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Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/27/14
HI guys! (:

I'm not getting payed for this and neither is this a spam ( i didn't get hack either ahahahaha)

basically i just wanted to share with you guys this app called Feature Points

ahahaha so my friend showed me this app a year ago which i didn't pay much attention to cause, what the heck this sounds like a scam, getting payed for downloading apps.

it's only recently that i started to research about this and find out wow.....what the heck you do get money (the more points you gain the more you get money)

they send money to you through paypal

So if you are currently looking for a way to make extra money Featurepoints is an app that can be downloaded from the app store if you are using any apple device or Google play store for android devices.

How does it work?

1.Download the featurepoints app on your phone from here

2.Sign up (use the referral code RM7E5M to get 50 bonus points)

3.Download apps from the ‘get points’ section, and play them for a bit

4.You’ll then be given points for the app

5.You can either be paid or chose rewards when you earn enough points

Can I delete the apps once I get the points for them?

Yes, but you have to play them for a bit/complete the tutorial, and make sure you’ve got the points before you delete them.

How do I get paid?

You can either get paid through paypal and then transfer the money to your bank account, or get paid in rewards.

What are the rewards?

Buy paid apps with points
Money into your paypal
iTunes giftcards
Amazon giftcards
An iPad mini

However the rewards differ from country to country so your country might have more or less rewards than this

This website i guarantee is not a scam this website 100% legit

so if you want or need extra money just download and the try free apps

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Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/27/14
1. Inappropriate Links
Links to sites (commercial OR personal) that have:
~ Pornographic, racist or illegal materials
~ Profit sites or referral link games. These are sites that earn the poster a profit/commission or sites that give points for incoming links.
~ Links to sites that host potentially illegal content. This would include direct downloads and streaming sites that have videos and music that were uploaded without consent of the copyright holders.
~ Advertising for profit or personal gain. Links to youtube videos that the poster has monetized, crowdfunding projects to pay a person to make a series of webisodes, or any other form of link that gives personal profit is not allowed.

any time you have to say it's not a scam, it makes it look MORE like a scam
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Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/27/14
As Uhoh said, these kinds of things are against the rules, so I will be closing this thread.

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