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Posted 6/13/14 , edited 6/13/14
by Onymous

Dai-Shogun: Great Revolution is a historical fiction in which the invention of giant, steam powered mechs (Onigami) allowed Japan to repel the European ships, preventing the Meiji restoration and prolonging the Shogunate.

Hypermasculine Tokugawa Keiichiro lives with his grizzled, eyepatch wearing grandmother working at her bath house in Nagasaki. Working, in this case, being a relative term as he has just finished conquering the neighborhood after beating all of the other gangs of local miscreants into submission.

The story opens with a series of murders in town. Young men are being killed in the red light district by a mysterious woman in a red kimono. The chief of police is convinced that Keiichiro is responsible for these murders, suspecting that he uses crossdressing as a means of getting close enough to these men to kill them.

Forced to investigate the crimes in order to clear his name, Keiichiro discovers that he has been the target of these murders all along. The killing spree was actually a scheme by the leader of a clan of voluptuous ninjas to kill him, knowing nothing about him beyond the fact that he was a young male virgin.

The suspicious woman Keiichiro had been trying to track down as his primary suspect for the killings turned out to be Hattori Kiriko, a ninja from a clan loyal to the Shogunate sent to protect him. As it turns out, Keiichiro is the heir to the recently deceased Shogun and the ninja were sent to kill him to prevent him from using his virgin powers to pilot the ultimate Onigami, Susanoo.

Susanoo can only be piloted by a virgin man nestled between the legs of a virgin woman. Kiriko was the chosen co-pilot and protector of Keiichiro. It turns out many steps were taken to protect both Keiichiro’s life and virginity. Since childhood, Keiichiro was hidden with his grandmother (secretly also a ninja) at the baths to prevent assassination.

To ensure Keiichiro would remain a virgin, he was cursed to burst out into hives and lose consciousness when touched lewdly by a woman. Kirirko has been entrusted with the duty of acting as his bodyguard against both assassination and any accident that may result in him losing the virginity and the sources of his power.

This frames Keiichiro’s struggles during the series. As it turns out, he is almost irresistible to women, so Kiriko must work around the clock to prevent a growing cast of female characters from taking advantage of him. Keiichiro himself is unhappy with his role as the chosen pilot of the ultimate mech. Attempts on his life are something he is used to, but all the unwanted attention from women are another thing altogether.

If you are a fan of mecha action, this series may or may not be for you. Although there are plenty of excuses for giant robots to do battle over the backdrop of feudal Japanese villages and clans of ninjas to wage shadow wars from the the bathhouses of Nagasaki to the capital, the true focus of the series is upon another, more personal struggle which I am sure many male readers are very familiar with.

Fans of Tenchi Muyo should be familiar with this formula. Massive political machinations have been set in motion to change the fate of the nation. A ruthless clan of ninjas seeks to murder Keiichiro and end Japan’s last hope for salvation. Meanwhile, Keiichiro must deal with the much greater threat of being sexually accosted by perverted ninjas, foxgirls, female soldiers, and sexy sky pirates.

The struggle is real.
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