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Posted 6/13/14 , edited 6/13/14
by Rikun85

Meet Yuuki Aito: the young artist and author of the popular in-universe manga series "Hajiratte Cafe Latte". Twenty-two years old, handsome, a talented draftsman, and ultimately dreaming of true love before he dies, he shares the pipeline with two regular assistants, an editor, and a recurring third assistant (all of whom are fairly cute young women). Yes....Yuuki Aito: a frustratingly hopeless perv with a panty fetish, a frequent procrastinator with his manga, and a tactless idiot when talking to women; all of which are enough to drive his co-workers insane.

I'm sure most of you harem anime fans know exactly where this is going.

The Comic Artist and his Assistants started off as a 4-koma written by Hiroyuki, which some fans may remember as the author of another 4-koma series called Doujin Work. His "Comic Artist and Assistants" series was serialized by Square Enix from 2008 to 2012, and its ongoing sequel started on 2013. Like Doujin Work, "Comic Artist and Assistants" was eventually turned into an anime, and in this case the helm is headed by studio Zexcs. As with most other 4-koma based series, the show is less of an episodic narration with a major arc and moreso a series of vignettes that depict the day-to-day life of a manga artist. Two 4-koma based anime based on drawing manga you say? It really makes one wonder where Hiroyuki got such insightful inspiration...

Given its humble and comedic slant, there really isn't much plot to go around for a series like this, so naturally everything is riding on the character interactions of the cast, all of whom are easy to understand. We've already established that Aito (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) is a frustratingly hopeless perv, and most of the comedy comes from how his hapless female coworkers manage to deal with him without filing for sexual harassment. There's his regular assistant Sahoto Ashisu (Saori Hayami) who plays the straight woman to his antics, his hardnosed editor Mihari Otosuna (Arisa Noto), naive fangirl Rinna Fuwa (Yuka Iguchi), and talented tsundere Sena Kuroi (Rina Kugimiya, naturally). All of the cast play off well against Aito and even with one another as girls who have to stick together and deal with their pathetic tart of a co-worker.

The comedy is what you'd expect from a harem anime, and it hits all the notes where you expect them to be. There's the panty jokes, the failed attempts to cop-a-feel, the breast complex, the obligatory hot springs/beach know the drill. It's good to note then that all the gags are woven well into the theme of being a manga artist, and there are moments where we get to see some insight on what it's like making a living off your art. The girls have great moments that allow them to stand out on their own, and Aito himself shows a charming, knowledgeable side to him when he switches to competent artist mode.

It still doesn't change the fact he's a frustratingly hopeless perv. Have I mentioned that already? Good.

So if you're craving your half-hour helping of harem hilarity mixed with manga manuscripting and management, then The Comic Artist and his Assistants is a fun series you'll enjoy. It's not revolutionary by any means, but it's still good for a quick laugh if harem is your thing.

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Posted 10/1/15 , edited 10/28/15
Although short episodes (the usual 13 min including the theme song) this series was fun...

To those who liked it there is a 2nd manga series coming out in Japan where the assistant finally debuts and a new one is replacing her!

More info here:

Hopefully we will see the 2nd series animated as well on Crunchyroll!

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