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Anime Girls (And Guys). In Real Life.
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Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14

Thfelese wrote:

BladexDiebuster wrote:

Thfelese wrote:

qualeshia3 wrote:


What about actors? They can mimic personalty good.

i loled so hard at the chun-li cosplay i almost fell of my chair and nearly bumped my head into the next table xD.

I actually thought that's adorably cute.

well everyone has there own opinion but if he were up against other really good cosplayers in chun-li outfit he wouldnt make first prize
more for the funniest cosplay maybe. I find it not so good when a male with overweight dresses up to try to look like female character as adorable as chun-li is. It looks more like he is treating chun-li with no respect.
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Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
If I knew a girl that was basically an anime archetype... I shouldn't be responsible for what happens that day.
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Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14

RplusV wrote:

Darkraivids wrote:

I think that would be a bonus to me dating someone; not an incentive.

ditto, as long as it didn't completely consume their personality. but maybe somewhere close to 75% that to much?

Too much? Well, it all depends on what you're looking for in a partner. For example, when I went to an anime convention, the fact that every girl there that cosplayed liked anime and mostly had good taste made it more of an incentive in that situation. I didn't really talk to any of them but I'm sure I could've made a friend or two if I was a bit more open. For me, I'd say maybe I'd like 25%-50% of their character to be influenced by anime, and the rest by their own personality. Another thing... I don't really like it when people say Japanese words in regular conversations of another language. It's cool sometimes, but all of the time, it can get annoying.
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Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14

AzazelOfNexium wrote:

meh. 2D characteristics should stay 2D. I think girls from anime would be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to easy to take advantage of in real life :P.

Depends on what anime we're talking about!

FlyinDumpling wrote:

The thing is, if you are dating a person because they act like an anime character you are not dating a person, you are dating an archetype.

Indeed, that's exactly what I meant. A person so devoid of anything singularly unique that a general idea of personality types or anime archetypes relates directly to how he or she (though the people I'm referring that I knew are "shes") that you can basically be like the protagonist of TWGOK. Or a marketer or political polster / media consultant. It's a bit frightening considering how the people shaping our society basically pretend they are the dude from that series.

lorreen wrote:

It occurs to me that there are a heck of a lot of anime gals of varying types who think nothing of assaulting guys for the slightest of offenses.

That's a lot of girls I'd stay away from in real life if I were a guy, no matter how darned cute or otherwise appealing to my fetishes they were!

Oh yes! Or that we'd prefer to have stayed away from if we knew they really were gonna be like that. I mean, no one would really like to think that there can be someone who can be like Asuka from EVA or anyone else violent and yet "loving", but they're out there.

BlueOni wrote:

Let's consider your most thoroughly detailed character description: a tsundere meganekko imouto yandere.

Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with discovering that a girl I consider to be a little sister to dote upon has been stalking me, threatening/attacking/murdering anyone who she thinks has "gotten too close to oneechan", and who responds to my doting with disgust and anger while secretly enjoying it. I wouldn't be especially happy to have a little sister figure who needs to be heavily medicated or institutionalized for the rest of her life to avoid being a danger to herself and others. If she were institutionalized I'd feel a mental illness/disorder had cheated her and her victims (if any) out of their lives. If she were free (but receiving treatment) I'd be worried that she'd forget/stop taking her medications, that she'd get hurt (or hurt someone else), that she might progressively get worse and ultimately have to be institutionalized anyway, it'd be terrible to see a little sister figure in constant peril.

I understand the merits of novelty, the value of fantasy. But that particular fantasy is one which is by its very nature intensely painful, and so it's one I imagine very few would be sincerely pleased to discover had become a reality.

Yeah, that's one of the things I was thinking of. Like the fantasy can be appealing, but how would these characters be like in real life? A thoughtful response like that can really be fuel for wondering what it is about those fantasies that can be appealing to those who find them appealing, which itself is a pretty interesting topic.

GreatLordBalzak wrote:

At first I thought there is no way this could ever be a real thing.... then I actually considered it...

I have been in such situations before... (sadly? idk)

I have even had the oddly specific event of having my older twin sisters (who are not blood related to me) ambush me with a kiss each cheek randomly (that was awkward as hell)

And even thinking on my own personality I would say I fit the archetype of kuudere... it all comes down to the fact that while these archetypes are catered to certain groups it is merely an exaggerated depiction of reality or that at least it was initially based upon reality.

Whether or not I would be attracted to the same traits or not in reality though... I'm not sure, I need more data lol

Same here! (On the data thing). Not sure if I was the only one who has met someone or been involved with someone and thought, "Did I just activate the wrong route??!"

qualeshia3 wrote:

To meet an anime character in real life is to meet a professional cosplayer.

Or some of my exes....

CoffeeGodEddy wrote:

I'll tame the beast inside of Yuno Gasai

That'd be so hawt, but then I remember in the anime she's like, a high schooler, so it'd be a no-go in the real world.

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