[Above me]
Posted 6/1/14 , edited 6/1/14
Simple rules, abide to them:

One shall comment any kinds of actions to the person hwoll make a response on the action and oberpower the person commented above.

You can do anything, be marvel's, do magic, gods and goddesses..you name it.



Respond to this:

I will hug you then crush your neck
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Posted 6/1/14 , edited 6/1/14
I will give you a hug back and break your spine before you are able to do anything.

Am I doing this right?
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 6/1/14 , edited 6/2/14
Assuming you are, I will pull out a shard of my spine Kimimaro style and convert the bone cells back into stem cells by reversing the temporal effects applied onto it at an alarming rate, mixing the new cells with a flexible metal alloy to fuse with my body and make me half-mecha. After that, I'll fly into the sky, hold out my arm and shout "Diabolos Cannon!" while charging up for 5 minutes. After it's done, I'll fir'in mah lazah and annihilate the planet along with you, making sure no one can defy me ever again. Then, having achieved the magic god status, I'll recreate the world in my own image to ensure a utopia where there is no crime and everyone is equally oppressed.

...is that how it's done?
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Posted 9/6/14 , edited 9/6/14
Closed because OP nuked.
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