Welcome to Modeling Corner! Read Here First!
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Welcome to the new Modeling Corner!
Since we have begun to carry models and figures it has come to our attention that we should give everyone a place to show off their skills.

Figmas, Figures, Models, Resins.. we want it all!

Show us your new Unicorn Gundam or Neo Zeong build

Ask questions or answer questions of other about tools, techniques, or kits

Show off your collections for all to see

**This corner will share the same rules as the rest of the forums, with a few notes***

[1] Please do NOT open threads for the Buying/Selling/Trading of items. If you want to work out a deal with another user, take it to Private Message.

Buying/Selling/Trading of items is not endorsed by Crunchyroll.

If you do so choose to engage in such activity, please use good judgement as Crunchyroll and related staff cannot be held accountable for any actions, and responsibility will be solely on the negotiated party.

[2]For threads with multiple photos:

Please either use
to be low-bandwidth friendly, or an online album tool such as imgur.

[3] Usage of 3rd party links

It is acceptable to post links to 3rd party websites for items that Crunchyroll does not carry, but these will be subject to scrutiny by Community Staff. Our goal is to prevent any possible legal gray areas.

(talking about other specialized websites like HLJ is acceptable. Direct links to something like an eBay or Kiji sale is prohibited)

[4] Posts that are viewed as advertisements or spam will be removed.

Do not make listings asking for handouts, or open threads with something for sale. See item #1
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