Seiken Tsukai no World Break
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Written by Akamitsu Awamura, the series takes place in a private high school involving the concept of "saviors." They are known as people who possess awakened memories of their past lives. The story tells of a young boy named Moroha Haimura who comes to this private school.

At the school, there are two types of people: Saviors, who fight enemies with weapons and techniques gleaned from the Puraana powers from their own bodies, and Kuroma, who wipe out enemies with magic to manipulate the Maana powers that surpass physics. Moroha Haimura is the first person with past lives of both Shirogane and Kuroma.

Other Information

Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: Not available
Producers: None found, add some.
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Duration: Unknown


I read about this on another site regarding the LN, not the manga since it only has the prologue that God-knows-when will be translated for the first volume. Anyways, I kinda like the premise tbh. Contrary to what I originally thought, it's actually a shounen fantasy. It has similarities to Hagure Yuusha that aired about 2 years and unlike Mahou Sensou/Magical Warfare actually explains its mechanics chapter by chapter. Eh, there are some cliche and generic characters but I think this might be worth a try when it airs. I expect 1 cour unless the author decides to publish more volumes in the future.
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Sounds interesting.
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