Poop a 3 course meal since it doesnt belong on the general forums
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Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/31/08
If you could poop out a 3 course meal and it come out sanitary, edible etc etc.
Assume you crap it out the way somehow that its intact and fresh.
For kicks and giggles it comes out in plate as well.

What would you pick?

Main course

"ewwww i would never" then stfu and go to another topic.

Ca vier and crackers with some es cargo on the side.
Fresh Spanish made Mole' with nothing but fresh ingredients. (no not mole as in the rat)
Cheesecake or something like that.
Freshly made lemonade or some expensive ass champagne.

If you minimods want the thread to die, why the hell are you replying to it in the first place? Thanks for the bump. Report a thread that doesn't violate terms and policy. There's been more mindless bullshit on these forums before anyways, if people didn't like it they wouldn't reply to it, except for the people saying "LOL I REPOARTED JOO!?!?!? I AM SO KUL"
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Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
Point of this? None.

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