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Anime Tier List
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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/30/14
Attack on Titan, in my opinion, suffers from having a basic story recap every episode, poor pacing, and some shortcuts used in the Animation (Static images with voice overs, Extreme close ups etc. which are used to save production time). I still believe it deserves to be in the A tier due to the story and art direction / style.
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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/30/14

Habibiqt wrote:

Le_Dom wrote:

No way I'm gonna fit in everything I've ever watched but I'll take a few (5 per tier)
Top Tier
Steins; gate
Cowboy Bebop

High Tier
Monogatari series
Attack on Titan
Death Note
Gurren Lagann
Log Horizon

Middle Tier
Kill la Kill
Code Geass
Mirai Nikki
Space Dandy

Low Tier
I want to avoid a flame war

Boku no Pico tier

...Boku no Pico

Hmm, I'd like to discuss at least, see why you think most of them belong where you place them. I have Attack on Titan, Gurren Lagann, Mirai Nikki, and Death Note all placed higher than Fate/Zero. As for Cowboy Bebop, that was probably the only really good anime show I haven't finished (started it like 4 years ago but never got passed episode 16, kinda bummed lol). So I think that one definitely does deserve top tier. But yeah, if you could give some rationale behind your reasoning, I'd appreciate that.

EDIT: Why did I ever google Boku no Pico. That was something I really didn't need to see this morning lol.

I will give a small bit of explanation.

First, the top tiers. TL;DR: Those I place in the ''top tier'' categories are animes that I could show to just about anyone, just to show what Anime is capable of as a medium.

Now, high tier...damn I'm writing a lot more than I planned to at first

TL;DR: Very solid shows, but I wouldn't put them on the same level. Definitely worth a watch for most anime fans though

Mid-Tier (almost done...Hang in there Dom). Those I would call good, but far from outstanding. They're very far from being bad, but watching them isn't a priority, at least in my humble opinion. In other words, proceed with caution. I won't go over those ones with much detail.

Low tiers would be shows that I actually hated or simply found very dull and while I can see what people could like about them, I have a hard time finding good things to say.

Boku no Pico tier was a half-joke: animes from this category shouldn't be watch by anyone, ever, including me (I don't watch shows if there's a 98% chance I'll hate them)
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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/30/14
My personal god tier:
Welcome to the NHK
Koi Kaze
Casshern: Sins
The Big O
Ghost in the Shell

Each of these shows offered me something amazing that I haven't really gotten anywhere else, from Baccano's brilliant interwoven stories and perfect setting to NHK's dark yet hilarious character study of a hikikomori to FLCL's zany and intense coolness to GitS' deep science fiction stories to The Big O's absolute mind**** of a story and intriguing setting (etc).

I would gladly argue that all of these shows are some of the best things anime has produced
Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/30/14
Absolute God Tier:

12 Kingdoms.

I don't need to write an essay about this, as the show and the light novels speak for themselves. They contain high fantasy, other worlds, mythology, brilliant world building, intense political intrigue, superb multilayered and complex characters, epic (epic,epic,epic) storyline, the struggles of being a ruler, creating a country from nothing, choice vs. destiny, who you are vs. who you want to be, becoming the person you know you can be, battlefare, mystery, betrayal, adventure...

This is one of the great animes ever. This is one of the greatest book-series ever.

This is the greatest fantasy anime of all time.

You think the main character of this series is unbearable, whiny, weak and annoying? Think she's going to be like Shinji from Evangelion? Miaka from Fushigi Yugi?


Just you wait.

No one does character development like this. No one.
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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/31/14

Le_Dom wrote:

I'm surprised you think that of Mirai Nikki. I really liked the fact that the story was really bold in creating Yuno's character. I've never seen a character like that in any show, anime or not, ever. I personally think it's genius. I get that it could be a little too much for some people to handle, but that doesn't take away from how great of a show it is.
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Posted 5/31/14 , edited 5/31/14

Yet after having read the manga first, I found the anime completely unwatchable. I thought the manga was brilliant though.
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Posted 5/31/14 , edited 5/31/14

Habibiqt wrote:

horobiru wrote:

havin just re-watched fate/zero i think it deserves god tier the animation alone is just amazing
and im thinking kuroko no basket needs to be up here at atleast A+ possibly god tier havin no desire to watch any sports anime personally this still was able to hook me and keep me interested the whole way through

Ya Fate/zero is definitely up there. But I think the distinction between god tier anime and A tier anime is, more than anything, comparison. Would you say that Fate/zero is as good as Mirai Nikki for example? Maybe I need to rewatch it, so you're probably right. I remember loving the show when I watched it.

As for Kuroko's Basketball, I 100% agree. I just started watching 3 or so hours ago, what a great show. The main characters, Kagami and Kuruko, are both drastically different so it really helps the dynamic in the show. Their attitudes accentuate each other's characters, which is helping them both develop together. As for the plot, basic sports plot, but the addition of the Generation of Miracles makes it all the more intriguing. Especially since they don't reveal them all at once. And, thankfully, the episodes don't lag on for too long.

For me personally mirai nikki and fate/zero are hard to compare they just give off 2 totally different vibes of awesomeness
but if i had to choose i think i would put fate/zero above mirai just becuz how unbearable yukiteru is for most of the show
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Posted 5/31/14 , edited 5/31/14
I'd have to agree... IMO god tiers should be able to stand up on it's own. Meaning a non anime fan should be able to enjoy it. Anyway small list from me... since I'm kinda busy and all and TBH I've watched so many I have trouble recalling them.

Madoka Tier
Madoka Magica - MadoMagi is already way too good already with high animation values, perfect soundtrack, great direction, great story and character development. Plus the little side gimmicks like showing Magia on episode 3, using the show's OP as the ending in episode 10, timing the final episode on Good Friday... all these little things add up to give MadoMagi one the most perfectly executed TV run.

God Tier
Gankutsuou - Gonzo's very loose adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo. Very beautiful and unique animation for it's time. Great story(well it is an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo after all) and direction. Pretty good soundtrack too(Kaisho is still one of my favorite background music very intense and dramatic). And the characters... oh the characters... The Count is very well executed here. I simply love Joji Nakata's performance here.

Fate/Zero - While Fate/Zero maybe a part of the Fate franchise it's anime adaptation is capable of standing on it's own. It does a good job explaining to people not in the know what they need to know. With very high animation budget and epic fights accompanied by it's own equally impressive soundtrack this is definitely one of the best action shows that doesn't drag(meaning doesn't need 50+ episodes to tell a goddamn story).

A Tier
Attack on Titan - very high animation budget and epic soundtrack makes for some pretty impressive looking 3D maneuver gear action. The problem with AoT though is the pacing... it doesn't help that the show wastes about 3-5 minutes on recaps on almost every episode plus the fact that it has a full episode spent on recaps... so yeah

Ano Natsu de Matteru - pretty good visual quality plus likeable character and good sountrack makes this romance anime quite good. It's also pretty fast paced as it manages to wrap up in 12 episodes.

Sakurasou Pet na Kanojo - again good visuals here and good soundtrack. This is a drama and a pretty good one at that. It does a good job of making you like the characters and relate to their hardships and the build up to that graduation episode is just so heartbreaking...

El-Hazard: The Magnificent World - pretty good visuals for it's time and ok soundtrack. I liked the story very much especially how the beginning connects at the end.

B Tier
Ben-to - it's a fighting anime about people fighting over half priced bentos. Sounds stupid but it is very entertaining.
Girls Und Panzer - girls competing against each other with tanks... again it sounds stupid but this show is very well executed that you will be entertained despite the ridiculous premise.

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Posted 5/31/14 , edited 5/31/14
A straight Tier list is a poor objective piece if informakotion, unless you are the only one contributing, different Opinions will conflict, Tier lists are given weight by who made then and our opinions of that.

Kill la Kill came out just last year, but has become an instant Gid Tier for me, the statment that you dislike the Art style instantly tells me we have different tastes and tolerances.

Instead the tier list should be divided into Genres.

Ef a Tale of Memories from Shaft and previously a great VN is obe of the best romances ive seen. Unlike the more usual shoujo or Senien titles, it as fewer episodes anf a great ending. Toradora and Clannad are also high tier, while Ranma 1/2 is a C for Romance its a B on Acrtion Shounen and God tier Harem.

Show can belong in different categories at the same time, so you coukd judge AoT for its action instead its romance(ArminXEren ftw)

As far as Magical girl goes, Madoka is nothing special, but its an amazing deconstruction. Cardcaptor Sakura and Princess Tutu are better Magical Girls and are different enough to almost disqualify Madoka on difference in shows alone.

Then you have Mechas and the glory of Mobile suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, beating out the Gundam clones whoch deserve their own tier, and Gurren Lagann and martiab successor Nadesico are quite similar and could be in a mecha parody tier.
Theb you have NGE and its clones.

Miyazaki films need their own tier, and older Anime do too. Fist of the North Star is famously dramatic and a reat watch, but very dated Animation.

What about Jojo and Kaiji? If soneone cant take the more fun art styles, two great shows go unwatched!

And comedy is very very subjective!

Im done ranting, but this is my opinion over spending hours to li add t ever anime theb J idge them on a rank. Too many Chiefs means S tiers are usless as EVERYTHING is S.
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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