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Best and Worst Things about the Crunchyroll Forums

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29 / M / St.Louis
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15
Worst - multiple threads on the same subject, because people feel that if they don't start a new thread their opinion won't be heard.
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Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15
Best-anime/creative corner

Worst-Political or Religious debate.
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15

megahobbit wrote:

It helps me waste time

Im not really like this

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Under the Sea
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15
Love: The forms is a pretty funny place and great with connecting others. Sometimes you learn something new on here.

Hate: There is a LOT of hate and looking down towards those if majority disagree with it (much like youtube) and seeing only one side of an argument rather than seeing both sides.

Other than that it depends where you go and the people you talk to on the site that make it better.
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15
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22 / M / HTX
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15
-Most of the people won't judge your taste in anime unlike MAL. I'm a member of MAL too but I don't post often. It's not that I like MAL or anything. B-...nope I-Idiot! There, I said it like an American.
-The sense of humor many users have.
-The guests passes.
-The Games & Trivia section.
-The Political/Religion threads. Seriously guys, chill. I understand your struggles in life but relax for once once. This suppose to be a carefree community where we discuss our favorite anime. Come on guys /pol/ exists for a reason. I'm not asking people to leave. I'm just asking for moderation.

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25 / M / United States
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15
Best: I get to talk to people with common interest!

Worst: CR points are pointless (haha, pun); There is no easy way to look at posts I have commented in (unless I miss this feature?)
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/28/15
Best- Simulcast animes
Worst- the admins and mods
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28 / M / Cloud 9.
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/28/15
I used to be extremely active on the forums when I first joined, and it was pretty fun. I even got to meet some people from CR in person. But for whatever reason I don't use CR to "hang out" anymore, simply just to watch my anime.

I don't know what the reason is for sure, but my guess is because of how large the CR community has grown over the past few years the forums have become watered down because of that.

I think they need to bring the chatbox back. I also think they need more spiff/flare to their forums (signatures? hello?) badges? something? I mean.. there's a lot they could improve on. CR is very bland when compared to any updated forum.

They also need to work on their groups / notifications / etc. This could be redone and made into something that was actually fun and sociable. The problem with groups on this site is that no one clicks on their groups to go see what's going on. We need a direct feed some how of the updates to our groups we are in or follow (forum posts, events, guestbook entries, etc) if we're not notified that someone's written on our group's guestbook, it could be days, if not months before someone replies and by that time the group has died.

Point being, CR should get a new layout. I'm sure they can afford it. I remember they made drastic changes to the site a few years back extremely frequently, updating the site and improving on it. They stopped for whatever reason and I don't understand why.
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29 / M
Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/28/15
-Large, ever-growing, active community
-Most CR forumites are chill and respectful so it's a less toxic forum than most
-The mods are a little lax but they are very reasonable
-Plenty of unique and quirky users
-Layout of the site is pretty good in general
-Activity slows down considerably during the wee hours of the night but doesn't die completely like in many other forums
-The age range of the forumites is pretty big
-People here are generally good with jokes and aren't very easily offended

-The search function is probably the worst one I've ever used on any forum
-Quick community growth means more trolls and tactless posters than in the past, but this isn't a unique problem to CR
-1MB size limit on the image to be uploaded for use as your avatar can be annoying if you have a lot of HD pics
-No signatures
-The notification system sometimes bugs out....for instance, I've had one permanent notification for an unread inbox message for the past several years even though I've gone through everything in an attempt to get rid of it
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M / Australia
Posted 6/28/15 , edited 6/30/15
Seems pretty decent to me. Especially seeing as many forums are pretty dead these days.
Only thing that i noticed is that there often is little interaction as far as people acually commenting on other peoples comments or quoting them an that.
But i guess i myself often just read the first and last page so i cant really talk^^;
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shujin academy
Posted 6/28/15 , edited 6/29/15
Best things:
Not Tumblr
Less Drama than Tumblr.
Wide range of topics from silly to deep discussion
WTF threads

Worst things:
If you post too many pictures in one go you get whined at.
Opinion threads can spark long, heated, debate. They're a smidgen compared to tumblr drama, though.
The occasionally unfunny little droll troll
WTF threads
Posted 6/30/15 , edited 6/30/15
Best: I love you all
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23 / F / Seoul, South Korea
Posted 12/19/15 , edited 12/19/15
Best Things:

- Stupid Cunts to laugh at.
- Heinous manginas to laugh at.
- Cross posting my gets me pats on the head from red pill men and women.
- Nice layout and interface
- Mods aren't normally feminists and manginas

Worst Things:

- Group system is incoherent, no notifications
- Glitchy, won't tell you, you have a PM when you do, you need 2 PMs for it to read 1 as new.
- Lorreen
- Cunts
- Simps and Maginas
Posted 12/19/15 , edited 12/19/15
^ people like her
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