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A Day in the Life of YOU!

Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14

Sogno- wrote:

detailed? lol sorry don't wanna bore you guys

-looking through thread- why am i even reading this? -.-
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25 / M / Between Goku's st...
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
I wake up at 6, have breakfast, brush my teeth, then I go to uni. I have only one class in the morning from 7:15 to 8:45, after that I have to go to the office and do whatever I'm requested by the lawyers until 12:30. I go home for lunch (it takes me 25 minutes to get home) but I don't really have much time to eat and rest 'cause I gotta go to uni at 1:35 and I have classes from 1:55 to 3:25, then I just hang out with people until my next class starts, which is at 5:05 until 6:35... my whole day is ruined since I'm working at that firm 'cause they fuckin' exploit me with the billable hours I have to do.

On weekends I try to go out but actually I don't even like to party anymore, I don't smoke weed anymore (it's been a month!) so It's been a long while since I don't hang out with my stoner friends. I go cycling at night whenever I can.

Anyways, I'd like to have new friends that aren't into alcohol or drugs. I don't mind occasional drug use but I realized that most of my friends that are into drugs (like daily use) are complete idiots... Damn, I'd rather have friends that are into anime, we could spend a whole weekend marathoning the shit out of good anime.

And oh yeah, I brush my teeth 3 times a day.
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21 / F / US
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
Get up. Eat bagel. Computer all day. Sleep.

It's amazing.
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23 / M / The Void
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
It's summer for me right now (no school at the moment), so I generally wake up sometime between 3PM and 6PM, go eat something, participate in some hobby (video games, anime, manga, light novels, or novels), do this until around 3AM-6AM, then go back to bed.

During school, I wake up at 1AM, deal with any homework I feel like doing (I normally don't even bother, I'm smart enough to get the grades I need without really even acknowledging school exists, as long as I get my credits I'm happy), participate in some hobby (just like above) until I go to school, continue where I left off in that hobby once I get home until I go to bed.
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25 / M / New Jersey
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
On a normal monday id wake up around 6:45, sit their for like 10 minutes because i don't want to get up. After i muster the strength to get up ill take a quick shower, grab a bowl of cereal and get ready for class. Continue this process throughout the week when i have class. After that though i cant say it would depend on what i felt like doing that day. I might just stay home playing video games and watching anime, or i might go out with friends and hang out. Either way Monday mornings suck.
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24 / M / DE
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
Ah, a summer session Monday. I will organize this like I'm writing code.

Usually plays out as the following:

Mandatory {
-Wake up at 7:00am
-Sustenance Consumption.
-Calculus for 3 hours.
-6 hour fixing people's messed up laptops and computers.
-Sustenance Consumption.

Compulsory {
-Shamisen Practice
-x60-80 Pushups (total)
-2min bicycle crunches

randomNumber = 1-5
//The remainder of the day is occupied by one of the following.
Random number switch {
1. Paint wargame miniatures
2. PC Gaming
3. Code something random
4. 3D model something random
5. CR

Mondays for me outside of the semesters are much more interesting. When not in session, the following are added to the random number selection:
-Trap Shooting

The following are not actively being pursued due to money and/or time constraints:
-Miniature scenery

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33 / M / Central KY.
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
I just wanna say, WOW! I NEVER thought that this Thread would get as many Responses as it has...Thank You all so very much for participating! And many of You DEFINITELY heard Me right, when it comes to details! Some of this Posts are so very intricate, it's amazing!

Anyhow, don't let Me disrupt anything...I just wanted to stop in and personally Thank all of You for engaging in this Thread that came from the depths of My "Gray matter" somewhere! Carry on, My Friends!
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34 / F / US
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
4:50am: Wake up, look at clock, try to go back to sleep.
5:25am: Alarm goes off. Stretch.
5:45am: Made way to bathroom, got dressed, and got water.
6:10am: Yelling at myself for taking too long to get ready. Find food to quickly make for breakfast.
6:40am: Leave to drive to work.
6:56am: Arrive at work.
7:00am-9:00am: Customer service hell
9:00am: Eat.
9:00am-11:15am: Customer service hell
11:15am: Reminds self "Need to make food or I will get dizzy."
11:30am: Gets very dizzy and quickly eats to feel better (I don't have diabetes or hypoglycemia, my food just empties out of my stomach too fast and though my blood sugars stay normal, I still get the feeling of hypoglycemia...It is hell on Earth.)
11:30am-2:00pm: Customer service hell
2:00pm: Eat.
2:00pm-3:25pm: Customer service hell
3:25pm: Leave work in a joyous state.
3:45pm: Arrive home
3:45pm-5:00pm: Get lost on internet.
5:00pm: Eat
5:00pm-7:00pm: Get lost on internet and wait for boyfriend to get done with work.
7:00pm: Boyfriend done with work. Talk randomly.
7:15pm-8:00pm: Watch Netflix or get lost on internet
8:00pm: Eat
8:00pm-9:00pm: Watch Netflix or get lost on internet
9:00pm: Shower
9:15pm-?: Sleep, or not.
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26 / F
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
Some of these are from specific days, but for the most part this is how it goes:

And then I fall asleep around like 1:00am.

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Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/13/14
So monday. It used to be go to classes at 11 am or 12 pm, but I decided to take a summer break. Not really in a rush to get out of college.

now it is wake up around 10 am, make my bed, make some coffee. Pay a respectable amount of attention to my babies (my cats) and laze around until I have to go to work, which is usually around 3 pm. Then it depends when I get off. I took more hours because I have nothing to do. So it could be between 7-10 pm. I hate irregular work hours, but at least I have cash raking in. Then I get home, feed my roommates dog because he works late hours, and pay even more attention to my babies because I get an endless nag of "meows" as soon as I walk through the door.
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21 / F / USA
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/13/14
If you were me this is how it would go: wake up at 6 when the alarm rings, turn off the alarm and unsuccessfully try to go back to sleep. This won't work, but you will stubbornly stay in bed for 20 more minutes until you actually fall asleep again, then wake up at the 6:40 alarm to angrily get ready. It takes you only 15 minutes to get ready really, your school has a uniform and it's already clean. You stuff your purse with granola bars and chip bags, put on a hoodie, grab your buscard and are out of the house at 7:15. Wait at the bus stop, take the first bus that comes all the way to school. At school: do work, talk to friends, spend lunch in library reading/doing homework or in the office helping someone, eat your granola bars throughout the day. Leave school when bell rings, eat a huge lunch/dinner at 4 when you get home. Spend the rest of your time on crunchyroll or tumblr or some other website. Start homework at 10, don't finish it all and at midnight decide to just do the rest at school during lunch. Go to sleep. Repeat.
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/13/14
11:30 AM: Wake up.
11:40 AM: Shower
12:20 PM: Eat "Breakfast." Also, COFFEE INDULGENCE TIME <3
12:40 PM to 3:00 PM: Play video games
3:00 PM: Eat Lunch, but still playing video games
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM: More video games
6:30 PM: Play tennis. I'm allergic to the sun, screw playing tennis in the morning or afternoon.
7:30 PM: Watch an episode of whatever (House M.D, Scandal, Gossip Girl, Royal Pains, etc...), on Netflix.
8:30 PM: to 9:30 PM: Exercise time! I know it's better to exercise in the morning but let's be real.
9:30 PM to 4:30 AM: Play more video games, possibly watch a movie, or shows on Netflix, or watch anime on crunchyroll. I also sometimes hang out in the forums here during this time.

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M / Cocytus
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/13/14
I prefer TL;DR so ill just post as is.

Wake Up

Get ready; toss on uniform

Head on down to the flightline

Work on A-10 Warthogs

Have lunch

Continue working on A-10s

Go home

Eat Dinner

Play games/watch anime


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35 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/13/14
1pm wake up.
1;15 load CR. watch anime.

7:30 sun set. eat. watch more anime

10:00 pm eat again. more anime

1am, watch anime quietly.

7am sunrise, still watching anime.

2 pm, sleep.

4pm wake up, eat, more anime.

10pm take pill, watch anime.

11:00 take show, fall asleep in shower.

midnight, go to bed.

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28 / M / Mobile, Alabama
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/13/14
Okay, its Monday. I have to be at work at six. So I wake up at four, get washed up quickly, and watch three episodes of whatever anime I'm watching at the moment. If I time everything just right I can make myself three eggs and toast before going in. If I think it's iffy I'll wake up and three-thirty. At five-thirty I leave for work. Once there I put the stock truck up and basically do whatever I need to to go home on time at two pm. The life of a crew leader at a fast food restaurant is anything but routine. Sometimes I leave on time and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'm stuck at work until four or five.

When I'm home I get a shower, get something to eat, and commence my television time. Oftentimes it's more anime, sometimes a Korean movie, but every now and then I'll pop in a film in English. If I feel up to it I'll knock them all out.

If I have the energy I'll try to blog about what I've watched. If not, then I do it the next day.

Then I go to bed, pick up my Kindle, and do some reading. Novels, manga, or whatever. If it's good I'll stay up past twelve reading. If it isn't holding my interest as much I'll do some Facebooking or doushinji reading.

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