Sword Art Online Redo
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Posted 6/6/14 , edited 6/7/14
What changes would you make to improve Sword Art Online?
Sword Art Online deserves a well-defined plot.
The Aincrad arc should have lasted 24 episodes and Kirito should have faced Heathcliff on the 100th floor.
The incest in the Alfheim arc should be eliminated; or at least be given more significance.
What changes would you make? Should Sword Art Online actually be redone?
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Posted 6/6/14 , edited 6/7/14
Make a fan version then.
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Posted 6/6/14 , edited 6/7/14
There are too many male characters.
Kirito is not powerful enough.
Needs at least 3 more girls going after Kirito.
Needs way more incest, perhaps add an actual older sister in there.

If we want to make a primal wish fulfillment show here we might as well do it right.

So it turns out that Kayaba is in fact Kirito who traveled back from the future in a time machine he single-handedly created. He designed and programmed SAO all by himself. He trapped himself, fat losers, and hot chicks in the game. Kirito befriends a fat loser in the first episode, but the fat loser was actually only tricking Kirito to try to help him get chicks. However Kirito always saw through the fat loser's ploys and was just trying to help the fat loser out of the goodness of his heart. Kirito fights with the fat loser but he doesn't kill him, instead the fat loser dies of jealousy, literally.

So Kirito goes on fighting fat losers and rescuing damsels in distress. He meets Asuna and they get married, but Kirito keeps getting 'reluctantly' reverse raped by the rest of the hot chicks playing the game. To make it clear, it is not his fault and he is faithful to Asuna the whole time. Kayaba/Future Kirito then proceeds to kidnap Suguha and his newly added older sister character, and forces them to play the game. They all fall in love with Kirito, and Kirito has a foursome with Suguha, his new older sister, and Asuna... 'reluctantly' I might add. Anyway more fighting fat losers until Kirito finally fights his future self. The universe explodes because by the laws of physics Kirito can't lose and must win. However when two Kirito's hit each other, it causes a paradox that makes the universe end.

The end.
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Posted 6/6/14 , edited 6/7/14
Closing this one since you accidentally made two and the other has more responses.

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