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Posted 6/4/14 , edited 6/5/14
First, thank you so much for adding Chromecast support. This is a huge win for me, as I watch a lot of Hulu and Netflix and hated having to go find my xbox controller to watch Crunchyroll. Anyway, on to the bug report.

When I load the Crunchyroll app on my Android, hook it up to my Chromecast, and play a video, everything starts great, but if I touch the volume controls, the app can only apparently go from totally mute to the very lowest volume setting. Pressing up repeatedly doesn't raise the volume past the lowest volume, and pressing down just drops it the one step down to mute.

As far as I can tell, the only way to restore the volume is to restart the Chromecast entirely or switch to another Chromecast app.
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