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Posted 6/13/14 , edited 6/13/14
Recently, the "Bravest Warriors" game, "Fly Catbug Fly" received a number of updates which included the holy grail of modern gaming, free DLC! Now you can dress up Catbug in gold paint, ironic mustaches, and warp drive hoverpants with anti-unicorn stripper defense lasers. Along with these crucial additions to the future wardrobe, Catbug now has a bit of extra help in his journey through different color palettes in the form of the Emotion Lord and Plum, the grey-skinned were kraken with pig hands.

The emotion lord is an accurate port from the show in that his powers are seemingly useless, and have fuck all to do with anything. I'm really disappointed with Plum's power in this game though. All she does is form an indestructible barrier around Catbug that allows him to fly through objects without suffering from several major concussions along the way. It's pleasantly over powered like Chris's bee swarm, but there's nothing flashy about it. There will be no summoning a legion of loyal robot guardians or turning into a tentacle monster. She just blows a bubble that provides its occupants with diplomatic immunity from the laws of physics.

Disappointments aside, the new additions are fun little gimmicks that fail to motivate me enough to chase after some high score like a dog chasing a ham sandwich suspended over its face by a fishing pole, and unless you've severed all ties to the internet, this update will find you. This is good news for anyone who took "1984" seriously. It just might be harder for them to convince the world big bother is evil when he pokes his kitty face into everyone's business.
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