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Posted 6/13/14 , edited 6/13/14
by CrayMeganeChan

Drum and Gao in the Opening

As someone who doesn't really watch this type of show, I wasn't sure what to expect from the series Future Card Buddyfight. Just the title alone wouldn't have caught my attention, but after reading the description of what this anime was going to be about, it reminded me of the concept of Bakugan: characters using specialized cards to summon monster-like creatures to the human world to do game-like battles against one another. Having at least seen episodes of Bakugan when it aired on Cartoon Network, I thought I could definitely give Future Card Buddyfight a chance. So, now that I have watched a couple episodes of this show, I can finally share my thoughts about it!

We first meet Drum Bunker Dragon in his world where he is told to find someone unconventional to be buddies with in the human world. We later see him checking out possible people and this is where we meet his soon to be partner Gao Mikado. Gao is seen using his skills as a fighter to save a boy from bullies. When the bullies call for reinforcements, Gao is excited to finally have a challenge to take on 50 guys. It's from here that Drum's interest in Gao peaks, but it slightly falls as he wasn't able to actually go through with it (he got a call from his mother scolding him to come home). Their official meeting happens at Gao's school when he receives Drum as a card from his booster packs. From here they are finally partners, and their budding friendship begins. Drum, doesn't seem to have confidence in his new partner as Gao hasn't shown him anything worthy for him to believe in, but he can sense that Gao is the right partner for him.

Core Deck Case

After watching any show for the first time, I always compare my expectations of it before viewing it versus how I felt about it afterwards--I must say it was better than what I thought. I wouldn't say I would start watching this type of show more often, but if someone younger wanted something of this kind to watch, I would recommend Future Card Buddyfight. I really thought Gao was going to be one of those characters that you would find really annoying, but I didn't get that from him--he comes off as really enthusiastic and has great confidence in what he does. Gao and Drum seem like the type that will greatly develop their buddy bond when push comes to shove. Trust--and maybe even respect--will be earned and gained by each other. And Gao isn't just developing a good friendship with his new buddy, but he also the ones he already has. His classmates Baku Omori and Kuguru Uki are a great support for his advancement and provide information also useful to the viewers. I can't forget about his biggest supporter, his sister Hanako, who seems to be his biggest fan even before he met Drum.

If you feel interested in checking out the episodes, Crunchyroll releases new episodes every Friday at 7:30 EDT. Please note the episodes are in English with, unfortunately, no Japanese audio with English subtitles as an alternative.
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