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Here you will find a list of all the creatures and enemies found throughout Yuell, and it's surrounding nations. This list will be updated to more you explore and discover.

Wild Animals

The Gharti is a large predatory cat found in the Wildwoods to the south of Lumeria. It has a dark, short-haired coat, and is easily recognisable by its oversized canine teeth, which protrude from its mouth. The Ghatri is a cunning, and is considered the apex predator within the Wildwoods, with claws capable of shredding leather armour, and its teeth can puncture hardened steel. It chooses to live and hunt in groups of up to 4 called a 'glaring'. While its teeth are its greatest weapon, they also make great daggers and knives, and are often used to adorn decorative helms and swords, and its silky, dark fur when tanned makes a high quality leather.
Difficulty: Fair
Drop: Ghatri hide [10%], Ghatri fang [20%]
Exp: 5

Generally docile, Guar are medium sized quadrupedal beasts with a soft, leathery hide. Due to their gentle and herd-like nature, they are often herded by farmers living near the boarders of the wildwoods, and can sometimes be seen in herds of 20-30 in the wild. They are herbivores and graze in fields and flatlands near the wildwoods, but can be found all over Lumeria where the land is lush and green. The native people of Lumeria used to use the Guar as a mounted steed in the days before the modern era, and before the introduction of horses into their society.
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Guar Hide [20%]
Exp: 2

Golems are humanoid lifeforms that come in many shapes and sizes, and can be made of most organic materials. At present, there have been recorded sightings of stone, dirt, moss, wood, water, and various metal golems, including steel and iron. They often inhabit caves or castle ruins, but can also be found in abandoned mines or forests such as the Wildwood. Little is known about the golems, with their origins and behavioural patterns being mere speculation. Most golems are consider to be quite thick, and often turn to violence against anyone trespassing in its territory.
Difficulty: Fair
Drop: Dependant on type
Exp: Dependant on type

The Stonebill is a large bird found within the Wildwoods to the south of Lumeria. It's name comes from the sharp, pointed, and unusually strong beak the bird possesses. Most have a light grey and white plumage, with females often being lighter in colour. Not typically hostile, but can turn if provoked
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Stonebill beak [15%], Feather [45%]
Exp: 2

Giant Viper
The Giant Viper is more myth than fact, and its existence is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about this creature, but it is said to live deep in the wildwood, and be large enough to devour men with ease.
Difficulty: Medium
Drop: Unknown
EXP: Unknown

Wyrms are large, insect like creatures that usually dwell underground. They are commonly found around the eastern parts of Lumeria, and often plague the smaller mining towns near the boarder. Wyrms are characterised by their slug like bodies and large, circular mouths. Because they are a species that lives mostly underground, they are almost completely blind.
Difficulty: Medium
Drop: Thick Hide [30%]
EXP: 6

Domesticated Animals

The most common among domesticated and farming animals is the Cow. These docile beasts provide the people with plentiful amounts of meat and milk.
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Hide [40%], Beef [40%]
EXP: 1

Dogs are common throughout Lumeria, and are often used by formers to herd cattle. These loyal creatures also double as guards and warn their owners of anyone trespassing on their property.
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Hide [10%], Tooth [10%]

Imperial Forces

Imperial Scout
First seen at the battle of Arheim, Imperial Scouts are lightly armoured, agile foot soldiers, who are used mainly for their infiltration and sabotage skills.
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Money [15%], Imperial Cloak [4%]
Exp: 3

Imperial Scout Elite
Scout Elites are highly trained saboteurs, and are an effective means of causing damage behind enemy lines. Better trained and better armoured, Scout Elites can be a handful in one on one combat.
Difficulty: Fair
Drop: Money [20%], Imperial Cloak [7%], Imperial Crest [4%]
Exp: 5

Imperial Archer
Like the scouts, the imperial archers are lightly armoured to provide the soldiers with the most agility possible, while still keeping them protected. They can be equipped with either a crossbow or bow, and are specially trained with that weapon, making them deadly at long range.
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Arrows or Bolts [15%], Money [12%], Imperial Bow or Crossbow [6%]
Exp: 3

Imperial Axeman
Unlike the Imperial scouts, Axemen are better armored and carry large war axes into battle. They are generally considered to be the lower class of the imperial army due to their lack of formal training, but make up for this with their pure savagery in battle.
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Imperial Axe [10%], Imperial Medium Armour [5%], Money [15%]
Exp: 4

Imperial Lancer
Lancers are the heavily armored troops and carry a large shield and conical lance. Their lances are made to puncture toughened steel and their shields can withstand an arrow fired at full draw. Unfortunately, lancers have a low agility due to the weight of their armor and weapons.
Difficulty: Fair
Drop: Imperial Crest [5%], Money [15%], Imperial Lance [6%], Imperial Heavy Shield [6%]
Exp: 6

Dungeon Beasts

Slimes are a common occurrence in dungeons and abandoned ruins, and are named so due to their viscous, water based bodies. They start as small slimes, and as they age, they can combine or envelope other slimes to increase their size. Rumors state that every slime colony is host to a king slime, one so large that they rival small houses in size.
Difficulty: Easy
Drop: Slime jelly[20%], Slime Crown [20%] *King Slime only*
Exp: 2-10 *depending on size*

In some of Lumerias darkest corners, where the living fear to tread, the bones of the dead still walk. These skeletons feel no pain or remorse, and deserve no mercy.
Difficulty: Fair
Drop: Bones [30%], Rusted Sword [10%]
Exp: 5

The souls of the dead can sometimes be seen as ghostly apparitions wandering old ruins in Lumeria. The poor souls, doomed to forever wander the world, appear drawn to certain places around the country, and sightings are not uncommon near old ruins and ancient burial sights. While not all appear to be hostile, these ghosts can sometimes turn on unsuspecting wanderers.
Difficulty: Fair
Drop: Void Dust [5%], Ghostly Weapons [1%]
Exp: 5

Like common ghosts, Revenants are the lost spirits of the dead that still wander the mortal plane. Revenants however, have become enraged (possibly due to the knowledge of their passing, or inability to attain something like power or wealth before their death), and as such have harnessed the darkness within their souls, becoming twisted and more powerful than their ghost-like former selves.
Difficulty: Fair-Hard
Drop: Void Dust [10%], Ghostly Weapons [2%], Ghostly Armour [1%]
Exp: 7

Wights are reanimated corpses, brought back to life by magics long lost to the ages. They stalk the old halls of ancient tombs buried deep beneath the earth. They guard their burial site with unrivaled ferocity, and any adventurer foolish enough to wander into their crypts soon won't live long enough to tell the tale.
Difficulty: Hard
Drop: Rusted Sword [10%], Bones [30%], Void Dust [10%]
Exp: 12

*Explore the labyrinth to unlock*
Difficulty: Extreme
Drop: ???
Exp: 37


[The Crimson Paladin]

Commander Avan Crowe, a commander of the Imperial invasion squad, first sighted at Arheim. Know for his blood red armour, he is earned the name, the crimson paladin. His fighting style is primarily offensive, and he makes use of his natural agility to out-maneouver his opponents.

this enemy can be faced again in the hall of the attainment

Difficulty: Hard
Drop: Avan Crowe's Longsword
Exp: 15
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