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Echo sat in the darkened room silently, listening to the muffled sounds of her families voices from throughout the house. She normally sat like this on an everyday basis. Hardly moving, hardly wanting to. The only time she did so was to either go to the bathroom, or go to school. Her long dark pretty hair was beginning to turn dull, her skin no longer having its tan qualities and now looked pale, dark circles had began to form under her eyes, she never did the things girls normally do. Like shave or call their friends. In fact she no longer had any friends. They either moved away or quickly lost interest in her. That made going to school lame. The only thing that still looked like it had a list a hint of life was her eyes. They were big and blue, like the ocean. She used them well too, never taking advantage of them. Echo would often sit at her desk and watch her classmates laugh and sing. Dance and grin, learn and argue. She did this with everyone.

"When was the last time she got out and enjoyed herself?" Echo could hear her mother saying.

"A few months ago, I'm actually beginning to worry about her. She hasn't been acting the same, or even looking the same. Have you noticed?" She heard her father say.

"Yes dear, that's why I asked when was the last time she enjoyed herself." Her mother replied.

"Oh, right. Well, I hope she finds new friends soon. I want to see that same happy smile I once saw on her back when Catelynn and her were still friends." Her father said, his muffled voice becoming a bit clearer. Like he was walking closer to the door.

"Don't we all." Her mother said. There came a knock on Echo's door. And, like always, she didn't say a word. All she did was sit there and wait till they opened it, the light flooding the room.

"Echo," Her father began. "It's about time to get ready for school." He peeked into the door and saw her in her normal pose on her bed. A frown grew on his lips and he stepped all the way in.

"Yes, Father." She said, her voice sounding frail. Like one of those porcelain dolls you buy at a little gift shop.

"Don't be too long hun," Her mother cut in. Standing right behind her father, peeking over his shoulder. "There's hot breakfast on the table for you." When Echo's parents left the room she stood up, her hair falling over her shoulders. Echo moved to her closet and slid the doors open, gazing at the clothes. After a minute or two she pulled out a white summer dress. When she pulled it over her thin body, she tied a turquoise bow around the waist. To make it fit properly. Slipping on some pink shoes she walked out of her room, not even bothering to look into the mirror.

"You look gorgeous!" Her mother said, jumping up from her seat at the table. They all knew it was a lie, being the sight Echo was. She looked dead. But, her mother had to make her feel better some how yeah?

"Thank you." Echo practically whispered out.

"Dear eat your breakfast and then i'll take you to school." Her father said, picking up his already empty plate and bringing it to the sink.

As Echo finished her plate, her mother took it from her. Setting it in the sink, "Have a good day!" She said with a big bright smile, hoping it would brighten up Echo's day just a bit.

"Will do mother. You too." She walked out the door, her father following behind.
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