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Kill la Kill Aniplex of America Releases

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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/31/14

BlueOni wrote:

TheAncientOne wrote:
Apparently the other alternative is to obtain the likely to be noticeably less expensive UK release from All the Anime in Q4 of this year, and then either obtain a region-free BD player or rip the Blu-ray.

Now that's the way to go. Obtaining a region-free BD player shouldn't be a problem for me, so there we go. Thanks, TAO.

Hmm, it is a decent alternative if you have the right equipment to play Region B Blu-rays. However, you should also consider currency conversion rates and fees and international shipping costs. It may end up costing US $200 to import those sets when all is said and done. In that case the standard Blu-ray sets being released by AoA may be more the better buy for the price anyhow.

Looking at SAO's 4 standard Blu-ray sets released by Manga Entertainment UK, if I add up all their prices on currently I get £109, which is roughly $183 at the current exchange rate. Since SAO and Kill la Kill are both two cour series, I expect the cost of the 3 Kill la Kill sets to be close to SAO's 4 sets there. That estimated $183 price tag for the sets does not even include currency conversion fees, typically 3.9% of the purchase price including shipping, and international shipping costs maybe $8 or so at cheapest. That may make the price over US $200 when all is said and done anyhow.
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Posted 5/31/14 , edited 5/31/14
I cringe at the thought of what the English dub must sound like.
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"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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