Unreasonable demands?
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Ok here goes, I am probably opening pandora's box but screw it.

1. What are some things people are demanding from CR that you think are unreasonable?

2. If you could tell the CR guys anything regarding this what would it be?

Here are mine.

1. Live Action Drama.

For those of you not from the CR ancient days, way back when CR used to offer live action western movies and shows along with a plethora of other entertainment options. Those all died out because everyone was signing up solely for the Anime, (back then you could register for a specific service). In the end all that was left standing was Anime. And IMO that was a good thing. It allowed CR to double their focus on Anime and really bring a ton of great shows to the western audience who even in this day, find ourselves starved for access to great Anime shows. Live Drama is unreasonable because it takes away from that focus. And every senior member here knows that if Live Drama was split like back then it wouldn't survive long. So please don't cramp our beloved CR guys with requests for something the majority of us don't really care about. If CR releases them because they want to that is great, just stop bugging them about it.

2. Special Versions.

I am not necessarily against it, as long as the special version is something more than just a pixel upgrade, or a bunch of OVA's that mean nothing to the story, Heckling CR for useless content means they have to divide their attention from the actual shows, that is not good for any of us. Example: Good Special Version: FMA Brotherhood, Bad Special Version: One Piece early seasons in HD. Anime is about story and content, the art is wonderful too but if thats the reason your here.... your an art fan not an anime fan.

3. HD! HD! HD!

Honestly this is solely IMO, but I dont freekin care about HD, yes my computer runs HD, it will even do 4K but I DO NOT CARE!, why? because of all the things that look splendid in HD Anime is the least effected by the difference, in fact on some shows its hard to tell any real difference at all. this is because pixel splash cannot effect animated 2D objects, furthermore HD cannot increase the spectrum of view on animated objects. So the only real gain is that pixel boxing (also known as clipping)(the square edges that break up fine lines) is slightly reduced depending on the show and method used to animate it. And frankly I do not care. I would much rather have my 20 episodes of one piece for this week, then have 100 episodes I just finished watching, in HD.

To CR: thank you guys for all that you do, your work is greatly appreciated. Feel free to ignore the minorities and their petty requests, at the end of the day they love Anime and will accept your judgement, specially when they see how they are getting more and better shows because they aren't bogging you down in semantic requests.
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