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PMMM: The Rebellion - Happy or Sad Ending?
Posted 6/2/14 , edited 6/2/14

Irybell wrote:

I saw the Rebellion in a theater and my friend and I were the only ones in there who didn't applaud when it was yeah that was my experience.

Can't speak on Adolescence of Utena as I haven't seen it but I've always liked End of Evangelion.
I suppose, to me anyway, EoE felt more planned out. I understand why people dislike it but it had a direction it was going in and the characters still felt like themselves.

With Rebellion the movie seemed ambling, confused and more geared towards fan service. What I loved the most about the Puella Magi series was that prior to this movie everything tied to together very nicely. It was dark, yes, but never unnecessarily. Every twist was foreshadowed and integrated well into the story. But this wasn't the case in Rebellion, it honestly felt very random to me.

In a way it felt like an unskillful version of Berserk. Berserk builds up to a sort of similar plot twist as the Rebellion but the difference is that it's over the course of about 24 episodes while in the Rebellion a character changed their alignment completely in mere minutes. I just don't buy that. Perhaps if they had spent more time building up that plot twist instead of messing around with that obnoxious Charlotte mascot it could have worked.

I don't dislike what happened per say, I dislike the lack of finesse in which it was handled.

Yup. There are several points in the movie which seem to contradict points made in the series. There was something missing throughout the whole film, as if it lacked an actual foundation, direction and a proper plot. Not to mention it felt extremely OOC in many places, especially the characters. And especially Homura.

And seriously, what is the need for Bebe besides making her a (loli) human for fanservice/pairing up with Mami? She was the most annoying part of the movie for me.

I honestly do dislike the plot a lot, and as I said before, I feel it just utterly ruins how powerful, bittersweet and beautiful the ending of the anime was. It takes that all away to be replaced with two hours of a plodding mess, off-model characterization and stupid ending.

I feel as if the movie was made for cash in an already lucrative franchise.
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