.

As for recommendations: I always recommend you go here:

Just follow that list and you'll never have to ask "What's a good anime to watch?" again.
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AllHailZ wrote:

Hey, guys. Just joined CR. I was browsing through CR's titles and I have two questions:

1. Are there no Anime movies? I was hoping I'd be able to see Heaven's Lost Property's newest movie once it becomes available. I was also recommended Wolf Children but there doesn't appear to be anything here. It looks like there are only anime TV shows. Is that it?

2. Any recommendations for me to watch? I just finished almost all of Netflix's anime (except for Kill la Kill. That's on my to-watch list). I heard a lot of hype about Black Butler but I couldn't stand it even though I did give it a chance by watching the first three or four episodes. It just didn't appeal to me. So I'm looking for more stuff to watch. The only thing is that I don't really like yaoi or yuri.

I'm kind of behind as far as anime goes. I've seen Heaven's Lost Property, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Soul Eater, Soul Eater NOT, Initial D, Blue Exorcist, Spice and Wolf, Attack on Titan, Welcome to the N-H-K, etc...

welcome to the forums!

check the stickies. We have a rather grandiose recommendation thread.

Also, if you take a looksie down at the site rules in the bottom right corner, we unfortunately do not allow personal threads, so I will be closing this up, but per usual its not a big deal and no harm done.

We do have a few movies, but they are listed as series, such as Pale Cocoon, and Voices of a Distant Star... you just have to find them.

It really depends on what we can get licensing for.
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