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Posted 6/13/14 , edited 6/13/14
by SlayerNatsu

If you’re looking for a great “slice of life” genre anime, then The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior is perfect for you. This show features vivid illustration with complex (pun intended) and likeable characters. That has a firm grasp of what makes an anime enjoyable without over-the-top action.

This anime focuses on the main character, Usa, who has just moved into a complex and finds that he has some interesting roommates. He comes to find he is living in the same complex as the girl he has a crush on and a pervert, both of which he met earlier in the day, not to mention a few other quirky characters. Upon meeting this girl, Usa is convinced that he would be able to live happily with a girl like her and is immediately taken with her. She does not seem to share the same sentiment, but he is eager to convince her otherwise. The stone-faced girl seems to warm up to his creepy, but endearing endeavors to woo her over the course of this series.

All of the characters are a little off-putting and flawed, but definitely likeable and surprisingly endearing. These are characters that you are sure to connect to and get attached to. There are quite a few laughs to be had with this list of unique characters as we learn their individual backgrounds. Upon arriving at the complex, Usa learns that his roommate is Shirosaki. Shirosaki is a pervert that he caught peering into the grade school earlier in the day. Although his character is extremely disconcerting, he seems eager to befriend Usa and comes off as surprisingly harmless. He seems to be more of a danger to himself than to those around him. Another of the roommates is Mayumi, the beautiful but drunk hopeless romantic. Mayumi’s greatest talent seems to be drowning her sorrows with cheap alcohol and trying to get Usa to console and pity her. Again, her character would be incredibly alarming in real life, but is adorable and quirky in this anime.

The artwork is particularly striking. It could easily be compared to that of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day through the use of serene and realistic scenes. It is clear that a lot of effort and talent were put into this facet of this anime. The opening theme is "Itsuka no, Iku Tsuka no Kimi to no Sekai" sung by Fhana fits perfectly with this type of anime.The ending theme is "My Sweet Shelter" by Kana Hanazawa, Rina Satou, & Hisako Kanemoto is justifiably upbeat and perky.The Kawai Complex’s unique comedy, in depth characterization, and vivid visuals will certainly win you over. Thankfully, Crunchyroll has this available for simulcast every Saturday, make sure to watch!

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I follow this since 1 month and i agree with you, i love.
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Glad to hear you liked it, Alexy
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I just finally finished watching Maison Ikkoku and I can't believe I just noticed how similar the series are (which is a good thing). Both take place at a boarding house/complex. You've got the perverted roommate, the drunkard older woman, the seemingly risque girl with a lovable mean streak, the Tsundere ( type B ) main heroine, a somewhat dope of a main character that tries hard and knows how he feels about the heroine, although has troubles saying it.

The biggest difference between the two however would be that Maison Ikkoku has a love triangle (kind of, you'll notice early on it's obvious who the main heroine wants to be with) and handles itself much more maturely than The Kawai complex since the all of the main characters are at college age all the way up to their late 20's over the course of the series. The Kawai Complex is definitely a breather series that helps you relax while Maison Ikkoku will make you want to keep burning the midnight oil watching it.

I loved both series and I like how The Kawai Complex is more of the relaxing, slice of life, high school and mostly drama free setting whereas Maison is much much more dramatic, coming of age, emotional, mature and a longer spanned series (96 episodes that present a story timeline of 6 years).

I love both series a lot with Maison Ikkoku easily becoming one of my favorite romance shows that I've ever seen so if you haven't seen it and you like The Kawai Complex, look it up. It came out from 1986-1988 so you won't find it on Crunchyroll or Funimation and I'm pretty sure its unlicensed now. Just be prepared for the cell animation style, although it is one of the better cell animation anime's that I've seen in quite some time.

Sort of went off on a tangent there but I definitely agree with your review as well which actually helped me finally connect the dots between this show and Maison Ikkoku haha
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