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Gender Fluidity/Identity as a Whole
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Posted 7/11/14 , edited 7/12/14

Shiroppu wrote:

MopZ wrote:

Oh, I know they did find a similarity in the size of the neurons of a certain area of the human brain in a study that did autopsies on Transgender individual's brains.

So transexual brains are similar to that of the brains of people with BIID? That makes sense now. Thank you for that. I understand now!

Oh, sorry. I didn't clarify enough. The study found that the sizes of the neurons being much closer to that of the oposite gender's for both transitioned individuals and those who had never transitioned but still identified as the opposite gender.

BIID is just interesting to me because of what it possibly says about the human brain, and that those who suffer from it report no occurrences of Phantom Limb syndrome from what I've heard of. There's just so much to learn from conditions like these!
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Posted 7/11/14 , edited 7/12/14
I am uncertain if my input will be of any assistance to you at all, but both my husband and I are "gender-fluid." Unlike my straight spouse, I am pansexual. The biggest misconception that is affronted to us is: transgender. We are gender-fluid, not wanting to "switch" genders to identify ourselves as masculine or feminine. The fluidity leaves us in a position that any given moment, we may find ourselves being more "masculine" or "feminine."

Though, we only note this when having such philosophical discussions. Otherwise, we acknowledge and accept that there's no point in deciphering how to categorize our actions/thoughts/etc and thus not worry about them.

As far as why we are the way we are, my guess would be we have a similar attitude of complete honesty with each other. We come from very different backgrounds so though gender identity is largely considered a social construct - we cannot say for certain how we both are gender-fluid.
Posted 7/11/14 , edited 7/12/14
Have you guys ever heard of androgen insensitivity syndrome?
This is what the US National Library of Medicine says about it :

Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) is when a person who is genetically male (who has one X and one Y chromosome) is resistant to male hormones (called androgens). As a result, the person has some or all of the physical traits of a woman, but the genetic makeup of a man.

Posted 7/12/14 , edited 7/12/14

MeikoAkizukiMB wrote:
I never heard of that. Well, I don't know much about gender disorders (is that what's it called), but can it be similar to that disorder where people don't go through puberty/don't develop secondary sex characteristics?

Sorry. Like I said I don't know much about gender disorders (if that's even the right word).

What else do you know about it? Do you think it has something to do with gender expression or fluidity?

Imagine living your whole life as a woman only to find out your DNA says you are male? Would society be less judgmental on a woman with this condition who's a lesbian? It's a very interesting topic.
Posted 9/26/14 , edited 9/26/14
To each their own.
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Posted 9/28/14 , edited 9/29/14
I do not believe in gender fluidity or any gender other than Male or Female.

I believe in transgenders, because this is an actual biological disorder.

But no fake nonsense like having no gender or switching in between. Those people need to see a psychiatrist for a psychological assessment.

What is FACT is the fluidity of the human SEX.

Many Men grow up with wonderfully curved bodies and nice breasts- but they are often shunned. They are still men and shouldn't have to get mastectomies in order to look the part.

Similarly there are flat chested women with flatter, harder bodies who shouldn't have to look more 'womanly'

If they have primary sexual characteristics, then that is what defines their Sex.
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