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A Day in the Life of YOU!
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19 / M / North America
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
6:00 AM- Get up.
6:05 AM- Take shower.
6:10 AM- Take morning medicine and drink Red Bull.
6:15 AM- Get ready for school.
6:30 AM- Play games off of Steam or Origin.
7:25 AM- Walk to school.
7:45 AM- Go threw morning classes.
12:30 PM- Lunch break.
1:00 PM- Afternoon classes.
4:00 PM- Band practice.
5:00 PM- Walk home.
5:35 PM- Get home.
5:45 PM- Start making dinner.
6:00 PM- Eat dinner.
6:30 PM- Go to my computer to play games.
8:30 PM- Start taking evening medicine.
8:45 PM- Brush my teeth.
9:00 PM- Wait in bed until everyone is asleep.
10:00 PM- Get on computer.
10:05 PM- Start watching anime.
12:00 AM- Check for news on Steam/Origin/Crunchyroll.
12:05 AM- Go back to anime.
2:30 AM- Start playing some games. (Usually MMORPG's this time of morning.)
5:00 AM- Go to sleep.

EDIT: Just so you know I have insomnia that is why I get so little sleep.
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
Okay I can't do it by time increments as they vary. This is my summer schedule too, but once college starts or I get a job it will probably change drastically.
Get up.
Have devotions and prayer.
Check my email.
Use restroom.
Have breakfast.
Throw on a pair of old clothes and walk around my neighborhood for an hour listening to Jpop.
Come home.
Check my email
Watch anime or surf CR forums or watch YouTube or read manga or write.
Have lunch while watching anime or surfing CR forums or watching YouTube
check email
Continue to watch anime or surf CR forums or watch YouTube or read manga or write.
Get a bottle of Water/soda and go back to watching anime or surfing CR forums or watching YouTube or read manga or write
Get the mail.
Do the dishes
Go back to watching anime or surfing CR forums or watching YouTube or read manga or write
Have dinner( may go out to eat sometimes) while watching anime or surfing CR forums or watching Youtube
Kill more time watching anime or surfing CR forums or watching YouTube or read manga or write.
Check email.
Go to bed.
This has been my schedule for the past couple days during the week. Weekends and Friday nights I usually do more, but OP said pretend it's Monday. I also am trying to get a job, but I never get a call back(even when I show interest)
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26 / M
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
7:00-8:00 AM - Wake up
8:00 - 8:55 AM - Pump myself full of caffeine until I am actually awake and take care of basic morning hygeine
8:55 -10:00 AM - Conference Call
10:00 - 10:15 AM - Filling out Conference Call report
(Depending on how much work I have the current week and if I need to use Monday for work.)
10:15 - 10:30 AM - Drive to work
10:30 - 12:00 PM - Work at first store
12:00 - 12:15 PM - Drive to second store
12:15 - 1-2:00 PM - Work at second store
2:00 - 2:10 PM - Drive home
2:10 - 2:30 PM - Send in work reports
2:30 - 3:30 PM Chow down and refill on caffeine
3:30 - Sleep time - Whatever catches my fancy. Usually reading, watching anime, or playing whatever game I am wrapped up in on Steam.
(If I don't have to use Monday for work then I use it as a free day and spend my whole day as a bum.)

My Mondays are usually quite boring, but they are my days to sit back and relax.
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F / Somehere.
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
wake up between 5am and 6am
change diaper
play with baby
feed baby
check if diaper is full
change diaper
play with baby
change diaper
change diaper
get peed on
put baby to sleep
eat (sometimes)
change diaper
feed baby
eat (if i can)
play with baby
change diaper
change diaper
change diaper
put baby to sleep
watch anime or play games if baby is asleep
change diaper
put baby again in his crib
crosses fingers to be able to rest a tad

Fun stuff huh?

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29 / F / SC
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14

Jsybird2532 wrote:


1. Get up and clean up
2. Attempt to apply for jobs, get dismayed when no one ever calls back
3. Kill time
4. Rinse in the shower and repeat tomorrow.

i understand the feeling well after a while i just gave up on even applying and worked random odd jobs lol. it's so disheartening to apply and never hear back :/

only reason i got my part-time job now is cuz i volunteered at the place. soo... can always try volunteering ^^
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24 / M
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
'~' denotes approximation
'*' denotes daily occurrence
'・' denotes shift-able (can be moved to earlier or later in the day)

I hate Mondays.
07:00 - Hygiene and 14k*
~08:00 - Breakfast and shower*
~08:30 - Self-practice*・
~10:00 - Free time (mainly reading and/or translation work)*
~12:30 - Lunch and more free time*・
13:00-13:15 - Packing and transport to work
13:30-16:00 - Weekly orchestral practice
~16:30 - Free time (spent mainly on studying, gaming, anime)
~19:00 to end of day - Supper and more free time*
21:00 - Bed, unless I feel like staying up*・

Every other day is just about the same, where my work/free hours on Monday are shifted around for school. Some weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), my work hours are shifted to the near end of day for performance.

That's pretty much it until I graduate and move back to Kyouto... (╥﹏╥,)
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
Monday is my day off so I don't really have a decided routine.
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24 / M / Prescott, AZ
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
1.) Wake up
2.) Do a minimum of 60 push ups in a minute followed by 70 sit ups in a minute followed by a rigorous 1 hour work out at 6 am to 7 am for ROTC
3.) Prep myself for the day after some training
4.) Go to my engineering courses to prep for becoming an Aerospace Engineer
5.) Eat some food and chug around a liter of water to stay hydrated out here in the desert
6.) Go to combat training in ROTC
7.) Do extra-curricular heavy duty training in Arnold Air Society
8.) Watch some anime or read some manga.
9.) Go back to sleep to start over again.
The only time it's not like this is during the summer before college starts back up.
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23 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
Wake up at 5:00 go to work untill 19:30, watch anime and sleep.
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22 / California
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
Get up at noon.
Take my pills.
Shower if needed.
Eat some food.
Goof of the computer.
Do chores.
Eat or make dinner.
Stay up till 3 AM.
(If I have work I normally go get dressed and do my makeup.
Then get home late.
Eat or make dinner.
And stay up till 3 AM.)
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18 / F / Connecticut
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
I'm pretty lazy so...
Sleep in until 11 in the morning.
Go on my computer for most of the day, and take breaks to eat more.
Suddenly decide that I need to stretch/exercise.
Watch TV.
More computer.
Practice piano (for about 5 minutes )
Lay in bed since it's nightime.
Read until 2 in the morning,
Struggle to fall asleep.
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24 / F / Sweden
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
I wake up at different times every day because I'm currently unemployed as I'm moving to my boyfriends place, which means... I can do pretty much anything I want to do during the day.

When I wake up I snooze another 20 minutes. Check social media on my phone such as facebook... and just wake up really slowly. Put on some clothes, (I'm realllyy not a morning person)...
I go to the other house (I live in two houses, we store the food in the other house instead because the fridge is bigger, shower there too).
So I basically shower when I arrive, then make a cup of coffee and what ever I feel like eating for breakfast. Today I had omelette du fromage.

After that I fix dishes if I didn't do them yesterday / the ones I had that day after breakfast. I refill the animals foods, I currently have one cat moma and 3 kittens + one puppy. Then a new routine is to cuddle the kittens... because they're still sooo tinyy and cute! ~

After that I make another cup of coffee (Hey! don't give me that look... it's like fuel for cars... I need it! )
Go back to the other house, and sadly... it almost ends here. I sit at my computer. Almost all day if I don't have any plans with friends or such.

If I follow an anime, I tend to watch it. I run some groups on FB so I update them and moderate a bit.
Chat for sometime, and then I hop on what ever game I play. This week I picked up league of legends, I'm still very new so it's exciting.

The reason why my day seems rather boring is because I'm still not fully moved in to this place because I'm looking for a job before I continue my studies, but I actually like it this way! I still have plenty of things at "home", such as my drawing tablet, my piano... etc. All my interests are left over there~

Lately I've been spending a huge amount on Draw Something because I miss drawing so much, I don't even have a sketch block over here... but hey.. at least I have a computer to play games on :')

(I forgot to include that a big part of my every day routine includes ridiculous amounts of blasting k-pop when I'm alone and singing along, or any song I want to sing for that moment... I sing really loud when I'm alone)

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23 / M / Florida
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
Each day is really different in my life. The only thing that never changes is my Anime Time (11:00 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.)
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27 / F / Canada
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
My life is way too basic to describe it XD (does anybody actually read what everyone else wrote? lol)
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F / The Far Shore
Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
on summer break!

12 PM - ? PM wake up and immediately turn on my laptop to watch youtube videos and catch up with social media
12:30 PM fix myself some food. take my meds. play with my cats and goof around
1:00 PM shower and get ready with hair and makeup and all
2:00 PM message friends on skype (if i hang out with them there isn't rly much of a routine so i'll leave that out), browse tumblr and youtube, catch up on anime, play video games
4:00 PM go to the store to pick up groceries for my mom
4:30 PM help with supper then eat supper
6:00 PM wash clothes and tidy up my room
7:00 PM fall asleep until around 9pm (i have a lot of sleeping troubles so i take what rest i can get lol) or sit around and watch movies
1:00 AM struggle to sleep, message friends, eat, go out for a walk, toss and turn
4:00 AM - ? AM finally fall asleep

on school days!

7:30 AM wake up and get ready
8:35 AM walk to school, get coffee at the gas station on my way there
8:45 AM arrive to first class
12:15 PM lunch break, go uptown with my friends to eat
1:15 PM afternoon classes
3:25 PM end of classes, hang out with my friends until they get on the bus
3:35 PM walk home
3:45 PM get home, change into pajamas, make food, do chores, eat supper
5:45 PM sit on the computer, catch up with my shows and other interests
8:00 PM struggle with my homework
10:00 PM give up and play some video games
11:00 PM snack
12:00 AM hop into bed and struggle to sleep for hours
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