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Posted 6/1/14 , edited 6/30/14
Here are the general guidelines for the RP.

1. The Mods word is final
If you're asked to do something, or if something has been removed by a Mod, it was for a justified reason. Mods are here to keep things fair and level for everyone, and to keep the peace.

2. Don't take control of other players
When posting, keep in mind that other players may already have planned their next move. If you start controlling them, it not only ruins the experience for that person, but for others as well.

3. No 'God-Mode'ing
Unfortunately, Fights don't happen like they do in television shows. The hero can't dispatch a hoard of foes with a few simple strokes of a blade. Don't expect to make a couple of flashy slices and escape unharmed.

4. No double posting
Let someone else make a post between each of your posts. It's no fun if someone runs an entire battle on their own.

~Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the player being warned. Multiple warnings could result in removal from the group, and possible banning.
~If you have been warned by a moderator, you have the right to defend yourself, and will be given the chance to explain.
~Along with the guidelines listed above, all players must adhere to Crunchyroll's official forum rules.
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