Gol D. Roger theories
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Posted 5/31/14 , edited 5/31/14
I don't think Roger had a DF power, but if he did, I'd say it was the Gomu Gomu no mi, because Shanks never ate or gave it to anyone in his crew (treasuring the power that his Captain once had, maybe?). Perhaps it's the reason why Luffy reminded Shanks so much of Roger (Luffy now has the same power), aside from the apparent stupidity they (Luffy and Roger) both have.

I like the idea that Roger never had a DF though, 'cus I would love to someday see him and Garp duke it out hand to hand in a crazy movie/flashback.

What kind of treasure is the "One Piece?" From what Rayleigh said, it's most likely treasure, but the most important part of the treasure is the knowledge that comes to you when you find it. I think this is because, aside from the treasure that I'm sure is there, it may be a ponyglyph or collection of knowledge regarding the ponyglyphs revealing the last remaining ancient weapon (Pluton, Shirahoshi, ???) and information about the true nature of the World Government. My guess is that the "One Piece" is hidden where the Kingdom that once opposed the World Government used to be. Rayleigh did mention that they already know the secrets surrounding the ponyglyphs (which makes me wonder if Shanks knows as well, and maybe that's why he inspired Luffy, because Luffy carries the name D.) It would also make sense that if such a ponyglyph existed, that the most important one would be locked up somewhere safe in that kingdom.
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