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Posted 6/2/14 , edited 6/3/14
I have never encountered an online reader as messy as the one here, and what's really insulting is paying money when it's such a mess. The fact that there are many chapters that have no numbers, and chapters with number have no name, plus the chapter selection drop down menu always starts at chapter one instead of the chapter you're actually currently reading, etc. etc. There's even titles such as Wagatsuma that have incorrect chapter number listings off by 10 whole numbers.

Then as far as Mac related stuff goes, the fact that two finger swipe acts as a page turner instead of scrolling the page up or down is rather inconsistent. There's also no pinch to zoom, and just in general the controls are a mess. There is basically no way to browse easily. Sure, you can just use the arrow keys, but then the scans are so small on screen I have to zoom in so it's not a pixelated mess, and there's no macro for that that I can find, nor is there even an option to view it at various zoom percentages by default.

Are there any macros, or are any planned? Any plans to continue working on and updating the display screen?

I just really don't understand this, I want to be a part of this but it's literally the most cumbersome reader, online or otherwise, for any kind of media, I have ever come across.

Edit: Reading some other threads, I see that the issue has been at least acknowledged, so thanks for that at least
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