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The land of Yuell is split between two warring superpowers; The Autocratic East Yuellian Empire, and the Southern Liberation Federation, with the small neutral nation of Lumeria in the middle, and is the setting for our story. Little is known about lands outside of Yuell, but it is a commonly held notion that Yuell is but a small part of the world.
Detailed information can be found in the spoiler tags below.

The Empire

The Autocratic East Yuellian Empire, often shortened to 'The Empire', is a handful of nations that were brought together under the single rule of the Sieghart family. Under their rule, the nations began to industrialize, investing heavily in military and production. Their efforts proved fruitful, allowing the empire to briefly take the upper hand in the conflict with the federation, further expanding their lands. To fuel their high demands for equipment and superior weaponry, the empire almost exhausted its natural resources. In an effort to keep up with their current production, the empire turned its sights to the mineral rich lands of Lumeria.

The Federation

The Southern Liberation Federation is an organization consisting of the greater souther half of Yuell. The federations mass almost doubles that of the empire. The federations founding was somewhat in response to the growing influence of the empire in the early stages of the Great War. The federation is ruled by a council of high ranking aristocrats and land owners, along with the rulers of the many nations the federation encompasses. While this council is the political head of the federation, the Auclair bloodline remains the reigning sovereign. Knowledge of the empires dire need of resources reached the federation, who now seeks to ally with the neutral nation of Lumeria and cut off the empire before it has time to strike.


Bordered by both the Federation and the Empire, Lumeria is a small independent nation in the middle of Yuell, and where our story begins. Nestled between the open sea and dense forests, Lumeria is naturally defendable, and has proved to be able to hold off much larger forces on multiple occasions. The lush forests and rolling plains provide the people with plenty of food and lumber, and the mineral rich soil is abundant with iron and precious metals. Ruling the small nation is Victoria Delacroix (Pronounced Del-uh-cwah). The young queen was thrust into power when she was only 19, and has spent the last 4 years learning the skills needed to protect her people. Despite her lack of experience, Victoria is adored by the people and is seen as an icon of Lumeria.


The continent of Yuell has strong religious roots. The people pray to the Nine Divines; a collection of deities, each residing over a different aspect of life. Chief deity, and god of time and logic is Morokai. Wife of Morokai, and often called the mother-god is Ysold, goddess of love and beauty. Vorash resides in the underworld, and despite being called the god of death, he is often depicted as a kind and benevolent god who seeks out and guides lost souls. Dantai is the god of war, and his wife Anris is the goddess of peace and mercy. The god of trade and commerce is Mor'den, who is often depicted as a golden serpent. Enthir and Est'roth are the twin gods of nature. Enthir is god of the seas, and Est'roth is goddess of the lands. The two are often depicted as a fisher and a hunter. Last is Rahgot, the outcast. He is the god of plague, disease, and pestilence, and is the only god of the nine to be considered evil.


Each region of Yuell mints their own currency, and each has different a different worth. Top of the economic scale, with the most valuable currency is the empire and the Kroner. Next is the small nation of Lumeria and their currency, the Ducat. Lastly, and with the weakest economy of the three is the federation and their national currency, the Goldmark (often shortened to 'Mark' or 'Marks').

The federations lack of economic power comes from the poor distribution of wealth, and the fact that the top officials and councilmen are supremely wealthy, while the majority of the populace are considered poor. The empire on the other hand, has focused their national funds on mass production, as well as food and clothing for their soldiers. As a result, most of the countries money is in circulation, rather than being hoarded by a select few.

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