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Post Reply The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) Contest! Your Fan Art Could be in the Next Volume! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
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F / lala land!
Posted 6/15/14 , edited 6/15/14

Ichirin_Hanano wrote:

Oh man totally wish I can join but I can't read the manga which is a shame but oh well! I wish all of you guys luck!

you can read the first chapter of volume one, they made it available for everyone specifically for this contest.
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M / Brazil
Posted 6/16/14 , edited 6/16/14
Here is my entry =]

I've chosen to draw Diane! I love her, she is soooo cute! She has strong personality and is strong minded. I love the way that she protects her friends and even being a giantess, she understands everyone's feelings. Another thing that I love on Diane is that she knows that everyone can have a good heart.

In fact, I love all the characters hehehehe! =] I intend to draw more fan arts! I had so much fun drawing this one!

Here is my message for Suzuki Nakaba-sensei.

"Hello Nakaba-sensei! I'm having so much fun reading Nanatsu no Taizai! I always get excited when a new chapter is released and get so anxious waiting for the next one! love this manga, its story is so full of energy and loads of plot twists (which is really nice for a manga). Every character is so unique! Each one has its own personality and objectives. I love them all! In addition, I want to become a mangaka too! Write stories and draw draw and draw! I want to touch people's heart and change their lives for good =]

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,"

Larger resolution:

Thank you very much! Hope you like it! I intend to submit more fan arts =]

Best Regards,
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O / Somewhere in the...
Posted 6/16/14 , edited 6/17/14

AzuresShade wrote:

Ichirin_Hanano wrote:

Oh man totally wish I can join but I can't read the manga which is a shame but oh well! I wish all of you guys luck!

you can read the first chapter of volume one, they made it available for everyone specifically for this contest. :)

Oooh! Good to know! I'll keep a note of that.
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23 / M / Wonderland
Posted 6/17/14 , edited 6/18/14
Well here I go!

Here is my entry!
It was suppose to be just King or Ban alone, but when you think about it. You got to have the whole gang in there too.
But yeah, King and Ban were having a fight to see who was the best in a fight. Loser had to give their food to Hawk. So basically in the end King won. So i ended up choosing king, he has a king heart not only to Diane but the rest the group ( even Ban?!?). Is battle style is interesting combing his fairy abilities with his spear and CUSHION PROTECTOR! He is full of surprises and is very funny when he switches to his original form from time to time.

King: Showing off
Diane: Mad at Meliodas flirting with Elizabeth
Meliodas and Elizabeth : YOU KNOW!!!!
Ban and Hawk: Giving his food to the king of leftovers
Gowther: Playing Waldo

NAKABA-SENSEI! i like to thank you for offering this chance for everyone here to try there hardest and show their skills to you and everyone else on the site. Also i really to know how you do Ban's hair. Way to spiky. Cant wait for more updates.

Thanks again! I betting my king pawn to win this.
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The wreckage of s...
Posted 6/18/14 , edited 6/19/14
Here is what I came up with, an emotional encounter between Ban and Elaine.. I figured I would do the image in black and white but ended up coloring it, here are both versions :D.

here is a full res version if you're interested - highres

Technically my favorite character is Ban, but it's in part due to his past so I felt compelled to draw Elaine with a silhouette suggestion of Ban.. He was going to be drawn as a reflection in her eyes but I just couldn't figure out a good composition for doing that so this is what I went with :)

Suzuki-sensei I would like to just outright say this story and setting are incredible. It is rare so many characters get developed to the point that they actually make as much of an impact as the main character. Seven Deadly Sins is an incredible tale that instantly captured my heart, I especially love Ban's background story and all the heartache that followed. Thank you for this wonderful manga and I look forward to the next chapter!
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Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/19/14
Interesting interview with the author in that update, thanks Crunchyroll, you guys are great!

I'll have my entry finished within the next few days.
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21 / M
Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/19/14
My Entry~

Hawk is simply the mightiest pig ever! He is the key source of comedy and humor which is vital in an action packed series like The Seven Deadly Sins. His funny attacks and techniques are hilarious and never ceases to make me laugh. Although he isn't the strongest fighter, he still does everything he can to protect Elizabeth (very admirable!). His relationship with Meliodas is also particularly interesting! Despite the fact that Meliodas appears to frequently treat him harshly, I get the feeling that they share a very strong bond XD

HOWEVER, what intrigues me most about Hawk is that he can be considered to be the most mysterious character! He can talk! His mother can't! We don't know why and how he met Meliodas! He is very fascinating~!!!

Hello Nakaba-sense!

When I found out that you were the creator behind Kongo Bancho, I knew I just had to read The Seven Deadly Sins. And, YES, the series is just amazing! There is no doubt that the combat and battle scenes are the most attractive and astounding aspect of the series. The detail in the art and the movement of character fits so perfectly together. I cannot contain my excitement for a future anime adaption!

It is definitely one of my favourite all time manga series, and the plot based on Arthurian legends is something I have never seen before.

Thank you for being a mangaka XD and thank you for creating the series!

P.S. Don't overwork!!!

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F / lala land!
Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/20/14
It was so hard choosing favorites, I probably would have added everyone to my picture if i thought i could manage it, but after great debate (with my 12 year old) we chose 3.
Our 3rd place choice is Hawk, he might not be a Sin, but he is definitely an integral part of the group. He has spunk and saves the day without thinking about himself which makes him pretty dang awesome!
Our 2nd place choice is Princess Elizabeth. She's the heart of the group. Without her, we think the adventurers would fall into chaos. (especially Meliodas!)
And our 1st place choice is Ban. Ban is so misunderstood and he's a bit of a 'bad boy' character. We absolutely love his tough guy exterior and his emotionally painfully sweet heart.

now I can't help but see how my art turned out and think of what the three of them would say about being chosen.

Hawk: You chose me for 3rd place? But saving the day is just part of my job as the leader of the Knighthood of Scraps Disposal!
Elizabeth: Oh me! You chose me too? I.. I'm so very honored, I'll do my absolute best to prove myself worthy of such praise. *smiles and blushes happily*
Ban: *pushes himself into the center* First! I'm not surprised, you do know quality when you see it. (in a sing song voice)
Elizabeth: Oh my, congratulations Ban! Um... where did you get those new clothes?
Ban: *shrugs* Oh, they were just laying around and I figured someone should put them to good use, meaning me.
Hawk: Ban, what are you doing with Captain's sword?
Ban: what this? *dangles the sword* Well Master, I found it, so now it's MINE.. *looks off stage* right Captain?
***chaos ensues***

This was so much fun.

Dear Suzuki-sensei,
Thank you so much for creating such an epic read. We've enjoyed every moment of the adventure, and look forward to more!

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27 / F / ...somewhere over...
Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/23/14
Well okay, here it goes!

My favorite character would be Ban (beating King for the spot by a fraction) he is really amusing and does crazy unexpected things. He has a lot of heart even though he doesn't show it as often. Honestly he is just such an intriguing character.

Thank you so much for making such a good story! The characters are very different and well rounded, and I am thoroughly enjoying learning about each characters back-story! I am looking forward to finding more about Gowthers character!
Thanks again and I look forward to seeing how the manga progresses!!

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22 / F / Illinois
Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/20/14
^Bigger / Extremely Better Quality Version

My favorite character is King just because he's funny, caring, and such an idiot. His crush for Diane is so cute; I planned to make a fanart of him thinking of her and it was hard to pick a pose because so many different images had him already imagining Diane (I tried my best not to copy poses). At first I really didn't like King just because he seemed like a bad guy attacking Ban, but then when he turned into his fat self I literally was laughing so hard. He's just so cute like omfg!

And this part made me fall in love with him omg my heart is breaking (I have a thing for character's tears??? Maybe I'm an S lol)


Dear Suzuki-Sensei,
I love this series so much, every character has such a unique back story (that we know of so far) and it keeps me interested every chapter. I think Melodias is such a great main character considering he is a total pervert but totally powerful; he makes me laugh every time he's with Diane. I know this isn't a shoujo but all the little hints of love make me smile every time. I can't wait to read more!
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Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/20/14
Here's my entry. QAQ I drew King being lazy and such.

My favorite character would have to be King. I like how stubborn he is, [It kind of reminds me of me haha] but I also like the sweet and caring side of him as well. I really connect to this character because he pretty much tries to hide all of his feelings so he doesn't appear to be weak. And I also think it's interesting to see the sin sloth as someone who can actually serious at moments. Over-all I think he's an interesting character.

Suzuki-sensei please keep up the good work! I'm enjoying this manga and all of the hard work you put into creating it. Both the story and the characters have amazing development. I'm looking forward to learning more about the characters back stories! Also stay healthy and don't over work yourself.

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23 / F
Posted 6/20/14 , edited 6/22/14
Here's my entry! :3
I took the picture from my phone, so the quality is a bit off

My favorite character in the series is King, although it's really hard to choose out of the whole cast! They're all such lovely characters!
The thing I like about King is not only his adorable crush on Diane, but also how caring he is, even if he can't convey it out to others. He's also funny and a lovable idiot The part that got me laughing out loud was when he changed forms into his old self XD

Hello Suzuki-sensei! I love your work on this series and the development of the story! I adore all your characters and the mysteries that you throw at us readers, hehe X3 Thank you for all your hard work and I can't wait to see what the next chapter brings!

There's 2 different color backgrounds for my drawing and I can't decide which to upload, so I'll put both of them on here~
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Posted 6/21/14 , edited 6/21/14

As you can see Meliodas and Elizabeth are my favorites because of there strange relationship
I think there is more to Meliodas a dark and secret past and i cant wait for it to be reveled
Elizabeth is a fun caring and lovable character

Dear Suzuki-sensei

You are one of my favorite mangaka
Your art and story telling are amazing and I truly desire talent like yours
I draw almost everyday as i dream to become a mangaka just like you

p.s You share the N.1 spot with Hiro Mashima
Posted 6/21/14 , edited 6/25/14
From this manga, I don't have one single favorite character but one of my favorite characters is Hawk (or Hork). Who wouldn't love a cute and charming talking pig.Hawk is one of a kind. Hawk is the glue of The Seven Deadly Sins family because his mother leads them to the places they want to go and is somehow always involved in their problems (most of the times he is dragged into them). Hawk is pretty much invincible because he has been able to survive all the fights and still manage to somehow protect Elizabeth. (Like really, he has been able to survive being skewered and burned.) I love Hawk's determination to protect Elizabeth with all his might. I love how he claims to be the strong of the Seven Deadly Sins (which might be true be he is never really severely hurt) and how he losing himself to the illusion that he is the king of leftovers. Overall, I love Hawk's prideful and caring personality and his ear ring. (His ear ring says STAR BOAR. That's so adorable.)

Suzuki-sensei, you are an inspiration to me. I love how to put so much time into each character and how each chracter has developed wonderfully. When I read each chapter, I can see the effort and details you put into each panel. I can see that you put all you can into this manga. Suzuki-sensei, keep on going with this manga series because it is amazing. Love you and your work from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your hard efforts you put into making this manga.

Entry 1

Grey Scale


The story behind my drawing is that Hawk is looking forward for their next adventure and I also wanted to include the Sins and Elizabeth so I drew the Sins' symbols and Elizabeth's earring. This is all hand drawn. (I can't afford those fancy online programs)

Entry 2

Grey Scale

This Hawk being the King of Leftovers.
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22 / F / Disboard world of...
Posted 6/21/14 , edited 6/21/14
Took me a while, but here is my entry:

I would have to say all of them are my favorite, but, the main ones that stand out to me, Meliodas and Hawk, , Meliodas has a great personality, overall great character, his blunt responses, fun side, and his darker side.. all of them are so amazing to me. This character makes me laugh, feel deep, and hope to understand him better. I feel you can't mention Meliodas with out mentioning Hawk! His trusty pet, and friend, keeps Meliodas in check, and helps clean up the bar, Hawk is very big on protecting his friends, and when needed, he will come through, Meliodas and him have a very a unique relationship and wouldn't mess with their bond.

Dear Suzuki Nakaba,
Great work, great manga, I congratulate you on this as I heard it is to become an anime!! I love the characters, the story, and the personalities, overall you do an outstanding job, I started reading this, and didn't want to stop! I thank you for your great work and I have to say, I have not read a manga quite like this before! It is very unique story wise, the characters are all so different, yet they mesh together perfectly, I can't wait to find out more back story for these characters, I am invested in what happens to all of them! I hope you stay healthy and continue to make amazing adventures! I will be looking out for more!

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