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Posted 5/27/14 , edited 5/27/14

pandrasb wrote:

Hmm, nice to know this info, but have a question.
Why does one that works out with [*img] look glitchy when it's downloaded and uploaded as [*crimg] without fixing it?
[*img] -

[*crimg] -

Image works fine because it comes straight from the source (it's not from crunchyroll but a linked image), the download goes through cr.
mwhitco91 wrote it perfectly

TL;DR - It's a transition issue between frames, and crunchyroll doesn't support the recycled (reused frames) type transition, disposal type is fine.

mwhitco91 wrote:

1) Transparency issues.

A GIF with transparency issues comes out looking something like this after you upload it to Crunchyroll:

Most frames look like they're filled with a grayish color.

This happens because of the way the GIF was made. A GIF can be made two different ways, which is why some GIFs uploaded to Crunchyroll are fine, while others are not.

One way a GIF is made keeps all the pixels in all the frames of the GIF as they are, without deleting, changing, or recycling any. That method is called the "disposal" method--which simply means that a when a frame of the GIF expires, it just disappears and the next frame of the GIF takes its place. These kinds of GIFs are the ones that, when uploaded to Crunchyroll, come out perfectly fine.

The other method that a GIF can be made involves recycling pixels from one frame in a GIF to use them again in the next frame. This is called the "combination" method, and it sucks. In order for a pixel to be "recycled" from one frame to the next, that one pixel has to be the EXACT same color as the same pixel in the next frame. When a pixel is recycled, the GIF automatically takes any recyclable pixels and makes those pixels transparent in any subsequent frames where that pixel can be used. This method is normally used in GIFs to make their overall file size smaller--after all, the less pixels, the smaller the file size of the image.

The problem with this is that Crunchyroll doesn't support any kind of transparency in any images; instead, it fills up any transparent areas of an image with a default gray color. That's the gray junk that you see in the GIFs that were made this way, like the one in the spoiler above.

Shame on me for subconsciously avoiding reading a paragraph. That explained it well, thanks for quoting it.
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