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18 / Over Here !!
Posted 5/28/14 , edited 5/29/14

Character Name:
Affinity towards...(men, women, both)

No approval needed.
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Username :: fluffymarshmellows
Character Name :: Satsune Darkesence
Age :: 17
Gender :: Male
Species :: Demon
Affinity towards :: Men
Image ::

Personality :: He is kind towards almost everyone
he becomes friends with. He is outigoing to most
people as well.
Bio :: He has an unknown biography. He was
brain washed when he came here so, he doesn't
remember the rest of his life.
Likes :: Cats, calm and quietness, candy, men that
are beautiful, hanging with friends, men with British
accents, and caramel.
Dislikes :: Sour foods, rude men, strange women,
and mice.

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18 / Over Here !!
Posted 5/28/14 , edited 5/29/14

Username: Animeruler22

Character Name: Chisaka Weiri (a.k.a. Chi-chan)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Cat Human

Affinity towards men

Personality: A clumsy, short, wild boy, Chi loves to smile and makes others laugh. He is always making mistakes, but rarely gets in trouble for it because everyone is so used to it.

Bio: Chi lost his mother at a very young age. Even still, it didn't stop Chi from seeing his friends. He is very strong-willed when it comes to his friends, and stays very loyal to them. His mother was full human, his father was half human making him a mixed breed. His father, on the other hand, is a lazy snob who rarely does anything. Chi doesn't like his father, thus running away several times. But whenever his father declares Chi as troublesome, you will see Chi with many cuts the next day. Sometimes, you can even see the scars that were cut deep.

Likes: Someone caring, making others smile and laugh, toys.

Dislikes: His father, knives, blood.
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Posted 5/29/14 , edited 5/29/14

Username: Mimisushi

Character Name: Chiyo Hairi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: ¿UNKNOWN?

Affinity towards both

Personality: Mysterious, charming, kind, quiet, funny and clumsy

Bio: Chiyo had a very kind family. She thought they were her real parents but they weren't. One day when she overheard her parents talking, she figured out that they weren't her real parents. She figured out that she was from a clan called the Irome Clan. As she remembered, she was FASTER than normal humans and STRONGER too. She was very athletic and she could jump very high. She started to get very confused until she didn't know who she was anymore. Her eyes started to change colors. First it changed to red, then yellow, then green and then blue. Her eyes stayed blue and she felt unconscious. When she awoke, her whole family was dead and blood was on her hands. Her eyes changed back to the color maize and she cried with all her might. Because of this incident, she started to hate seeing the sight of blood.

Likes: Candy, sweets, being lazy, smiles, laughter, collecting pretty rocks, food, and people who are kind.

Dislikes: Blood, mean people, seeing her eyes change, being alone, nosy people, when people guide her into the light.
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15 / O / Around somewhere
Posted 6/2/14 , edited 6/2/14

Username: coolgirlz56

Character Name: Arthur Kirkland

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Affinity: both

Personality: cynical, sharp-tongued, prone to rough speech, king of losing things, spacey

Bio: Arthur was 7 when he and his younger brother were bit. The vampire who bit them raised them and then one day, when they had forgotten to put on sunscreen, they were messing around at Dawn. Arthur and Alfred ran back to the house but, as fate has it, Arthur ran faster or something and Alfred touched sunlight and, in seconds, became nothing more than a pile of ashes. Arthur blames himself for his brother's death and, as far as he can tell, always will.

Likes: Spirits, magic, supernatural stuff, British stuff, tea, Vampire Stuff, embroidery, craftsmanship, literature, rock music, and giving scathing criticisms to American movies.

Dislikes: The French, spells going wrong
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