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Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/26/14
The PS3 app has been struggling enormously for a long time, and it seems like some of the problems are potentially stemming from your CDN.

I'm looking at a highly reproducible (locally) test case here, and one that lines up with what I've been dealing with for months now.

In particular, streaming the 13th and prior episodes of Nisekoi works flawlessly. They load instantly, and stream without buffering in fully quality. The moment I start the 14th, I am hit with buffering for 30 seconds for it to play 5-10 seconds worth of content, which, needless to say, is unwatchable. The same holds true for the 15th episode.

Frequently as well, when I attempt to load the 14th+ episode, after selecting it and transitioning from the episode selection screen to the playback mode, the screen will stay black with the status information there, with an episode time of ----/24:45 and hang there indefinitely.

This is NOT related to the memory leak in the PS3 app, restarting the app or even the console has no effect, and is been reproducible for several days. If I start up the 13th or prior episode, it works great, and then if I switch immediately afterwards to the 14th, it has this issue. Go back to 13 and everything is fine again.

However, the moment I switch to a PC, there are no issues. The 14th issue loads and streams just fine. This is not a bandwidth problem, or a firewall/router issue, as the problem is very episode specific. It is not at all isolated to this one show, many of the recent releases show the same buffering issues. It seems to be pretty binary -- either a show will completely fail to load or encounter more time spent buffering than in playback. It is far rarer for there to be small hiccups, it is more all or nothing.

One factor seems to be network congestion/strain -- is the PS3 CDN separate from the PC one? I would guess so, as encoding for each would probably be different. At peak usage hours, the PS3 streaming is basically unwatchable, but the PC streams are fine.

Anyways, if a dev who has some free time could take a look (assuming the issue isn't already known and just in a backlog somewhere), it would be really appreciated. If those first 13 episodes of Nisekoi are on a different batch of servers or being handled differently than the later ones, that might be a smoking gun pointing at a wider issue here. If anyone on the forums who is having similar issues wants to try streaming those episodes themselves on the PS3 and see if they get similar results, that would be useful information as well.
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Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/27/14

WaveformBeta wrote:

One factor seems to be network congestion/strain -- is the PS3 CDN separate from the PC one?


The Flash streams for web browsers are handled by one CDN (Akamai, per last report) and the devices by another (Limelight, per the last info I read).

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