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Posted 5/28/14 , edited 5/28/14
by moonhawk81 with an assist from iblessall

Harem is one of the most abused and maligned of all anime genres; consequently, it can also be one of the most easily overlooked. Occasionally, however, a harem series propels itself beyond the stagnation of tired, trite formula and offers its audience an opportunity for more expansive entertainment. Negima! did so through the emotional desolation resultant from the Asuna story arc. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia introduced a rivalry between the deceased Yuuko and her own sister's granddaughter, even while Yuuko herself is being haunted--by a vengeful incarnation of herself. If Her Flag Breaks takes a decidedly different approach, somehow blending a group of mini-skirted stereotypes into enough of a comedic cabal to keep the story fresh and fun. Of course, the inclusion of certain mysterious and magical supporting characters helps!

Souta Hatate is the sole survivor from a cruise ship catastrophe, and is suffering from survivor's guilt. Further complicating his life is the fact that he can read a person's destiny through flags which he (and he alone) sees appear above them. This ability was given to him by Sakura, a girl whom he met on the Premium Ambriel before it sank, and he uses it to try to save people from disaster. His efforts quickly have him surrounded by admiring and/or curious female (and one quite effeminate male) schoolmates, who end up living with Souta in the newly renovated Quest Dorm. But not everyone approves of Souta's interference with fate, and he becomes a target of beings from an alternate world. To combat his own fate, Souta must rely upon the help of his friends while gathering a supporting fellowship composed of a princess knight (Nanami Bladefield), a magician (Akane Mahougasawa), a member of clergy (Kurumiko Daishikyogawa), and a shinobi (Ruri Ninjabayasha).

If Her Flag Breaks began as a light novel series by Toka Takei, and became serialized as a manga, with both versions published by Kodansha. Hoods Entertainment produced the anime version, which began airing on 06 April, 2014. Being completely unfamiliar with the source material, I am viewing the anime series as an independent accomplishment, and I am impressed. The storyline is progressing quickly, and character development is almost surprisingly consistent (despite stereotyped roles). And--very rare in the world of harem--we are given a protagonist who is neither unaware nor emotionally un-invested. This show is simply fun to watch! Crunchyroll airs episodes on Wednesdays at 2:00pm Central Standard Time, or 1:00pm Eastern.

Watching Kanojo ga Flag wo Orareta (If Her Flag Breaks)? Tell us what you think!
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Posted 6/5/14 , edited 6/5/14
Should add video links to these articles, so we can make sure that we have them queued, etc. For some odd reason, I had issues using the Search feature for the title of this series, but eventually found it in the Simulcast section.
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Posted 6/6/14 , edited 6/7/14
If her Flag breaks is really good in my opinion. I really do not know what it is but even though it is classified as a "Harem" I do not get that feeling. At least for all the female characters. Also the amount of serious moments in this anime is balanced with the amount of comedy, both of which I am thoroughly enjoying. I liked Noucome (My mental Choices are interfering with my High School Life) a lot, but I am enjoying "If Her Flag Breaks" more then Noucome.
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