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Who will you choose?
The warriors of Yuell can be broken down into 5 main classes. All classes have their merits and drawbacks, so choose wisely. (Weapon and Stat breakdown can be found in the spoiler tags)

Brawlers are the kind of people you wouldn't want to come up against in a bar fight. Utilising heavy weapons such as Axes, Maces, and 2-Handed Swords, Brawlers are able to overcome most enemies through sheer brute force. Specialised for close-range combat and offence, Brawlers are giants on the battlefield.

Like the Brawler, Knights are close-range fighters. However, instead of using brute force and offensive skills, Knights are more agile and are geared towards defence. Utilising 1-Handed Swords and Shields, Knights can become unmoving mountains and shrug off even the mightiest of blows.

Unlike other classes, Archers prefer to keep a safe distance from any hacking and slashing. An Archers arsenal is comprised of Bows and Crossbows, and a multitude of arrows and bolts. Train hard, and even the swiftest of enemies will be no match for your speeding arrows.

Thieves choose to live in darkness and shadows, living by the mantra "What's yours is mine". Using stealth and cunning, Thieves are able to outmanoeuvre opponents, and often leave shops with lined pockets. Thieves are best equipped with Daggers, but can handle most projectiles such as a Crossbow or Throwing Knives.

Valkyries are the most complex and deadly warriors in Yuell. Their ability to use any weapon with ease makes them unpredictable, and they hold higher agility over Brawlers and Knights. A Valkyries best weapon is a Lance or Spear, which can also be thrown to deal damage at long range.

Tips and Hints

- Think about your class carefully, and remember, none are perfect and each have a weakness.

-Preferred weapons and armour is only a guide line. Due to their high dexterity, Archers can handle daggers to great effect. And a Knights high defence can compensate of the lack of a shield when using 2-handed weapons. Think outside the box.

- Can't decide? Pick a class that would represent you. Do you run into conflicts head on? Maybe you're a Brawler. Or perhaps you like to sit back and watch chaos unfold from a safe distance? Then an Archer is for you.

-Class changes are not allowed, so make sure you're happy with your choice.
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