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The original characters of OHSHC are open. become your favourite character today!

Tamaki Suoh

With his good looks and princely charm, Tamaki is the titular President and most popular member of the Host Club, with a 70% request rate according to the club's true director, Kyoya. His rose's color is white. He enjoys being referred to as King or Tono, and personally recruited all of the other members, except for Haruhi. Although he persists in declaring that his affection for Haruhi is fatherly, he eventually realizes that he's in love with her.

Kyoya Ootori
Shrewd and calculating

Kyoya is known as the "Shadow King" because he controls it from behind the scenes, Hostcool
allowing Tamaki to serve as its figurehead and top draw. He and Tamaki, while very different in personality, are extremely good friends. He is the "Mommy" of the Host Club while Tamaki is the "Daddy." He is rarely seen with guests, probably because he devotes most of his time to keeping the other boys in line and making sure events run as planned. He is rarely seen with his purple rose. Kyoya handles the club's finances, arranging fundraisers such as selling the guests photos of the other members which he obtains without their knowledge. He claims he never does anything that will not benefit himself in some way but is, in fact, much nicer than he lets on; much of his cool facade comes from his conflicted drive to impress his father.

Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin

They are mostly known as the Hitachiin twins, "Little Devils," or "evil doppelgängers" (the last title only used by Tamaki). Hikaru's rose is pale blue; Kaoru's is orange/coral. When hosting, they demonstrate an excessive brotherly love which borders on the incestuous, but which appeals to a large percentage of their clientele. Sometimes they play the "Which one is Hikaru?" Game, asking the guesser to tell them apart. Said game has only ever been won by Tamaki once (via intuition), but by Haruhi consistently. No one else had ever had Haruhi's keen insight, and her ability to identify them as independent and different people earns their respect and affection. The Host Club members are the first friends the twins have had apart from one another.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka and Takashi Morinozuka



Commonly known as Honey and Mori (respectively), these are the club's two eldest members. Honey is the only Club member smaller than Haruhi and although he is 18, he looks to be about six years old and his rose color is pink. The Morinozuka family has served the Haninozuka family for generations but after the clans were united by marriage, the Hoststoic
master-servant relationship became familial, making Honey and Mori cousins. Despite this, Mori continues to watch out for Honey and is the only one able to control his boisterous personality; they share a relationship much like that of brothers. Honey is the "boy Lolita" of the club, who charms girls by being excessively cute, while Mori is the strong and silent type with the dark blue rose. After they graduate high school in the manga, they visit the club regularly to help entertain.

Haruhi Fujioka

Forced to join the host club after accidentally breaking an expensive vase, Haruhi is the only girl in the club; although when they first meet her, they mistake her for a gay boy. Gradually, each Host realizes (for different reasons) the truth. She reluctantly accepts an invitation to become a Host in order to work off the cost of the vase, continuing to disguise herself as a boy and over time, becoming a welcome and valued member. She is a "natural rookie" and attracts customers with her modesty. Her rose color is deep red. Haruhi even admits that she ejoys the romantic attention from girls. By the end of the manga, she has entertained over 200 guests. The six hosts love her dearly, in their various ways, and are shown to be extremely protective of her; she in turn grows deeply attached to each of them. Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, and possibly Mori and Kyoya each develop romantic feelings for her. In the anime, the romance is not explored, though in the manga it is revealed that Tamaki and she eventually marry.
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