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E3 2014
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Posted 6/13/14 , edited 6/13/14
I loved the halo 5 trailer, it was effectively a halo 2 anniversary trailer which also had the return of the arbiter & the mystery spartan finally gets a name.
Though i think Microsoft have learned that they are losing to sony's ps4.

Surprised we didn't get any new oddworld game/teaser for exodus. Some nice surprise reveals.

Have to be more games before committing to a x1. Just think playstation has won but the only true redeeming factor for xbox is 6 halo games in 1 package. Getting halo ce with anniversary version too, as well as halo 2 original and the hd remake! Plus a hd version of 3 and 4.
Plus a beta for halo 5 over holidays at the end of the year is a bonus with ridley scott's new series too.

I also love destiny, looks like a great game that looks to be a game changer like halo was.
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Posted 6/14/14 , edited 6/15/14
So my reaction to the whole show? I'm happy with what I saw. Everyone knows they have to come out swinging if they are to combat the mobile menace. Not as much Japanese games as I was hoping but maybe that's because Japanese devs are done trying to appeal to the world at large. I think they are waiting for Tokyo Game Show to show their hand.
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Posted 12/22/15 , edited 12/22/15
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no new posts since 2014.
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